Green and Moving!

Green and Moving!
by Cathy Ives from Green Eco Services Blog
Who likes to move? It's expensive, time consuming and a bore. On the Green Side- you can de-clutter your life and save money and if done right- recoup some of your moving expenses. 
The average home move uses at least 45 assorted boxes- that's alot of boxes going into landfills! 

Step 1 Start Collecting
Start saving boxes now ! or you can get
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Step 2- Eliminate Stuff and Start Cleaning out the Closets 
  • Start putting all that stuff you don't need, want or use into boxes- have a garage sale or donate. 
  • Save Your Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon Juice to use for Non- Toxic Cleaners 

Step 3- Moving Companies- 
  Step 4- Cleaning 
Use Green Cleaning Products such as Simple Green or 7th Generation 
or for Homemade Cleaning products go to Green Eco Services  for information on making your own cleaning products from Baking Soda and Vinegar 

Don't have enough Boxes consider using any one of the following companies: 

  • Boxcycle-Used Cardboard Exchange CA- new company and growing 
  • Used Cardboard Boxes  (CA)
  • DJ Boxes-  D.J. Transport (canada) carries a  large inventory of new and used boxes as well as packaging supplies. Our company  buys and sells used boxes and contributes  ecologically by recycling corrugated boxes, pallets and more. Boxes that have been misprinted or overrun can be re-used for packaging.