5 Factors That Affect Your Moving Quote

   1) Labor Only or Movers with Trucks:

Renting a truck?
Hire the movers to do all the heavy lifting.

Need a truck?
Hire the movers who will come with a truck.

2) Local or Long Distance Move:

You must decided if you just need help with the load or unload or if you are looking for help for the both. If it is a local move, you can have the same company load and unload for you. If it is a long distance move, you will
have to have two different companies,
one to load at the starting location and a different company to unload at then ending location.

3) Number of People and Number of Hours:

On the site, the quote is based on the number of people and number of hours. By following the chart below, you will be able to get a good estimate of how long it will take based on the number of rooms you have. You can also add additional hours on the job date, if you end up needing the movers for longer.

4) Piano:

Most companies have a fee for pianos. Viewing helper details will get you more of a description about each companies individual piano fee.

5) Licensed and/or Insured Companies:

It will specify next to each company name if they are licensed and/or insured.