Top 10 Things To Do After Moving

You are in your new home, but the job is not over yet. There are several things to consider after moving to a new place.


1. Unpack.

First, check to make sure there are no major damages and that the appliances are working. Place all the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms. Position and assemble the big furniture like beds, desks, tables and chairs, and couches before opening the boxes. Unpacking can also take some time. The best thing to do is take a couple days off work or set aside the weekends to get most of the unpacking done. Start with a common area like the kitchen so that everyone has a place to convene that is not filled with boxes. Each family member can unpack their own room. Then, work together to unpack the other rooms one by one or assign tasks to each member of the family. Unpack one box at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Make you new house livable from the beginning.


2. Services.

Make sure all the services are working: home phone, electricity, cable, internet, water, gas, and all other utilities. Find out what day trash pick up is. 

3. Mail.

Check with the Post Office to make sure your mail is being forwarded.


4. Meet the Neighbors.

Be friendly; say hello when people walk by. Knock on your neighbor's door to introduce yourself. This is a great way to meet people. Neighbors can be a great source too for the best places in town, finding information out about the area, or maybe just borrowing a cup of milk. Find out what lawn or pool service they use, and get recommendations for health care professionals. Take advantage to get to know people who are familiar with the area.


5. Neighborhood.

Check out the neighborhood. Locate the nearest grocery store, mall, movie theater, and restaurants. Find out about local events that are offered, which is a great way to meet new people as well. Get involved in the community: PTA, volunteer groups, or city council meeting. Look out for the closest hospital for when emergencies arise.


6. Register.

Register your children for school. If you moved out of state, get new drivers license and plates at the DMV if needed (check with local DMV to see how long you have to do this). If moved locally, change address on driver's license if you haven't already done so. Beware of any law differences in the new state.


7. New Health Care Professionals.

Find a new doctor, dentist, eye doctor, and vet in the area. The phone numbers for the local police and fire department are always good to have.

8. Hire

. Hire any additional services that you need: lawn services, pool, housecleaning, or babysitters.


9. Get Settled.

Start stacking up those cards: local grocery store cards if you don't already have them, video rental card, and library card. Sign up for a gym membership. Now you are really getting settled!


10. House Warming Party.

After you are all settled and unpacked, you need a way to celebrate and show off your new home. Invite new neighbors and old. It is a great way to get gifts for your house too.
        It can be hard moving to a new place, but there are many chances available to meet people through school, neighbors, work place, and the gym. You will be meeting a lot of people in this process so take advantage of that.

    Finally, you are home!