Paint Your Room

Your room is your personal space, so make it your own. A new color can make the whole room feel new and fresh! It just may be the pick-me-up you need.

What you need:
            -Roller Paint Brush
            -Long Handed Roller Brush
            -Small and Medium Paint Brush
            -Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape
            -Tarp or Old Sheets


1. Decide the paint color. Pick one that matches your room and best suites your personality. Colors affect our mood. Different shades of colors has different effects.
        Red- courage, action
        Pink- love, beauty
        Brown- earth
        Gold- wealth, wisdom
        Yellow- joy, happiness
        Blue- truth, peace
        Purple- royalty, mystery
A bright color is going to stand out and be more stimulating. A light color is going to make the room appear softer. Since it is such a big surface, less bold colors are normally used to keep the tone down. Toning down the wall color will allow you to be more creative with styling the room. That way you can decorate with vibrant bedding and wall decoration that will pop out against the wall.
This is your safe haven so you want to feel comfortable and happy. Each person has their own taste so make the final decision.
If you take a color ship that you want into Home Depot, they can make the paint for you.

2. How do you want it painted?

               Solid is always a classic choice. You know how it will turn out so no surprises there.

               Sponge Painting creates a cool effect. Start with the base color then
               blot the top with the second color of paint using a sponge. It creates a nice twist of
               the colors. If you have a white wall, it is easy to add a paint color on top to make
               it less plain. Using this method, tones down the colors.

              Vertical Stripes is a more complicated process but looks great
              when it's finished. Paint the wall with the lightest color so that the stripes will be the 
              darker color. Measure the distance you want each stripe to be. Using the
              painter's tape, apply to the wall along the lines. Paint the in between stripes
              with the darker color. Let dry for about an hour then remove the tape.

               Borders are great for any room to add a little flare. Put animal border in a
               kids room or flower border in a girl's room.

              Stenciling is any easy process that adds a lot to the room. Adds elegance to
              the room. It's yours to decide how you want to do it.

Most decorative techniques require two colors. Use the darker color for the base coat then the light color will be added on top. Once you have made all of the decisions about how you want it to look, then the work begins.

3. Take everything off the walls including the nails. Move any of the furniture that is against the walls or in the way. It may be more convenient to just move out all the furniture so that you have plenty of extra space and don't accidentally spill on anything valuable. Remove the light switch covers.

4. Cover the floor and extra furniture around the walls with tarp or old sheets. You are painting the walls not the floor. Take Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape and apply it along any door frames, window sill, or any surfaces that are not part of the wall.

5. If you are painting a lighter color over a brighter color then paint a coat of primer over it then a coat of white paint.

6. With such a big surface, you will want to use a rollers including a long handed roller . You will also need a smaller paint brush for the corners. The number of coats depends on what the existing color was and the new color. Personal preference too. If the color came out lighter than you thought, add another coat.

7. There are things you can do to fix it:

                 Experiment first on a piece of cardboard or paper before you make changes.

                 Add another coat if the color doesn't come out how you thought. It will make
                 it darker.
                 Use one of the techniques suggested above. It you have painted a solid
                 color maybe going over it with another color will add the extra flare needed
                 to make it look better.

                 Repaint it a different color if you still don't like it. Paint is cheap.

8. Let it dry. The dry times depends of the type of paint but usually within 2-12 hours. Move back in the furniture. Add wall decorations.