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Who are the Helpers?

Most of the laborers (aka "Helpers") found on HireAHelper load and unload trucks and portable storage containers for a living. Some are general laborers, willing to do the heavy lifting for Do It Yourself moves.

The Helpers range from professional movers to "parking lot" day laborers. They come from a variety of sites including national day labor chains, local moving labor companies, family-run independent movers, and even full-service professional moving companies.

What happens if they break my stuff?

Fear not! Most laborers will work with you one on one to make things right in the event that something is damaged, especially if you hire someone with great reviews. Helpers don't want to run the risk of having negative reviews or they'll lose business. On top of that, if your mover refuses to resolve the situation, booking through HireAHelper includes a $1,000 service guarantee and complimentary mover's insurance, covering $.60/lb up to $10,000. There is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from Rates start at $12 per $1000 in coverage.

Who is HireAHelper?

We are a team of fun-loving humans, headquartered in Oceanside, CA. Several of us are in the office, available to answer your call any day of the week.

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Recent Customer Reviews

The average service provider rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 98,069 customer reviews.

Areas Of Coverage:

The day labor situation in America is bleak at best. Most people think the best place to find quick, cheap help is on a street corner in front of a hardware store. With no accountability or referral system, it’s impossible to know which street-corner laborer will do the best work. The lack of accountability also affects day laborers. Many have reported wage theft, employer abuse, and poor working conditions.

We’re striving to bring that much needed accountability to the labor industry. There are 3 main ways booking labor on HireAHelper helps protect the laborer and, most importantly, you the customer.

  1. Reviews Every customer that books laborers through HireAHelper can leave a review of their helper’s service. That means you can pick help based on performance. Everything a helper has done is posted for all to see - the good, the bad, and the ugly - as well as the helper’s response to the situation. Were they hardworking? Apologetic? Or outright childish? Know what to expect from your help before getting into a sticky situation.

  2. Payment Even though HireAHelper charges for the service the day before the job, the worker isn’t paid until the job’s done. HireAHelper holds on to the funds until the customer calls to confirm the job’s been completed and payment may be released. This works in everyone’s favor. You, as the customer, aren’t left standing there at the end of the job with your wallet out wondering how much to pay, what to tip, and what to do if the laborer demands more. The day laborer knows, if he performs the job to your standards, that he will definitely be getting paid the amount he set as his standard rate. And both you and the helper know we’re here ready to answer questions if there’s any miscommunication.

  3. Guarantee Every job booked on HireAHelper comes with our Service Guarantee. See for all the details, but the short (non-legally binding) version is that your service is guaranteed. If for some reason they can’t make it or don’t show up, we’ll jump on our phones to find you another helper in the area to come complete your task.

Sure you could go pick up a couple guys down on the corner, you could even call a temp agency to see if they’ve got a couple people to help on your construction site clean-up, but who knows what kind of work they’ll do? How do you know you won’t lose money on a job that was only half done? Get reviews, get a safe payment option, get a guarantee, get general help through HireAHelper.

We’re revolutionizing the labor industry. Join the revolution.