Summer Project: Organizing Your Closet

Picking a summer project is a great idea to help fill some of those empty hours. Keeping the things we use everyday organized will help make things easier and more convenient.

  • The first thing to do is throw out or give away what is not needed. Don't know what to get rid of? Ask yourself this question: Have I worn this outfit in the last six months? If the answer is no, then chances are you are not going to wear it in the next six month either, so get rid of it. Emptying out your closet creates room for new clothes.
  • After you have thrown out what you don't use, including those random items that have been thrown in the back of the closet; take advantage of all the storage space. Most closets have shelves, great for storing the bulky winter clothes not in use or extra blankets. It depends on the size of your closet, but work with what you have. Add additional shelves or drawers if possible or high and low rod to double the amount of hanging space. If you have extra room in your closet, putting your dresser in there will create more bedroom space.
  • Color coordinate your clothes or separate them into categories like shirts, pants, and jackets. Use the drawers in your closet for workout clothes, PJ's, socks, etc. Put all the shoes and purses together in one spot.
  • Storage bins are a great choice when trying to fit things into a smaller closet. Take out what doesn't need to be put in the closet and store under the bed. Hang bulk jackets in the hallway closet to free up more space.
  • Keep it neat. The hardest part is keeping your closet clean after organizing it. Put the clothes away after wearing them and find a spot to put things instead of throwing items into the closet, allowing the piles to rebuild.