Organizing Your Shoe Collection

Some live by the front door, some are missing their other half, some are from two years ago collecting dust in your closet, and some are scattered about your room. Wherever they are, there are lots of them in a variety of categories: tennis, sandals, heels, and more. And, they come in pairs.

       Whether you wear the same pair everyday, chances are you have multiple sets of shoes somewhere. Or you are frustrated that your children leave their shoes all throughout the house. Lets get them organized because having 4 pairs of shoes mean you have 8 items to keep track of and store. That's a lot when you think about it that way. Many options are available for storage:shoe shelves, shoe racks, pocket hanging shoe bag, shoe tree, underbed shoe organizer, or bins. Shoe racks either come in shelves or canvas bags for behind the door. Pick the size relevant to your number of shoes, and decide the best location: behind the door, laundry room, closet, or under the bed. A cheap way is to buy a plastic bin and put all your shoes into it; anything to keep them together.

The shoes used most often should be easily accessible. Categorize them. Go through all your shoes and give away pairs that you don't wear anymore.

Even if you are not into fashion, these items have a daily use and should have a home somewhere in your home. 

After your shoes, organize your closet.