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Hire Day Labor in Powhatan, VA

Powhatan's safer way to hire day labor to move the heavy stuff onto your truck.

Hire Day Labor in Powhatan, VA

Powhatan's safer way to hire day labor to move the heavy stuff onto your truck.

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Top Day Laborers In Powhatan

The top day labor crews in Powhatan, VA are listed below, ready and waiting to aid in your moving day adventure. To see their pricing and availability enter your ZIP code and move date above.

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Recent Customers Moving in Powhatan, VA

On average, Powhatan day laborers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 851 customer reviews

Lenora S
Mineral, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

Carlton and Charles arrived on-time and were very courteous and extremely helpful!
I’ve moved many times and appreciated their care with our personal belongings!!!
They finished the job within the time allotment.
Friendly and affordable
I would recommend their services!

COST: $409
HELPERS: 2 / 3hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Zoe N
Richmond, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

We had an overall wonderful experience with Duck Solution Movers! They were FAST, friendly, and communicated with me a lot throughout the process. They packed the moving truck SO well -- we drove 13 hrs and the movers at our destination said it was one of the best truck loading jobs they had ever seen. Hands down, best movers we've ever had. 100% recommend!

COST: $303
HELPERS: 3 / 2hr
SERVICE: Loading
Brad B
Midlothian, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

I would definitely recommend Star Struck Movers! They arrived on time and were extremely efficient and helpful in my move. Couldn't recommend them enough.

COST: $359
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Rearrange
Craig P
Midlothian, VA
(4 out of 5 rating)

It was a lot of stuff going from a four bedroom house for five people to a three bedroom house for three people. These guys got screwed because my original Movers, Jennys Movers, were no-shows.

Many boxes labeled bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. were just thrown into the garage for their convenience, not mine.

Workbench drawers. I told them not to take them out, that I would take the tools out because I have moved that bench enough times to know. Now I may need to replace the drawer slides that look like they are broken. They said they were going to put the drawers back in. When they had difficulty doing that, they just left them.

I told them to help them selves to the bottled water. They also helped them selves to the bananas and cornbread that were in the kitchen. After they left there was a banana peel laying in the street that they didn’t even have the decency to throw away at the house or after they left.

They worked their butts off, were very polite and professional, however, you need to keep an eye on them. They were too fast to keep up with things and have them put where you want them.

COST: $720
HELPERS: 4 / 5hr
SERVICE: Unloading

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