Make Your New House Livable from the Beginning

Make Your New House Livable from the Beginning: Don’t move into a dirty house. Take a day to give it a thorough clean before you have boxes and furniture in the way.  

    1. Give the carpets a good cleaning. Don’t pay a professional service hundreds of dollars to clean the carpets, rent a carpet cleaner. For about $20.00 a day you can clean your carpet yourself with the same efficiency as a professional cleaning service. If you feel you aren't able to do it yourself, but still don't want to pay for a professional, why not rent the machine yourself and hire some cheap day labor.
    2. Wash windows and blinds. Scrub toilets, showers, and sinks. Wash wood and tiled floors. Sweep out the garage. Take the time and effort to do it before you move in so you can concentrate on unpacking without feeling like you have other people’s dirt under your feet.
    3. Don’t have time or energy to do a swift clean? Click here to find cheap house cleaners.