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Haven't booked a HireAHelper move yet? Haven't booked a HireAHelper move yet?
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Need to Move? Wondering Where to Start?

After over a decade of moving people, we'll help jump-start your moving journey.

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Start at Our Smart Move Timeline

Make moving easier. We've put together a list to simplify your move, from booking the right rental truck to exactly when to change your address.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist
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Discover the Best Moving Option for You

Learn about your moving options and pick the one for your exact needs.

  • DIY - Rent a truck and do everything yourself
  • Hybrid - Save cash! A mix of DIY + pro movers who help load and unload
  • Full Service - Enjoy having your entire move taken care of for you

Ready to learn more about what's included?

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Calculate the Cost of Your Move

Figure out exactly how much your move will cost. See what options are available—and at what price.

Calculate My Move Cost
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Compare and Choose Movers on HireAHelper

In just a few clicks, reserve Helpers who will load and/or unload your life for you. It's as easy as comparing the cost of movers along with their verified reviews, then, booking your preferred team. They'll follow up to confirm details within 24 hours!

Compare Movers Near Me
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Moving Day Details

Know exactly how moving day will go! Book HireAHelper and we'll tell you when the Helpers will arrive, how payment is released, and when to leave a review. (Feel good: Our local agents will be ready to jump in any time during your move.)

How Moving Day Works
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After Your Move

Hear our best tips and recommendations for how to settle in. You might also want to leave a review! Need to follow up with any concerns? We can help with that, too.

Get Settled!