5 Factors That Affect Your HireAHelper Quote

1. Number of Hours- This will be based on the work you need done. Will the helpers be loading and/or unloading the rental truck and how big your house or apartment is?

2. Number of People- This is based on the items you have. If other people are helping you, then you may only need 1 or 2 people. More people will make the job go faster. If you have any very heavy items like a piano, you may need a 3 to 4 man crew depending.

3. Location you need the help in- Each company sets its own rates on our site, so it depends where you are looking for the help.

4. Labor Only or the Full Service Move-
The labor only will just be the labor to help with the load and/or unloading. Full service move will be more expensive as it includes a truck.

5. Services- The companies may have different rates depending on the service:
                 Moving: Anything that is moving related, packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, moving furniture around within house, or driving help
                 Day Labor: Manual laborers or general laborers will be able to assist with help you need.
                Cleaning: Cleaning your home after moving out or before moving in.
                Lawn Care:Lawn helpers offer a cheaper alternative to landscaping companies