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Faithful Moving & Storage

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Smithfield, NC / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 18 times through HireAHelper

4 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

3 years in business

Smithfield, NC / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 18 times through HireAHelper

4 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

3 years in business

About Us

Are you interested in working with a professional moving Company? We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be. We’re committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner. Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Faithful Moving & Storage. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to moving. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have.


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Real Smithfield area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Faithful Moving & Storage.

4 reviews

Steven Y

(4) 6/24/2019 Ellenboro

Good job by the moving guys. The complaint I have is I estimated six hours for the move and it only took three. Why could I not be reimbursed a couple hours?

Mover's response:
Hi Steven, Thank you for taking the time to review us. We don’t have your credit card information because when you booked us you booked through hireahelper. We were not paid everything you paid as a fee is deducted for them booking the move. You paid them and in return they paid us a portion. We then remove the hours allotted from our calendar so no other work is scheduled for this time that is assigned to us. I hope this helps clarify the payment situation.
- Faithful Moving & Storage

Nathan C

(5) 5/29/2019 Greensboro

Our family had a wonderful experience with the crew from Faithful Movers. The crew arrived on time and was ready to go from the start. They had all the necessary equipment and was very respectful of my property. We were very happy with the entire process would highly recommend the team.

Mover's response:
Thank you so much Mr. Nathan for taking the time to review us.
- Faithful Moving & Storage

Scott B

(4) 5/19/2019 Statesville

The moving crew arrived on time. They were prepared for the job. They worked very hard on a very uncomfortable day. Some items suffered grease stains, two mattresses contained splinters, a couple of minor accessories were lost, and some items, in my opinion, were mishandled. I would use them again although I found the price point not exactly comparable to the quality of the move. My only overt criticism is the lack of disclaimers/instructions prior to the move (i.e. having to sign a waiver due to clothes still being stored in dressers, possible additional charges for moving bulky items, and not moving a truck closer to my shop to aid moving items due to some perceived liability).

Mover's response:
Hi Mr. Bryan thank you for your review. We didn’t have any knowledge of what you mentioned in the review. I, myself had no knowledge of any grease stains. In fact, if we had known there were items with grease boxed we would not have even moved it. I do know about the cooler that was infested with ants but we couldn’t take that because the customers behind you coming would be dealing with ants in their things. We weren’t told you needed any mattress covers (which we provide upon request) so your mattresses were moved on the truck in the condition they were in. I would like to know what minor accessories were lost because we do a full walk through of our truck prior to leaving any destination. In fact, when they left you told them everything went perfect. We also require dressers to be emptied so that the movers can move them properly. We didn’t charge you any extra for bulky items. The reason we have you sign a waiver is because NC household good regulation (which we are regulated under) tells us that we can’t park on the grass because we will be held liable. Without a waiver giving them permission to do so at your request it doesn’t hold us liable but at the same time it allows you to get your items moved. We appreciate the review and always use feedback for future moves. Blessings to you!
- Faithful Moving & Storage

Anja M

(2) 4/27/2019 Huntersville

First off one of the guys that arrived to help me move just had back surgery two months prior to moving date and he had to leave halfway through the move. The other mover called his wife to come and help and needless to say it took a full day to move. I did more work than the second guy did with a hurt back loading and unloading boxes. They didn’t move my bedroom boxes upstairs like they should have so I wound up moving them up the steps myself. They hooked up the dryer and then had to move it out again to move the washer in then move the dryer back in and didn’t even bother to hook it up so I wound up hooking it up myself. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper by the end of the day when all of this fiasco was over with. Boxes were all packed. All they had to do was put on the truck and then get off the truck and move 15 miles down the road. would not recommend these guys

Mover's response:
Thank you for the review Mrs. Anja, As I told you at your home you requested a 16 ft truck and the items needed a 26 ft truck to move you. It ended up taking more time than expected because we had to take 2 trips in the 16 ft truck to get all of your items. We only promise 2 hours extra outside of the time you booked but we didnt want to leave you after 2 hours until everything was complete. I apologize you were not satisfied with the service received. One of our guys back started to hurt during your move and I called my wife to assist with getting the remaining items. There was only a box spring, mattress and a few miscellaneous items left for her to assist with. She is also a mover and does her job very well. Im not sure if the issue was her being a woman or what but we provided you two movers and even three movers at one time. When one of the guys back began to hurt during your move we never stopped moving you there was never a lapse in your move. We wanted to make sure you were still given two movers as requested. In fact, there were three of us moving at one time to assist with your move. When they first got there they told you that you didnt need to assist with the move (prior to his back starting to hurt) you wanted the time to go by faster but we have to make sure everything is wrapped properly in which NOTHING WAS DAMAGED AT ALL DURING YOUR MOVE! He left the last hour of your move not halfway through as stated above. We also asked you if you wanted us to take anything upstairs and to show us what needed to go where as you did the other items. I hooked up your washer and dryer personally before leaving as your washer setup is different than what we have seen normally and we had to bring the dryer back out to the front door to move the washer in. Im saddened you would leave this review knowing we did everything we could to make your move go smooth. We also provided you a 1 hour discount on the rate because we had to switch out people the last hour of you move. Your home was also 25 minutes away and you said your self there was a 6 mile slowdown on the interstate in route due to a wreck. We even offered to go back roads to avoid sitting in traffic but you advised us not to. You wanted us to take the interstate instead. We also have to wrap everything properly prior to putting it on the truck to avoid claims and this is why your walls, floors or nothing was scratched nor damaged. Thank you for taking the time to review us I just wish it was an honest review for what actually took place. I understand we cant make everyone happy but we did do everything in our power to move fast as we could. You had alot of furniture (and heavy items) that we needed to make sure got to its destination safely and with care. I hope CoCo and Mrs. Faye are doing well and you are enjoying your new place.
- Faithful Moving & Storage

Service Area

We handle moves within 100 miles of 56 Banks Street, Smithfield, NC 27577.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

After booking with Faithful Moving & Storage you can expect to receive a call from one of our relocation consultants verifying the details of your move. They will then explain our process to you and inquire about any specific requests you may have. You can then expect us to notate everything you discuss so we can make sure your move is as smooth as possible.

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

Once hired we will make sure all of your large, unwieldy, and/or heavy furniture makes it to your final destination intact. Part of this includes partial or full-disassembly of furniture as required (and reassembly when the time comes). We will load everything safely on to the truck, including any appliances that you’re bringing along with you. When you arrive at your new home, they’ll unload the truck as well. You’ll be provided with a delivery window for when your stuff will arrive so you just relax.

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

To prepare for moving day make sure you label your boxes wisely. Prepare your appliances (we do not disconnect appliances – like your refrigerator, your washer/dryer, or anything connected to a major utility – for you. To save time on moving day, be sure to disconnect your appliances in advance. Be sure to gather important paperwork and keep it in a safe place(Lease/mortgage documents, birth certificates, social security cards etc. ). Also, having a plan for kids and pets helps the process move smoother.

What types of moves have you handled?

We specialize in local moves, long distance moves, office moves, packing homes, truck loading and unloading, piano moves as well as hot tub moving.

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

What excites me the most about being a mover is being able to see the smile on our customers faces once we get everything set up in their new home. This lets me know that they are happy so we can be happy as well because its another satisfied family.

What training do you provide your crew members?

The CPL program is a program that is required from all new employees. Each training segment ranges from 4 hours a day to 8 hours a day. The program explains both basic and special loading & packing techniques and includes a special section dedicated to safety and reporting issues.


Same Day Moves

We charge an extra 20% for same day requests.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We refund up to one unused hour over our min..

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.

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