Making the Most Out of Dorm Room Space

Most dorm rooms are tiny and have to be shared with a roommate. Here are some good ways to take advantage of all the given space.

-Use bed risers to lift your bed which will give extra storage space under you bed. The long, short storage bins are perfect for sliding right underneath. Another idea, if you bed raises high enough, is to move the desk under you bed to create more floor space.

-Plastics storage bins are great for storing all your stuff. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into several places in your room like the closet, next to the desk, or in the small corners.

-Put up shelves if you are able. Stack the beds into bunk beds.

-If you go to school close to home, leave the clothes at home that are not in season and then trade out as the seasons change. If you don't have the option of leaving clothes at home, purchase vacuum seal bags to store all the bulky jackets when they are not in use. Don't take things with you that you don't need. Make sure you don't have two of everything like two microwaves or mini fridges.

-Store things in bulk without taking up much room using over the door shoe racks and mesh hanging shelves for the closet.

-Keeping the room clean is another helpful tip that works. A small amount of clutter will make the room seem even smaller.