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Find the highest quality local moving companies near you within moments using our nationwide marketplace. HireAHelper lets you book movers by the hour to load and unload your moving truck or container. Hire help to just move your heavy furniture or every last moving box, it's up to you. And the best part? By booking your movers and your truck separately, it makes hiring help actually affordable. Don't believe it? See how much you could save.

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Your upcoming move can be taken care of in minutes. We'll give you an instant moving quote (without any annoying spam), there are zero hidden fees, and we're sitting by the phones waiting to help you today and on your moving day.

Plus, with our free cancellation policy, trusted payment handling and money-back guarantee, we'll put your mind at ease and make your moving day a breeze.

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How To Find The Best Movers

Why spend hours contacting random moving companies from Yelp and Google all day when we've already done it for you?

HireAHelper vets thousands of local movers all across the country. We've found these to be the two most important steps in picking the best moving company:

  1. Carefully compare trustworthy reviews from real past customers.
  2. Confirm availability on your move date.

We share only verified customer reviews and display up-to-the-minute schedules—because tracking all that stuff down is annoying. Just type in your zip code and moving date above and instantly see real customer reviews and comparable quotes from moving crews who are actually available on your moving date.

Choose the perfect crew size for your move and book only for however long you need them.

Why Use HireAHelper?

HireAHelper is the safest way to book movers. Period. All orders include:

$1,000 money-back service guarantee
Free insurance with additional coverage options
Free cancellation with 24 hour notice
Claims handling with a friendly support team
Live support 7 days a week
Movers aren't paid until after the job is done

No sketchy ads, no babysitting the moving company, no "hostage" situations. Plus, your Helpers aren't paid until your move is done. You're calling the shots.

250,000+ Moves and Counting

HireAHelper has more than 10 years of experience giving people the best moves of their lives. We handle thousands and thousands of moves each month. (We've really got this "helping people move" thing down to a science.)

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Real, Amazing Reviews

How do we know who the best movers are? They proved it. Movers don't get jobs unless they stand out on the marketplace. Only paying customers can leave reviews on HireAHelper, so every review is honest and verified. With a 4.7 out of 5 star average rating after 98,351 reviews left on our site, you can be absolutely certain your move will be in fantastic hands. Go read the unedited, verified reviews for yourself.

Recent Customer Reviews

The average service provider rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 98,351 customer reviews
Jennifer H, Keller, TX:
reviewing: Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )
JJ on the team was fantastic, so sweet and super hard worker. Nice group. On time.

What Are The Different Types Of Movers?

There are three basic types of movers. (Does it make you feel better or worse that you are one of them?) Knowing all your options is the first step towards taking the stress out of moving.

  • You Load
    You / They Drive

    Anyone who moves themselves or helps their friends or family move is a DIY Mover. No, they aren't particularly strong, know how to properly pack a moving truck, or are insured if they break something. But you only pay the cost of a pizza and six pack. (Plus gas and toilet paper.)

  • Movers Load
    You / They Drive

    A professional mover without a truck for hire is called a Hybrid Mover. Ordering a professional mover for a few hours (instead of buying a massive moving package from a moving company) really helps keep the cost down. Rent your own moving truck or moving container and a Hybrid Mover can easily load and unload it for the amount of time you need them.

  • Movers Load
    Movers Drive

    Moving that comes with everything but the kitchen sink, though you may feel like they owe you that too. Sometimes thought of as long-distance movers, a Full Service Mover happens when you pay a moving company large sums of money to pack, load, drive and unload everything for you.

Compare a HireAHelper Hybrid Move to Traditional Moving Companies With a Truck

Driving a ginormous rental truck or booking an expensive moving company that provides a truck aren't your only two options. See all your moving options and get an instant, estimated quote for each.

Compare a HireAHelper Hybrid Move to Traditional Moving Companies With a Truck

Driving a ginormous rental truck or booking an expensive moving company that provides a truck aren't your only two options. See all your moving options and get an instant, estimated quote for each.

What Are My Moving Options?

The Do-It-Yourself Mover (That's you!)

The cheapest moving option for your wallet, but the most expensive moving option for your mind and back.

