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Build & Grow Your Business on HireAHelper

The HireAHelper platform is the only moving software that gets you real booked jobs

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Moving software for the modern mover

HireAHelper's CRM platform has all the tools you need to run a modern day moving company:

  • Moving job dashboard puts all your important jobs for the day in one place
  • Clean calendar management for all your jobs
  • Accounting tools for order lists, taxes, and more
  • Crew management (background checks, personal profiles, etc.)
  • Comms/CRM keeps track of all your customers and communications
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HireAHelper is free to join

  • We charge 29% per order booked through our platform
  • Direct Book Orders (orders you acquire yourself) are reduced to 15%
  • No contract, no monthly fees, no need to cancel
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Real jobs, straight to your inbox.

HireAHelper gets you in front of thousands of customers, elevates your business, and books you actual jobs, not leads.

Using the HireAHelper platform and our exclusive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to run a labor-only or Full Service moving business is a cinch.

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How do I get started?

Simply set up a free account and upload your company logo, location, crew photos, and business hours. Once approved, your business will be listed on HireAHelper.com. It really is that easy.

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HireAHelper Customer Service Is on Your Side

Got a difficult customer? We've got your back. HireAHelper has an in-house support staff that can solve your problems 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week. If something happens, you'll have HireAHelper there to help take care of any accidents, lost goods, or anything else that falls onto your lap (or off the truck).

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  • 7 day a week customer service for all your customers
  • All your customers will be ready for you on moving day thanks to our automated emails and text alerts
  • Efficient claims process we manage for you
  • Payment guarantees, including cancellation and credit card fee coverage
  • Same-day cancellation coverage for when you need to reschedule or cancel
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Direct Book Orders

HireAHelper charges 29% 15% on orders booked through your company page!

You can send your own customers to your company page on HireAHelper to see your prices, read your reviews and book you instantly. Customers won't see your competition, and you'll be charged a great discounted rate.

Don't have your own website? Now you do, with your company page on HireAHelper! Already have a website? Legitimize it further by linking to your verified HireAHelper reviews!

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HireAHelper Covers Your Crew

Your crew can work easy, because HireAHelper automatically offers customers $0.60 per pound insurance on all items. Plus, customers can upgrade to Full Value Insurance—all through us. We also mediate and handle claims for you, keeping your business running smooth.

HireAHelper Payment Guarantee

After the job, you're paid for what you're originally booked for, guaranteed. HireAHelper's payment guarantee also covers you in case of cancellation, additional hours worked, coverage for chargeback and credit cards, and more!

  • Chargeback assistance
  • Chargeback coverage
  • Extra hour guarantee
  • Guaranteed cancellation fees
  • Credit card fees covered

Business Account FAQ

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How does Direct Book work, exactly?
HireAHelper account holders have a special Direct Book link that they can easily advertise and share with customers. When customers use this link, they will find your individualized company page that displays your company's information (and yours alone). Jobs booked through this page are known as Direct Book Orders, and automatically come with lower HireAHelper fees
How do I make a company page?
Go here and make an account, then fill out your company profile. We'll confirm your account or request more info within 24 hours, then you'll be made available on HireAHelper.com.
Can I list my non-HireAHelper jobs on my HireAHelper calendar?
Yes! You can manage your business in its entirety through your dashboard.
Can I be double-booked by my HireAHelper jobs?
Once a customer books you for a time slot and you accept the job, you're automatically shown as unavailable on our website during those hours. If you have a non-HireAHelper job, you can easily adjust your availability in your Helper Dashboard to mark off additional time slots.
Will my customers be able to compare my competitor's prices with mine?
Nope! Your company page will only display your company's info.
You'll find your new Direct Book link on your Profile Page, or just scroll down to find it (you must be logged into your Helper account).
How much money do I save with Direct Book Orders?
Customers who use your new Direct Book link will ensure you get a discounted 15% HireAHelper fee. Plus, we have a tracking phone number in place - if they book over the phone, you'll still only be charged the lower Direct Book Order fee. Nice.
How many of my customers can I book through you?
There is absolutely no limit. HireAHelper is ready to collaborate with you on your entire business!
What happens if my customers call you over the phone?
Our tracking phone number will let our system know it's a Direct Book customer calling, so you'll still only be charged the lower Direct Book Order fee.
What happens if a customer comes back to HireAHelper.com directly?
Don't worry, customer interaction is marked internally, so we'll know that you referred them directly.
What if I don’t want my company listed on HireAHelper anymore?
You can disable your listing from inside your Helper account on your own, without a phone call, at any time. Setting vacation time or time away works the same way, making you invisible to customers. You’re in full control to be seen through HireAHelper as much as you’d like.