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Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving

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Boxes can be used many times so don't let one-time used boxes go to the dump. Plus recycling is good for the environment! Free boxes and packaging material can be found in a number of places:

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes have people moving in and out all year long. Check local apartment complex dumpsters to collect their used boxes. You might just find a treasure chest of boxes of all shapes and sizes. All you need is some packaging tape to make them usable.

Check Office Buildings

Companies are always getting new computers that come in sturdy boxes. Printer paper bought in bulk often comes in lidded boxes that work well for odd shaped items that don’t fit in a closed box. Businesses throw out boxes daily.

Grocery, Department, and Liquor stores

Companies receive shipments daily, and usually throw the boxes out.

Browse sites like Craigslist

Check in the “free” section for anyone offering their used boxes for pick up.

Ask friends, neighbors and relatives to be on the lookout for boxes.

They can collect them from their offices. They may have new neighbors throwing out moving boxes. They may have boxes stored in their garages, attics and basements just waiting to be used.

Forget boxes…

…and use trash bags for light items like blankets, pillows, towels, etc.

Check out for some more box ideas.

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