How To Get Free Moving Labor

If you aren't going to pay for movers then friends and family are usually willing to help you move, if you offer the right incentives and are a considerate mover.Have plenty of cold drinks available especially during a summer move. Don’t forget to stock the water and soda.

  • Offer food. If helpers arrive in the morning, have coffee and doughnuts out when they arrive. At the end of the move order pizza, bring in burgers, etc.
  • Be fully packed when your helpers arrive. There’s nothing worse than showing up to help a friend move only to find they are still packing boxes. Nobody wants to sit around waiting for boxes to carry to the truck. Likewise, nobody wants to do grunt work as a favor when the owner isn’t participating.
  • Make it a party. After the work is done, get help setting up the barbeque to grill some dogs. Have help setting up your stereo system so you can liven things up with some music, or get your TV set up so you can turn on a ball game. This way your friends will know you’re not just using their muscles and trucks, but that you actually appreciate their help and enjoy their company.