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HireAHelper Terms & Conditions v3.05

These Service Terms (ST) are in addition to the Terms in our Terms of Website Use, which by this reference are incorporated into and made part of these ST as if fully written herein. To the extent that there is any conflict, ambiguity or inconsistency between the Terms and these ST, these ST shall control.

1. Definitions:

  1. "Hourly Service" refers to Service you purchase from and contract with a Service Provider to provide.

  2. "Hourly Service Charges": All charges for Hourly Service are based on time, which shall be computed by multiplying the applicable hourly rate by the amount of time required to provide Service. For calculating charges due, fractions of an hour are treated as follows:

If time required for hourly Service is:

15 Minutes or Less: A charge shall be for one quarter of an hour.

More than 15 but less than 30 Minutes: A charge shall be for one half hour.

More than 30 but less than 45 Minutes: A charge shall be for three quarters of an hour.

More than 45 minutes but less than or Equal to 60 Minutes: A charge shall be for one hour.

  1. "Stairs": A flight of stairs is defined as 4 or more steps in a row. Stairs are still considered "one flight" if the steps are interrupted by a landing and continue to lead you to the next floor of the building. HireAHelper's policy is that the first flight of stairs on an order is always free. For all flights after that the Service Provider has the option to charge extra, regardless of whether the additional flights are at the initial location or subsequent locations. Some Service Provider charge an extra fee for additional flights of stairs and some do not. When a Service Provider charges a fee for additional flights of stairs, that fee will be displayed along with the final price on the Service Provider's listing on the Website.

  2. The term "days" means calendar days unless otherwise noted.

  3. "Business days" means days between and including Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays and week-ends.

2. Ordering Service

Click on the "How it Works" link on the Website homepage for an overview of the process.

Then click on the Service you want, enter your ZIP code(s) and add detail (e.g., Number of helpers, number of hours, flights of stairs, etc.) about your move. You will be prompted to add additional detail as you go through the process.

Compare the Service Providers in your area(s) and select the Service Provider(s) that you think best fit your needs.


All Service Provider Service shall be paid for in advance by Customer (in a form and manner designated by HIREAHELPER). Payments will be tendered to HIREAHELPER and held by HIREAHELPER in escrow in a separate trust account. In return, HIREAHELPER will provide Customer with the means to release payment either by: (1) calling the Payment Release Line; or (2) by signing the Service Provider's invoice upon completion of the Service.


You agree that: (1) Upon completion of Service by a Service Provider you shall promptly call the HIREAHELPER "Payment Release Line" or sign the Service Provider's invoice showing the total amount of hours worked; (2) Calling the Payment Release Line and releasing payment or signing the Service Provider's invoice/Service paperwork shall constitute irrevocable authorization for HIREAHELPER to release the applicable payment to that Service Provider; (3) You shall not be entitled to any refund with respect to any amount released; (4) Once you have authorized HIREAHELPER to release payment to a Service Provider your sole recourse for any payment dispute (including but not limited to defective Service) shall be against the applicable Service Provider -- not HIREAHELPER; and that (5) You shall not attempt to block or otherwise prevent HIREAHELPER's payment processing activities (such as by requesting your credit card provider to refuse or rescind payment to HIREAHELPER). Please also see the "Disputes with Other Users" section in the Website Terms of Use.

5. Cancellation AND REFUND

You agree that to receive full refund of charges for your Order your Order must be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the Service scheduled start time. To cancel your Order, you must call HireAHelper support at (800) 995-5003. If you cancel or reschedule with more than 24 hours' notice, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, there's a 1-hour charge, at the Service Provider's standard hourly labor rate. This fee doubles if you cancel with less than an hour's notice. If the Service Provider has arrived at the job site during the arrival window and you are not present the Service Provider will be on the clock and can charge for wait time as soon as they complete a call to you and HireAHelper. If you are running late and are not ready for Service at the scheduled time, the Service Provider will give you the option to cancel your Service Order and pay the less than one hour's notice cancellation fee or to have the Service Provider wait on the clock for at least the amount of time you booked them for. If a Service Provider cannot reach you and it is after the arrival window the Service Provider can leave and charge a less than 24 hours' notice cancellation fee. If the Service Provider shows up to a job site they feel was misrepresented in the details given, this includes circumstances where the site is unsafe, unsanitary, or hazardous, they are to contact HireAHelper, take pictures of the site and can leave the location immediately with no repercussions. If no replacement is willing to do the job due to the circumstance of the home, the customer may be liable to a cancellation fee. However, a fee is not guaranteed from the customer. If you have a concern about weather and want to postpone or delay Service, you must communicate with the Service Provider more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Service start time to avoid a cancellation fee.


