General Truck Rental Information

1. One-way moves or round-trip moves
     If the move is long distance, make sure the rental truck can be picked up and dropped off at different locations. With some rental truck companies, you can choose different pick-up and drop-off locations. But some companies only do one-way moves, which means the truck has to be picked up and dropped off at the same location. The number of days you will have the rental truck will be based on the job details.

2. What if I need equipment?
     You can purchase equipment with your rental truck for additional fees.

3. What other equipment should I purchase/rent?
    These items can be rented or purchased for additional fees, prices range depending on where you get them:
  • Moving Boxes-Purchased in kits or individual boxes.
  • Packing Material including bubble wrap, tape, furniture blankets, plastic wrap, mattress covers
  • Hand Truck
  • Furniture Dolly
  • Ropes and Tie Downs
  • Trailer Hitches
4. What insurance should I get?    
    Each rental truck company has insurance you can purchase. Different rental coverage can be purchased directly from your rental truck company. You should check into all the options to choose which coverage plan will best suite your needs.

5. How does the Gas Mileage work?
    Mileage is based on the details of the move, and is calculated into the quote based on the details given. Although, there can be a fee for additional mileage used, and it is usually based on a per mile charge.

6. How long should I rent the truck for?   
   There will be a set number of days depending on the move details, i.e. local or long distance move.

7. What if I need to keep my rental truck for additional days?    
    If will cost you for additional days, rates and certain rules depend on your rental truck provider.

8. How do I pay for my rental truck?
    If booking online, a major credit card may be required to hold your reservation.

9. Can I cancel a reservation?
     Yes, a reservation can be canceled. Either cancel with your local location or call the main number for the provider. Usually, a reservation has to be canceled a certain number of hours/days prior to the day of the job or a cancellation fee may be charged.

10. How old do you have to be to drive/rent a truck?
    You must be 18 or older and have 2 forms of identification including driver's license.

11. What size truck should I rent?
Size of Truck
# of Rooms
Small Move
10' Moving Truck
14' Moving Truck
1-2 Bedrooms
17' Moving Truck
2-3 Bedrooms
24' Moving Truck
3-4 Bedrooms
26' Moving Truck
4+ Bedrooms