Lawn Care for Dummies!

Water, Mow. Water, Mow.

Mowing correctly is important in maintaining a healthy and good-looking lawn. There are 4 simple rules to keeping your front yard looking green and fresh instead of brown and dull

First of all, don’t mow your lawn too short. It will damage the roots and weeds will begin to grow more quickly.

Second, mow in different directions. Weeds grow in the direction that you mow. If you mix it up, you’ll confuse them.

Third, keep the blades of your lawn mower sharp. If the blades are dull it will rip out the grass instead of cutting it. (For safety reasons, please remove the blades from the mower before sharpening them.)

Finally, Don’t wait for the rain…Water it! Even if you mow it right, without water, your lawn will still look ugly.

If you follow these simple rules you’ll keep your lawn (and home) looking cleaner. If you still can’t figure it out, or you just don’t want to, visit our Lawn Help section and hire someone to do it for you.