Moving Boxes

While relocating, the most frequently asked question is often "Where do I get moving boxes?" or "Where do I get free moving boxes?" (You can see our post here on the latter). Boxes are important to use for a number of reasons besides the obvious, protection.

Other reasons to use boxes:

  1. Boxes decrease the loading time of professional movers compared to bags, trunks, etc.
  2. Cardboard moving boxes are lighter than traditional plastic bins or alternatives, decreasing the cost of your move if you are paying "per pound".
  3. The thin double walls of cardboard boxes better "rattle" protection due to their ability to absorb some amount of shock (compared to plastic bins for instance).
  4. Clothes in trash bags is a common approach, but the thing lining of the bags rarely protects clothes from damage during loading and unloading.

There are a number of great resources for more information on boxes:

Articles on "Green" Boxes

Companies with Cardboard alternatives: