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The average service provider rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.0 after 123 customer reviews.

5 , Boston MA reviewing Helping Hands Moving & Labor Service 9/3/2008 "Helping Hands Labor" really helped me out with my move. They showed up on time, kept in contact with me beforehand, moved all of my furniture and boxes with ease (even up my narrow staircase), and did it all with a friendly, positive attitude. Norm and Darrell were great, and their price is great too. No complaints here, it read moreworked out well. I definitely recommend them! Show Response
5 , Brighton MA reviewing Ready2Go Movers 3/3/2015 On time, very prompt on getting the unloading completed in a very timely matter! Respectful and I would use them again!
5 , Lynn MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 11/2/2013 they showed up in the time frame they told me but with three guys instead of two which wasn't a big deal to me because they got it done an hour earlier so the price was the same it really worked out better they worked non stop took the beds apart and back together in the new apartment all in all I would recommend them to family read moreor friends
5 , Cambridge MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 6/28/2014 They were a little late, but sent three guys rather than just two, and completed the whole job so quickly that it didn't matter at all. Would definitely use them again.
5 , Chestnut Hill MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 6/28/2012 The 2 men from Hire a Helper were really good workers. Both men took the job seriously,on time, proper tools of the trade, extremely careful lifting and moving the furniture and best of all they did'nt have an attitude.They were extremely polite and willing to do want ever needed to be done.I would hire them again.
5 , Avon MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 4/27/2013 Anthony and Robert blew the job away in short order while using the utmost care and courtesy. Would definitely use Pleasant Moving again.
5 , Norwood MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 5/24/2014 Andrew and Billy of Pleasant Moving did an excellent job helping me move; they were punctual, efficient, hard working, and professional throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering moving, and I would use them again in the future.
5 , Waltham MA reviewing Pleasant Moving of Boston 4/26/2013 Pleasant movers of Boston were actually extremely pleasant! They were extra nice, they did an excellent job, took good care of our stuff and were very efficient! I would recommend them 100./.! They were on time, prepared for the job and had a great attitude I would definitely use them again!

If you're moving to Boston, Massachusetts, hiring help for your move is only the first challenge. You'll also need to get acquainted with the new city, find new activities, and most importantly, pick your new favorite food stops. We can help make the move easier and this Boston city guide can help make your new city feel like home.

One of the nation’s most culturally diverse destinations is found in Boston, Massachusetts. The city is filled with historic landmarks and an abundance of activities. Whether you are looking forward to regular shop hopping through downtown or eating a world famous Fenway Frank at Fenway Park, moving to Boston is an excellent choice. Here are the first few places to see or stop at once you’re all unpacked.

Boston Attractions and Activities

Fenway Park

A historic landmark and the nation’s most beloved ballpark. If you haven’t been here before put it at the top of your to-do list! If you’re not interested in seeing a game you can still take a tour of the ballpark when there is no game. Fenway Park has been around since 1912, making it the oldest ballpark currently in use. There were baseball stadiums build before then, but none that are still standing. This is truly the heart of Boston as it is the home of the Red Sox, which natives will remind you, is the greatest baseball team in history. Tickets for games can be quite pricey, but the stadium boasts a variety of seating areas and even has a standing room only section. If you are a baseball fan, make sure to check out a Red Sox game! You can feel the passion that the fans have for this team.

Freedom Trail

After you finish watching a game or touring the ballpark, take a walk down the Freedom Trail. This is a 2 mile trail leading you through the top historical landmarks of Boston. The start is in the Boston Common where you can pick up a map to follow to the end of the trail. On the trail you can see places such as Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s House, and the Bunker Hill Monument. There are many other historic things you will see on the way so leave at least a full day to come by. If you check out each stop on the trail it could take you days to tour the trail!

Charleston Navy Yard

While you are on the Freedom Trail be sure to head over to the Charlestown Navy Yard to see the USS Constitution. This ship was built in the late 1700’s and still stands today as a beacon of freedom in the US. The USS Constitution helped defend our country against the British Army in the War of 1812, and is the second oldest warship in the world. The Navy Yard is basically a museum with multiple ships on display. Check them all out if you can. The sailors working on the USS Constitution will be happy to answer questions about its history. You can’t actually enter the ship because it is being preserved as a historic landmark, but you can get a great look at the outside and ask any questions you may have.

New England Aquarium

rightAThe next "must-visit" Boston landmark is the New England Aquarium located on the Central Wharf. Among the wide variety of animals the greatest attractions are the penguin exhibit and otter exhibit. The aquarium was opened in 1969 and is still one of the greatest attractions in Boston. Plan on arriving early because there will most likely be a line outside to get in. They have some especially unique exhibits there including a poisonous fish tank and a giant ocean tank filled with a coral reef, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and even moray eels. When you are finished you can enjoy a nice walk along the harbor, the view is beautiful and can create an extremely romantic experience.

Boston Museums

Among all the museums and fine art establishments, one of the most thrilling is the Museum of Science. If you are at all interested in how the world works or why, set aside a day to visit this museum. The museum is very kid-friendly with a full IMAX theater, a planetarium, and more than 400 interactive exhibits. They also host limited-time exhibits occasionally featuring specials such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. This is a must-see if you’re moving to Boston, as there is truly something exciting for every age group.

After getting your fill of science and education, take a relaxing tour of the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum recently added a huge 345 million dollar expansion to the already vast number of galleries open previously. This new addition is called the Art of the Americas wing and shows a number of artifacts and works that portray the evolution of American ingenuity.

Boston Eateries

On to the delectable part, the unique cuisine! In my opinion the top three restaurants that make the “required to-visit” list are the Mistral, L’Espalier, and Neptune Oyster. The first two are beautiful dining establishments that will have you in awe from the moment you walk in.

The Mistral has a seductive atmosphere with an incredible French feel that you will find hard to part with at the end of the night. For your entrée I recommend the grilled swordfish. Finish it off with the banana almond bread pudding and you will be extremely pleased with your meal.

L’espalier is similar to Mistral in that they serve French-American cuisine but they also focus on adding the New England ingredients to their already sophisticated dishes. On top of being delicious, the meal is so gorgeous that you will want to order more just for the view. The flavors are explosive and will make you feel as though you hadn’t lived until that first bite! Reservations are available online for Mistral and L’Espalier and I highly recommend you make one before going. If you are more interested in the traditional New England dishes like clam chowder or oysters, head over to Neptune Oyster. Mouth-watering sandwiches and salads as well as clam chowder and other sea foods will have you coming back the next day for more.

Moving to Boston is exciting enough for the rich history and famous fall colors. But follow this guide to find some lesser known treats and experiences. And if you’re still wondering how much movers cost in the Boston area, be sure to check our list of the best Boston movers in the area, complete with pricing and past customer reviews.

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