Most if not all households contain some HHG that cannot be packed, loaded or transported. There are some obvious categories of such items such as:

Explosives (e.g., Fireworks) including ammunition, flammable items (e.g.; Flammables such as gasoline whether in a container or in yard equipment with an internal combustion engine);

Combustible items (e.g., Batteries, items that contain pressurized gas, firewood and charcoal);

Corrosive compounds (e.g., Yard-care products such as weed killers and fertilizers, and pool chemicals); and

Organic items that are animate (e.g., pets and plants) or inanimate and that can decompose (e.g., Unpackaged food, animal carcasses

not preserved by a taxidermist).

As a rule, it is best to collect and plan to give items like these away or arrange for their disposal before it is time for Service.

Service Providers also recommend that you take with you items of personal (e.g., Medical records), sentimental (e.g., Photo albums) or financial (e.g., Bank, insurance and investment records, titles to property, jewelry, cash, coin collections, etc.) value.

In case of doubt of whether any of your HHG can or should be packed, loaded or transported ask your Service Provider.


When you order Service through the Website you receive complimentary Standard Repair Coverage on every Service which covers $.60/lb., per item up to $10K total. Except as provided otherwise below, if you hire a Service Provider to load and unload your truck(s) or container(s) through the Website then your HHG are also covered while they're being transported except as provided below. If you hire a Service Provider for loading and unloading service and subsequently cancel one service or the other, your HHG are not covered while they are being transported. If you hire a Service Provider with an average review of 4.5 or better there is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from MovingInsurance.com. Rates start at $12 per $1000 of coverage.


Service covered by Standard Repair Coverage requires you to activate the coverage in your Order. You must activate or edit your coverage before 11:59 PM the day before Service. At such time, the inventory you prepare will become unavailable to edit and the coverage will be marked "inactive". "Standard Repair Coverage" covers up to $0.60 USD per pound, per item of HHG listed in your active inventory. This provides coverage for HHG while in transit in a storage container or a rental truck when a Service Provider is hired by you via the Website marketplace to do both the loading AND the unloading of the HHG.


Standard Repair Coverage and Full Value Insurance do not cover damage that is sustained while your HHG are being transported by freight trailer (ABF, MoveAmerica, Old Dominion, etc.). If your HHG are damaged while being transported in a freight trailer and you believe improper loading techniques caused or contributed to the damage you may file a complaint and be eligible to receive a refund (not to exceed $1000) for damage under our Service Guarantee policy. In some cases, repair estimates and/or receipts are required, along with photos and proof of damage. Customers also need to show that they provided adequate amounts of furniture pads and tie downs, pictures of loaded HHG and of HHG before they are unloaded to receive the maximum reimbursement.


Coverage for damage is not available to Customers who order Service with a start time less than 24 hours after the reservation has been placed. For a list of coverage, please see the insurance comparison page at https://www.hireahelper.com/license-and-insurance/


No Coverage will apply when:

  1. Your Act of Omission:

Damage is caused by your act or omission, which includes but is not limited to any act, omission or order of yours, any agent of yours, any owner of items in your shipment, or any agent of any owner of items in your shipment, including any act or omission of any service providers you, your agent, an owner or owner's agent engage outside of the Website to perform any special services (e.g., Appliance disconnection/connection) with respect to items in your shipment. "Act or omission" also includes but is not be limited to your (1) Failure to protect HHG that are susceptible to damage with adequate cartons, wrapping material, crating or other moving supplies; (2) You pack your HHG in containers that are unsuitable for the protection of your HHG during movement, transportation or storage, such as plastic crates/bins; (3) You do not disassemble items constructed of particle board prior to a Service Provider wrapping and loading them; and when (4) A Service Provider determines that moving industry standard cartons or a so-called third-party service is needed to properly prepare HHG in your shipment that require special care for movement, transportation or storage, and you refuse to use or authorize use of such cartons/service. Service Provider crews have the right not to accept for loading/transportation items in a shipment that are susceptible to damage that are not protected with adequate cartons, wrapping material, crating or supplies;

