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The Old Dominion now has an easier way to hire moving companies. Burke movers available on HireAHelper have 8,630 completed moves and a 4.7 star average out of 5.

Compare and Hire Local Moving Companies in Burke, VA

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Burke Moving Company Costs, FAQs and Stats

How long does moving in Burke take?

4 hours

Burke moving companies take 4 hours per job, on average.

How many movers do I need for my move in Burke?

2 movers

Most people moving in Burke hire 2 movers to come out on moving day. Read more about hiring the right number of movers.

What size truck do I need when moving in Burke?

17' Truck

Most people in Burke need a 17' moving truck. Compare rental trucks and find your perfect size.

The Top 3 Moving Companies in Burke

These are the best moving companies in Burke by quality and price, as judged by real people moving:

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Recent Moves in Burke

See how HireAHelper helped these folks have a less stressful move.

Erin R
Takoma Park, MD
Reviewing: Key Movers
(4 out of 5 rating)

They worked really hard and got everything moved very quickly! I wasnt sure everything would fit in the truck, but somehow they made it happen. And they were excellent with communicating over phone before the move. Would recommend!

COST: $205
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Loading
John M
Stafford, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

Shawn and Raheem (please forgive if I misspelled the names) were excellent. They were on time, polite, efficient, and worked hard. I could not be happier about using them!!

I highly recommend them!!!

COST: $360
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Natalene F
Frederick, MD
(5 out of 5 rating)

They did a wonderful job!!! Here on time and Got right to it! Had a lot of the job done very quickly. Did not even have to use the whole time. Packed the truck perfectly. Made sure everything was taken care of. Superb, couldn't ask for it to go any smoother. I'd use them again.

COST: $387
HELPERS: 3 / 3hr
SERVICE: Loading
Tod L
Annandale, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

Can't believe how hard and fast these guys worked. Hired for 4 hours, they finished in 2.5.
And I had HEAVY stuff. 110 boxes of books, each about 75 lbs in the basement. 300 lbs of free weights also in the basement.
And all the other usual stuff.

COST: $450
HELPERS: 2 / 4hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Kathleen J
Vienna, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

They were terrific! I hired them twice!! It is a great service, very efficient...Reachable by phone!! I highly recommend them. They employ good people. Considerate and hard working. I was very impressed!!

COST: $259
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Rearrange
Diana G
Glen Burnie, MD
Reviewing: I & O moving
(5 out of 5 rating)

Highly recommended! Excellent communication from the owner for where the movers were located. The guys were very professional and courteous. Very fast and did not delay in their work. Very friendly!! Would highly recommend!!

COST: $281
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Load+Unload
Amanda C
Jefferson, MD
Reviewing: Dmv Movers
(5 out of 5 rating)

Were they on time? They were precisely on time and called before arriving
Did they work hard? They got to work immediately and got things done quickly
Were they respectful of your property and goods? They always asked where things went and when furniture wouldn't fit well, they asked how I wanted to handle it
Would you use them again? Definitely

They were fantastic and helped me move everything out of my 12 foot POD in an hour. Couldn't have asked for better service

COST: $315
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Unloading
Mark P
Broad Run, VA
(5 out of 5 rating)

Booked for 3 hours but only needed less than 2 hours. Very well organized, efficient and quick. Best movers I have hired in 40 years of moving with the military and government. Their price was less than $5 more than the others but worth more than 10x that amount. I will use them again for my next Packrat 16” container.

COST: $360
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
D'Avonna E
Greenbelt, MD
(5 out of 5 rating)

We were helped by Pierre and Eden. They were fast, intelligent, prepared, and knowledgeable. We knew that we wanted to move within a certain time frame and they came up with a solution to make it possible. They were very personable and pleasant to work with. This was our first move and they made it a great experience.

COST: $570
HELPERS: 2 / 5hr
SERVICE: Load+Unload

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