Creating Space or Filling It: Working With Your Room Size

There are many little tips and tricks to make your room size appear bigger or smaller. It's all about arranging the furniture that you have to work with in the space you are given.

Ways to make a big room look full

You don't want a room that is huge with hardly any furniture. It makes it feel deserted. There are ways to make a big room look full with small amounts of furniture. Place the big fixtures in the middle of the room to take up more space like the couch and coffee table. There are plenty of places to purchase cheap furniture and decorative items: garage or yard sales, Good Will, friends who not longer want their furniture.
A darker paint color will make the room look smaller. Add pictures, murals, or stencils to the wall, anything to avoid white empty wall space. Remember, you have space to fill so get big pictures or pieces of artwork. Breakup the room using area rugs. They create a transition from one space to another. As you are doing all this, make sure everything still matches. Don't put random items in the room just to fill space.

Ways to make a small room look big

Don't place big items of furniture in the middle of the room. Place them along side the wall to make the room look bigger. Lighting is a big deal. Letting as much light in as possible will increase the appearance size of the room. Don't put unnecessary items in the room. If you have extra furniture put it into other rooms, into storage, or give it away. Use furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a futon can be both couch and bed for guests. Keep things tidy and clean; clutter makes a room look smaller. Keep all pathways clear of furniture.

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