  1. Conditions for Coverage:

Coverage is subject to the following conditions: (1) Coverage applies only when commercial equipment designed for the transportation and/or storage of your HHG ("transportation equipment") is used to transport and/or store your HHG; (2) Electronic items will only be covered for mechanical derangement or realignment of electrical equipment if you provide the origin Service Provider with the original equipment manufacturer's packaging or a third-party service provider is used to prepare the item(s) for transportation; provided, however, that when an electronic item is not in good working order when tendered to a Service Provider, Coverage will only apply when there are visible signs of physical damage to the containers in which such items are packed and evidence that indicates that such damage to the containers was caused by negligence of the Service Provider's crew; (3) A claim for damage must be filed at https://hireahelper.com/help/complaints-claims/ within 10 days of Service completion. The coverage number for a "Standard Repair Coverage" claim is the same as the Service ID number; (4) A claim for will not be settled until payment in full for all Service rendered is authorized by you; (5) Items that you pack or have packed for you by someone other than a Service Provider are not covered unless there are visible signs of physical damage to the containers in which such items are packed and evidence that indicates that such damage to the containers was caused by negligence of a Service Provider crew; (6) You have a duty to cooperate fully with any investigation of damage during the claim settlement process. At a minimum, "cooperate" includes making HHG available for inspection and repair, granting access to transportation and storage transaction records, and leaving any containers with visible exterior damage packed until they are inspected (7) Your right to receive payment of an amount in settlement of a claim for damage shall include obligations to: (i) assign and subrogate to us at the time of such payment all rights and claims that you have against any other individual or entity with respect to the damage claimed for an amount not to exceed the amount paid to you settlement, (ii) convey all right title and interest in damaged item(s) to us and to make the same available to us for salvage/recovery; (iii) render all reasonable assistance in our pursuit of recovery of such amount paid, and to (4) fully and finally release us from any and all liability regarding the claim for which we make payment to you in settlement of your claim.

  1. Exclusions:

Coverage does not apply to or to damage caused by or due to: (1) Any external cause; (2) Defect or inherent vice of an item or items in your shipment, including, but not limited to: (i) susceptibility to damage because of sensitivity to vibration and atmospheric conditions such as temperature or humidity or changes in the same; (ii) mechanical or electrical derangement of mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical devices except when such devices are packed in original equipment manufacturer's packaging or a third-party service provider is used to prepare the item(s) for transportation unless there are visible signs of physical damage to such items and that such damage was caused by negligence of a Service Provider's crew; (3) Items that by their nature are perishable, such as plants, animals, or food items and all other like goods; (4) Spillage, leakage or other release, or combustion, explosion or other reaction of any item, substance, chemical or compound in your shipment that is an item that cannot/should not be moved (See section 6., above); (4) Damage to computer data or media; (5) Documents, currency or coins, stamps, securities, notes, deeds, money, jewelry, furs, weapons, gems and precious stones and any other items of intangible or sentimental, tradable or collectible value; (6) In the event of damage to any item or items which are a part of a pair or set, or to a part of any item, Coverage will only apply to the item(s) which is/are part of a pair or set that are damaged and not to the entire pair or set, and only to a part of an item that is lost or damaged and not to the entire item; (7) Insects, moths, vermin, molds or other fungi or growths, or gradual deterioration or ordinary wear or tear of HHG; (8) Hostile or warlike acts, including acts of terrorism, in time of peace or war, including action in hindering, combating or defending against or actual, impending or expected attack by any government or sovereign power, or by any authority maintaining or using military or other armed forces or any agent of any such government, power, authority or force (9) Any weapon of war or terrorism employing atomic fission or radioactive force, or biological or chemical agents, whether in time of peace or war; (10) Insurrection, protest, rebellion, revolution, civil war, or action taken by any governmental authority in hindering, combating or defending against such an occurrence; (11) Seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulations, confiscation for any reason by order of any governmental or public authority, or risks of transporting contraband or any item of illegal trade; (12) Strikes, lockouts, labor disturbances, riots, civil commotion, or the acts of any person(s) taking part in any such occurrence; (13) Acts of God, including, but not limited to earthquake, avalanche, fire, lightning, flood, windstorm, tornado, or snow, hail, sleet, ice or rain storm, or any other contingency not within our control; (14) Any damage to an item in a shipment if you (or the owner) fail to preserve damaged items, any container(s) in which a damaged item was packed, and all other evidence that such damage is the result of the negligence of a Service Provider's crew; and (15) Burglary of HHG stored in transportation or storage equipment placed at, on or around your residence.

12. Other Insurance

Coverage shall not apply to any damage of any kind in any amount to the extent that such damage is covered by any insurance issued to you or available for you to claim against.

13. Feedback

You acknowledge that a key component and integrity of the Service is the ability of Customers to leave feedback about services, (whether positive, neutral or negative), found through HireAHelper or otherwise and for other Customers to read and evaluate those feedback and make voluntary choices based upon that feedback. Therefore:

You agree: (1) To only provide truthful and fair feedback. You also agree to not accept any payment or other consideration in exchange for influencing your feedback (such as, accepting payment in exchange for providing positive feedback with respect to any Helper). (2). That you may expose yourself to liability if your feedback contains material that is false, intentionally misleading, or defamatory; violates any third-party right, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; contains material that is unlawful, including illegal hate speech or pornography; exploits or otherwise harms minors; or violates or advocates the violation of any law or regulation.