What is the Most Efficient Way to Pack?

Here are some tips for efficient ways to pack. Packing has become a common task ranging from a weekend vacation to moving out of a dorm room to moving into a new home. I know it's not fun, but has to be done. It is not something that you want to put off until the last minute.  The sooner you start, the less stressful it will be in the end. 
Now, you look around the room and wonder where to start or how to organize?

First, pack up all the non essentials: the off-season clothes, the holiday decorations, pictures, and the extra sheets and towels. This can be done a month or two in advance. Start going through those junk draws and throwing things away. If you don't use it, then don't pack it. Just do a little bit each day, and you will be surprised at how far that gets you. Focus on one room at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.

Label the boxes. When you have several unmarked, matching, brown boxes in one room, it is going to be a little more difficult. I would recommend a sharpie so that it stands out boldly, and make a note of what is in the box and to what room it belongs. You don't want twenty boxes that say clothes and not know whose clothes they belong to.

Towards the end, things are going to become more difficult because you will have to start packing up the essentials. In the last week, pack up the utensils and dishes and start to eat out. Pack all your clothes, leaving out a couple outfits to get you through the week. Remember, you are moving so grungy, old clothes will do.

There are some things you want to leave out and pack the day before or day of the move: sheets that are currently being used, tape, box cutter, scissors, paper plates and plastic silverware, trash bags, coffee maker, snacks, alarm clock, toilet paper, and kitchen towels. Pack these items together in a box and label "Unpack First." When you get to your new location, this is the first box you are going to need. Have each person pack a bag with essential items that they will need after the move like extra clothes and toiletries.

The key is to stay organized that way when you unpack, it will be a little more quick and easy.