Helpful Packing Tips

Here are some helpful tips for packing that come in handy when it is time to move.

Plan Ahead:

Start saving boxes. Ask for paper bags at the grocery store; they make great bags for packing. Save the newspaper in the morning so you can use that to pack your breakable items.

Get Prepared:

You will need items such as packaging tape, scissors, box cutter, boxes, bubble wrap, and a marker. If you get all of these at once, it will save you from making numerous trips to the store.

Do A Little Each Day:

Work on a little bit each day, then by the end you will not be cramming to get things packed. If you start a month in advance, work on packing an hour or two each day then begin to increase the time each day when the moving date gets closer. It will decease the stress level, and you will be amazed at how much you have gotten done.

Start With One Room at a Time:

Focus your energy on one thing at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself with twenty boxes in each room. The living room or guest rooms are a good place to start since they are not commonly used places.

Assign Tasks:

Delegate everyone to pack their own room, that way when they have to unpack they know where everything is. Assign an area to a certain person so everyone has a job.

Label Boxes:

Label the item inside and what room it belongs to. Twenty matching, unmarked boxes will not be fun to sort through when you have to unpack.

Throw Things Away:

If you haven't worn it in six months the likelihood of you wearing it in the next six months is rare, so get rid of it. I know, you think "...but maybe I might wear it." Just think: if you don't throw clothes away how are you going to fit the new ones in your closet. If you don't need it, you don't want to pack it then have to unpack it again on the other side. So throw it away now. It will save time and room for the more important items. You will feel so much better when you get that extra clutter out of the way! You want to start fresh in your new home.   

Packing A Box:

Take into consideration the box size needed. Put the heavier items at the bottom. If breakable, wrap it in newspaper or leftover tissue paper. Don't put all the heavy items in one big box because it will be too heavy to lift. Save the smaller boxes for the heaviest things. Categorize the items in the box to make labeling easy.

Make It Entertaining:

It may be fun to see the old treasures that have been stored under the bed for so long. Blast some music. It has to be done, so you might as well make it fun!