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This page explains the requirements for movers listing services on HireAHelper.com. We allow service providers to list only their labor rates for labor-only moves (where the customer is the one providing the truck, storage container, etc.)

Standard Repair Coverage: Included (free)

Covers up to $.60 per pound. Not available for same day orders.

Covers goods while they are being handled by the movers. Covers goods while in transit in a storage container or a rental truck if movers are hired via the HireAHelper marketplace to do both the loading AND the unloading.

Full-Value Coverage: Available for purchase

MovingInsurance.com offers Full Value Insurance policies for labor-only movers with an average rating of 4.5 or better. Customers must fill out an inventory sheet to qualify.

This insurance covers goods while they are being handled by the movers. It also covers goods while in transit in a storage container, as well as trucks if 26' or under if the container/truck is loaded and unloaded by movers hired via the HireAHelper marketplace. This insurance does not cover goods while in transit in a freight trailer.

Full Value Insurance policies are not available on Mover + Truck services or same-day and next-day orders. All policies must be finalized with MovingInsurance.com at least 48 hours before the move date.

Freight Trailers:

Standard Repair Coverage and Full Value Insurance does not cover damages that are sustained while items are being transported in a freight trailer (ABF, MoveAmerica, Old Dominion, etc). But if your items are damaged while being transported in a freight trailer and you believe improper loading techniques caused or contributed towards the damage, you may file a complaint and be eligible to receive up to a full refund (capped at $1000) for damages under our Service Guarantee policy. The customer will need to provide proof that they provided adequate furniture pads and tie downs for protection of goods. In some cases, repair estimates and/or receipts are required, along with photos and proof of damage to receive the maximum reimbursement.

License Information: None Required

HireAHelper allows movers to list their moving labor services only.

A special license isn't required to lift things into a truck or storage container. Note: Many service providers have a business license or even a full-service moving license even though it is not required for labor-only moving orders. We allow them to list these credentials in their profile if they want.

Commercial Liability: Not Required

Hiring a service provider with this type of policy provides you with a level of security in the event you have to file a suit.

This type of insurance isn't required. However, if a company does carry this type of policy, you'll see it on their profile.