Long Distance Moving Companies, the Hybrid™ Way

Compare traditional, long distance moving companies to a Hybrid Move with HireAHelper. We'll book you a moving container or semi-trailer, plus find the most affordable movers to load and unload them for you. It's just as convenient, you don't have to drive your stuff state to state, and we could save you as much as 40-60% on your move.

Semi Freight Trailer driving on a highway

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Tell us about your move! A super friendly HireAHelper rep will guide you through a customized quote.

Semi Freight Trailer driving on a highway

Save Up to 40% Compared to Traditional Interstate Movers

Moving out of state or across the country can get expensive fast using traditional interstate moving companies. A Hybrid Move saves you money by separating your move across three providers: local movers to load, a transport company to drive your stuff, and local movers to unload at your new home.

Hybrid™ Move

With Moving Container

Average Cost $4,100
Packing & Unpacking You
Loading & Unloading Movers
Driving Container Company

Ultra flexibility gives you as much time as you need to load up, plus storage! Driver picks up and drops off your stuff.

Not as affordable as rental trucks. Gets pricey the more containers you need.

Hybrid™ Move

With Freight Trailer

Average Cost $3,200
Packing & Unpacking You
Loading & Unloading Movers
Driving Freight Company

The most amount of space you can legally put on the road, and it's loaded, unloaded, and driven for you.

Scheduling is normally restrictive and uses general windows of time. Statistically the highest at risk for damages to your stuff.

Full Service Move

Traditional Van Line

Average Cost $6,000
Packing & Unpacking Movers
Loading & Unloading Movers
Driving Movers

The top to bottom, do-nothing approach to moving. Manage your move in luxury.

By far the most expensive way to move—ever. Getting your moving quote can take weeks, sometimes months.

Let Our Move Coordinator Do All the Work for You

Unlike traditional, expensive interstate moving companies, a Hybrid Move separates your move across three providers to potentially save you hundreds, or more. To keep things convenient, we book the whole thing for you and manage your entire moving day.

Movers carrying a piece of furniture

Move Coordinator

We'll book you a perfectly packaged move with:

Professional Loaders

Local movers who provide loading help

Moving Transportation

A moving container or space in a semi-trailer

Professional Unloaders

Local movers who provide unloading help

Why Use HireAHelper?

With 10+ years in the industry, we are the go-to source for help moving within the USA. Obsessed with delivering the best experience, everything we do is catered to you—the person in need of reliable, affordable move help.

$1,000 money back guarantee

Free damage coverage with additional coverage options

Live support 6 days a week

Free cancellation with 48 hour notice

Claims handling with a friendly support team

Movers aren't paid until after the job is done

No sketchy ads, no babysitting the moving company, no "hostage" situations. Plus, your crew isn't paid until your move is done. You call the shots.

437,811 Moves and Counting

HireAHelper has been giving people the best moves of their lives for over 10 years. We've really got this "helping people move" thing down to a science.

We're an A+ rated business on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We use Braintree to ensure your transactions.

People love us on TrustPilot.

Our moms are very proud of us.
You will be, too.

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