Top 5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Place To Live:


1. Job-

Consider the location of your job. You want to live fairly close so the commute is less. If you are moving due to a new job, you may not have as many options as far as the city or state, but you can  still decide the environment and kind of neighborhood you are looking for.


2. Income-

What can you afford? It is easy to find a dream home, but it also has to fit into the budget. Some areas are more expensive than others to live in.



Where do you want to live? Take into account the weather: would you rather be surrounded by the beach or the mountains? Do you want a rural area, suburb, or a city landscape. Easily reachable if any emergencies arise. Consider the traffic in the area, and how difficult the commute will be. You will want a grocery store or city nearby if you are in the countryside. Check if pets are allowed. Get familiar with the neighborhood or apartment complex to see if it is loud or quiet. See what the community has to offer, and what activities are available for you to be involved in.


4. Family Size and Age-

The size of the house depends on the number of people that need to be accommodated. If you have kids, check out the school systems. If you are a college students, you probably want to live in a complex that includes other college students similar to you.

5. Renting or Buying-

Choosing whether to rent or buy depends on your current situation. If you are planning on being at that location for a long time, in most cases, it is better to buy a home. It is a lot of work at first because you have to set up the utilities and all the services needed. If this move is temporary, renting is the better deal, especially if you can find good rates. And then, the landowner takes care of the maintenance so you don't have to set that up. If a problem arises with anything in the home, contact the landlord. Decide how long to lease it for: monthly or yearly.

After you have found a place to live, follow this guideline for First Steps to Moving.