Top 10 Things To Do Before Moving

There is a lot to do before moving. Don't forget about the little things that are easy to overlook during this busy time.


1. Find a New Home.

Decide where you want to move to or if you have to move to a certain location due to your job. Decide what you are looking for in a place to live whether it is an apartment complex or house, buying or renting, and what kind of environment you are looking to live in.


2. Tell Family and Friends.

Notify your friends and family of your move including the new address and home phone number.


3. Change of Address.

Fill out a Change of Address form to notify the post office of your new address either at the Post Office or online. This will take about 7-10 business days or you can specify when you want the mail to begin being forwarded. Other places to inform about your change of address:
  • Financial and Personal Accounts- banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies, accountant, and department store credit cards
  • Subscriptions- magazines and newspaper
  • Utilities and Services- physicians, housecleaning services, garden services, and attorney
  • Government and Public Offices- Driver's License, Vehicle Registration, Post Office, Voting Ballot, Income Tax

4. Cancel.

There are a number of things that need to be canceled before leaving your old home: home phone, cable, newspaper service, internet, electricity, gas, water, and garbage.If you are moving locally, you may be able to keep the same service providers. Just contact them to let them know your change of address. If you have to switch service providers, ask about the installation charges and other taxes that need to be paid. Beware of contracts you have signed with your local services and possible cancellation fees. Call to confirm that the utilities in your new home will be turned on by the move in date. This should be done about two weeks in advance.

5. Repairs.

Get any repairs done in your old house. If renting or leasing your current house, schedule a walk through with the owner. Take care of any repairs that need to be done in your new house before you move in. 


6. Moving Truck.

Reserve in advance. There are different types of services, so how much work do you want to do? Full service move means the company provides the truck, drives it, loads and unloads. Self service includes you packing the truck and the company will drive it. A truck rental means you pack it and drive it. This is the cheapest choice, but it requires the most work. The full service move will cost more, but it is less work for you. It may be worth the decrease of stress.


7. Moving Company.

Fill the moving company in on the details of the job. For example, specify if you are relocating to an apartment or house, and how many floors or stories that will be involved. Any large, unusual pieces of furniture like a piano sometimes cost extra. Find out if the company provides the equipment needed like dollies, furniture pads, and four wheel dollies. The summer months, holidays, and the beginning of every month are the busiest times for moving so take that into consideration when calling to book in advance.
             Questions about what moving company to use? At, you can choose from over 2,000 movers that are listed nationwide. Enter your zip code and moving date, and a list of moving companies will appear. Review quotes from all the moving companies so you can take your pick. You can also call us at 866-994-HIRE to talk to a Customer Service Representative.


8. Pack.

This can be done a month or two in advance and will continue all the way up until the day before the move. Start packing the items that are not frequently used like the off season clothes, holiday decorations, and unused room like the guest bedroom. Throw, sell, or give away things that aren't going with you. Clean out the junk drawers.
               The day before the move, pack up the essential items that you will need first at the new location such as box cutter, trash bag, plastic dishes, paper towels, and toilet paper. A bag for each member of the family containing clothes and toiletries should also be packed last so it can be unpacked first at the new location.


9. Plan Route.

Book the flights in advance if flying to new location. If driving, figure out the route and the amount of time it will take you to get from one location to the other. This can be made into a fun trip with sight-seeing stops along the way! Pack a bag for each family member and make accommodations for any pets. If you need to stay overnight, decide where you are going to stop and make reservations for a hotel. Or maybe you will visit family along the way and stay with them.


10. Last Day.

Pack the "Essential Items" so they are easily accessible upon arrival. Have everything within reach that is needed for the trip: snacks, pets supplies, phone charger, medications, etc. Have all important paperwork kept together in a manila envelope close at hand like the insurance paperwork, leases, rental truck paperwork. Have important phone numbers with you too like moving truck company, moving company, leasers, Realtor, and the hotel number. If you may have a walk through with the owner scheduled, be sure everything is moved out of the house. Leave your old keys, and don't forget to have your new keys. Lastly, take a minute to walk through your home, remembering the great time you had there. 

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