Moving Truck Rentals

There are many different moving truck rental companies to choose from. Sometimes it is cheaper to rent your own moving truck and hire a helper to load and unload it. The prices vary, depending on how long the truck is reserved for. Information regarding if it is a local move or long distance, one way or round trip will need to be provided and factored in. You enter your city or zip code, and select a destination near you where you would like to pick up and drop off the truck. Research to see which moving trucks are closest to your starting point for picking up the truck and which ones are closet to you destination for dropping off the truck.

Then, pick the right size moving truck. Book in advance, especially on the weekends, because they can get booked up fast.
Make sure you understand the rules and regulation about refilling the gas tank and purchasing equipment. Most companies ask you to return the truck with a full tank of gas. Once you have reserved the moving truck, you are one step closer to being prepared for your move.