Being your own mover isn't so much a job as it is a psychological stress test. We've all been there; you've got less than 48 hours before you've got to be out of your place and you're frantically pulling things off shelves, tossing things into random boxes, and trying to figure out how to tie a mattress to your car roof. To make things worse, the average DIY Mover also recruits their friends and family, making unwilling participants out of everybody they claim to love. No wonder DIY Movers are hard to find.

DIY Mover Costs

DIY Movers are the cheapest option, but they're definitely not totally free; you will often still be renting a moving truck or container, not to mention however much pizza and beer you'll need to convince your friends to help you.

The DIY move can cost an average of $134-299 for rental truck, gas, food and even toilet paper, depending on the size and distance of the move and the generosity of your DIY Movers. A long distance DIY Move can still easily approach $1,000 or more, due to transportation costs. (Unless you're seriously downsizing.)

You also get what you pay for. A DIY Mover generally has no knowledge of lifting techniques, transportation no-no's, or a full-time gym membership that's helping them lift a washing machine. Chip your table or shatter a lamp? There's no insurance options, so that's on you. Blow out a knee? That's really on you.

DIY Mover Resources

Lease up? Planning on tackling that move by yourself or with some friends? Here are some must-know tips to get the most out of your hard work:

The DIY Moving 101 Guide
How To Move Heavy Furniture
A Jumbo Guide to Moving Really Big Stuff

The Hybrid Mover

Want the extreme convenience of a Full Service Move, but don't want the extreme prices that go along with it?

Hybrid Movers are the most flexible type of movers out there. They're moving labor professionals you can hire to load and/or unload your stuff for the amount of time you need them. Hybrid Movers don't provide a moving truck, which dramatically decreases how much they will charge to help you move all your heavy furniture. What they don't provide in terms of Full Service options you gain in flexibility; shopping for a rental truck or moving container that fits both your budget and schedule are why Hybrid Movers remain so popular today.

Hybrid Mover Costs

The ultimate moving lifehack; Hybrid Movers are the flexible way to move because costs are largely dependant on your specific move. On average, they are considerably cheaper than hiring a moving company to do every aspect of your move for you.

Moving a few blocks away? Just have a few things? After the cost of the moving truck or container, you can sometimes hire a couple Hybrid Movers for a couple hours for only around $300. A more typical, local Hybrid Move averages $523, while a mid-sized Hybrid Move averages $826. If you are moving across the country and can drive the truck yourself, the average cost is $2171, which can be thousands less than a Full Service package.

What Hybrid Movers offer most of all is pure flexibility. You dictate what size truck you need, not some moving company. You get to choose the type of insurance options you want. You say how long you'd like to have the movers on site for. And you can choose to pack your own items to save money, or search for a Hybrid Mover who will pack for you.

And if you book through HireAHelper, you'll have someone in your corner making sure everything goes right on moving day. Hybrid Movers are all about your move and what your needs are.

Hybrid Mover Resources

Thinking about hiring movers and getting transportation/storage separately to save big bucks? Here are some guides to help you optimize this option.

The Hybrid Moving Guide
How to Guide for Getting the Best Rental Truck For You
What Is A Moving Container?

The Full Service Mover

Are you rich and famous? Do you have an extra grand or three to spend?

The Full Service mover earns their name. They provide a truck and typically do all forms of packing, loading, unloading and driving with the company they work for, which are usually national van lines and moving companies that do long-distance and interstate moves. And although damage claims rates are not any lower just because you spend more money, it goes without saying that hiring a Full Service Mover gives you the ultimate convenience to do whatever you want on moving day … but also a heck of a lot poorer.

Full Service Mover Costs

A Full Service Move costs a lot of money. How much? A dirt cheap estimate to fully pack up even a tiny place and move it not that far would still end up costing in the neighborhood of $1,000.

But a much more likely scenario for a Full Service offering is that the prospective "movee" will hire a company to come and estimate their move cost (which can take days, sometimes weeks), which will come out to an average of $2,568. And if you are moving across the United States, that number can very easily reach an excess of more than $6,000.

With that extra money doesn't necessarily come with "better" service, as claim rates for Full Service Movers remain similar to labor only movers. But Full Service Movers give you the ultimate convenience of watching your entire world lifted up and set down somewhere else, right before your very eyes.

Full Service Mover Resources

Thinking about going Full Service? Here are some key resources to make things go smoothly.

Full Service Moving Guide
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