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On average, Albertville movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 163 customer reviews

Calvin P
Wrote a review on 4/10/2018

Only problem was one of the worker was breathing hard and it scared me for his health. They were professional, courteous and lifting with care for my valuable furniture. Thank you and I would recommend them for others people.

Derrion J
Wrote a review on 8/4/2018

The guys arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently unpacking our household items. I had to tell them several times to take a break. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for help with their next move.

Michael B
Wrote a review on 8/1/2018

Brandon and his associate did a great job loading my furniture. They arrived at the agreed upon time, did a very efficient load into my trailer and had the muscle needed for the heavy pieces. I highly recommend using their services.

Patricia K
Wrote a review on 6/21/2018

D.J. & Edward did a fine job. Considering my "soap opera" circumstances, I appreciated the extra time I was allotted to load my truck, their guidance in getting my vehicle on the 4 wheel trailer, plus going the "extra mile" by tooling my apartment complex in their vehicle looking for my "runaway 17 yr. old son". They were prepared, worked hard, courteous, and very respectful of property. Upon unloading the truck, they did a fine job in regards to how items did not jostle on my 668 mile trip! Yes, I would use them again.

Frank M
Wrote a review on 10/24/2018

These two gentlemen were fantastic and did a great job for us, will request them again!

Tim W
Wrote a review on 4/28/2018

Overall, I had a good experience. The two movers that came did a great job. They were courteous, respectful of my stuff, and they did their job quickly. The only issue was that the movers weren't able to come until 3 hours after my scheduled time. Apparently they had a guy call out, and the job before mine took longer than they had planned for. The movers did call multiple times to give me time updates, which was much appreciated. It turned out ok - UHaul let me keep the truck a little later than planned without an additional fee, but I did end up sitting around a house full of boxes with nothing to do for a few hours until the movers were able to show up. All in all, I would definitely use them again.

Amanda R
Wrote a review on 1/5/2019

The workers called to let me know they would be an hour late and they did arrive exactly an hour late. Once they arrived they worked so hard, fast, and carefully I was amazed. They were so polite in asking where things should go and how I wanted them put on the truck. They were honest and appropriate about the amount of time they took for lunch. Other than that one break and the drive time from one house to another they never took a break in a nine hour move. They even worked hard at the end of the day in the dark and cold night. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. They were worth every dollar.

Denice H
Wrote a review on 6/1/2018

The workers were prepared for the job and worked very hard and efficiently. They were very helpful and treated my items with care. I would definitely use them again!

Bernard B
Wrote a review on 7/16/2018

The movers actually showed up before the expected time. They moved all of the items out of the house without breaking anything. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality movers.

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