How To Design Your Office Space

The design of your office is just as important as a home design. Most people spend about the same amount time in the office, if not more, so it should reflect an environment that is enjoyable work in. The style of the office should be both functional and pleasant. 

First, design a layout of the office so that you will have an exact plan of what you want to do with it. This prevents buying unnecessary items and wasting time wondering aimlessly around stores. Take note of what you already own, and then what you need to purchase. Necessities come first. You don't want go over budget, ending up with wall decorations but no desks or chairs. Decide on a theme for the space, that way you know the look you are aiming for: trendy, modern, beach theme, etc. This will help you decide what paint and decorations to buy.

Start with the essentials when it comes to designing an office space, especially if you are on a budget. Purchase desks, chairs, computers and printers if needed.
Other Items that may be needed (may vary depending on the size of the office and what it is being used for):
         Fax machine, couch, table/coffee table, coffee maker, pens and pencils, desk organizers,
         paper, mini tool kit, first aid kit, extension cords, power surges, conference table, file 
         cabinets, desk lamp, telephone.

Install internet, cable, electricity, and other utilities needed. You will want to get all this set up before you move in that way everything is ready for the first day in the new office.

In order to add flare, paint the walls a color other than white. Picking a color for the walls can be tricky. You want something that you will enjoy as this is where you will spend a lot of time and a color that produces productivity in the work place. For example, red induces confidences, increasing productiveness.

   Items needed:
    paint, paint brushes, paint trays, paint rollers, roller covers, blue painters tape, drop cloths,
    screwdriver (for opening paint can and taking off the light covers),

    Roller cover come in different textures and length:
                      -smooth for metal doors, interior door and trim, and cabinets
                      -semi-smooth- medium surfaces, used on painted or unpainted walls
                      -semi-rough- use for stucco
                      -extra rough- use on brick
For a regular office buildings, a semi-smooth will work. Paint in a V shape pattern or straight up and down to avoid uneven streaks. A second coat gives it a cleaner look and smooths out the streaks from the first coat. A nice wall clock will add color to the walls and is a necessary item. Just remember to still color coordinate. Drapes and curtains will add style easily and are cheap. If you have a black or brown couch, add red or green pillow. Light is an important feature. It makes the space more workable friendly. Decorate the walls with pictures which make great fillers. Once everything is painted and the furniture is placed, it will be easier to see the empty space where little decorative items will fit.

If you aren't redesigning your office, sometimes just rearranging the furniture and the layout will make the office feel like new.

A good working environment will promote a good work day.