Unpacking: It's Almost Over

By this time, you are tired of moving and just want to be done. But you are almost there! The packing and moving is done, so now you just have to unpack. And remember, all your clutter and junk is thrown away, so you have less stuff than when you started.

           1. Put the boxes in the right room.

           2. Have the supplies ready: open up the box that you packed last
               labeled "Essentials   Items" or "Unpack First" like a box cutter, scissor, 
               trash bags, and trash cans. 

           3. Unpack the essentials first: the dishes and utensils since you will need
               those right away. Toiletries like shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels and linens.

           4. Plan how you want a room to look so that the furniture will not have to keep 
               moving around.

           5. Place and put together all the big furniture like a bed, dresser, desk, tables and
              chairs, couch, and television. That way the room is placed, and when you unpack the
              smaller items like clothing, sheet, and pillows there will be a place to put them.

             Start with the family room or kitchen so that your family has a sanctuary place to go
             that is not filled with boxes. It will be nice at the end of the day to come into a room
             that is completely unpacked, providing a place for the family to gather together. Then,
             the bedrooms and bathrooms are next since they are commonly used. Allow each
             person to unpack their own room. They know where everything is since they packed
             it, and they can place things where they would like them.

          6. Stay Organized by breaking down and making a pile of all the empty boxes. It will
              provide a lot more room if the boxes are broken down after being unpacking. Then,
              they can be recycled, or saving a couple boxes can come in handy.
              Start with one box at a time. The room will get very cluttered if all the boxes are
              opened at once, and you start taking things out without finding a new home for

          7. Lastly, decorate the room the way you want it. This is the fun part! Add pictures
              and posters. Step back and take a look at your hard work, enjoying the outcome.