Protect Breakables when Moving with Household Items.

Who needs bubble wrap and packaging popcorn when you have newspaper and paper towels? Many household items can be used to protect your breakables so you don’t have to spend extra money.

  1. Rather than throwing away your Sunday paper after you’ve read it, collect them for a few weeks and you’ll have plenty of paper to help protect glass items from getting scratched or chipped while stored in boxes. Wrap each item individually in 1 or 2 pieces of newsprint for best protection. *Suggestion: you might want to wash dishes after unpacking them.
  2. Paper towel serves well as an alternate to newspaper to keep glass items safe. You can wrap items or stuff the paper to fill holes and prevent items from jiggling.
  3. Annoying ads, coupons, and other junk mail that fills your mail box daily, can be useful if you run out of newspaper.
  4. Instead of packing all of you towels and other linens in one box, use them to protect breakables.Wrap your breakables in linens for extra protection and space saving- why take up space with newspaper when you have to pack linens anyway?