How to Pack a Moving Truck

If you’ve decided not to hire experienced local movers, but need to load your belongings carefully, here’s a few tips that should secure your possessions:

Tackle the heaviest items first! Any large appliances, or items should be loaded on first. You’ll want to load these items up against the back wall of the truck. Keep all items upright, and balanced.

If you’ve rented your moving truck from a local vendor, you can also rent (or buy) furniture pads and/or blankets. Spend a little extra on these items. Pads and blankets can protect flooring, corners, and help with sliding items on and off the truck, and into the new location.

Next, you’ll want to take on any mattresses, couches, sofas, and tables. These items should be placed along the side walls of the truck. To maximize your space, be sure that these items are placed upright.

Be sure that all bed frames and tables are disassembled, but packaged together. Wrap bed posts, or table legs together in blankets for safe travel. If you’re moving carpet, or rugs, you can also maximize your space (and the safety of these items) by rolling the pieces inside the carpet or rug.

Now that you’ve gotten your major appliances and large pieces of furniture out of the way, you’ll want to start with the heaviest boxes. These boxes should go on top of, and up against, the appliances and furniture previously loaded. Be sure to fill any gaps! It’s kind of like Tetris, only with your belongings! You want your belongings to be compacted into the space of the truck; any gaps are like holes in a sieve. The items will find a way to slip from their placement if any gaps are left. This may result in unsafe transport.

Last, but certainly not least, are your most fragile items. Be sure to package these items with extreme care, before loading. Any stragglers that don’t fit into the categories discussed above, should also go in last.

To cut back on time and stress, consider hiring experienced local movers.