How Does Moving Day Work?

What to Expect When Using HireAHelper for Your Big Day

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Wake Up Relieved

Instead of losing sleep wondering if you'll have enough friends show up to move you, wake up feeling utter relief knowing reliable help is en route. It is a good, glorious day.

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Receive a Text

A message pops up on your phone. The Helpers are on their way! All you have to do? Give yourself a hug and high five for taking action to stay sane while moving.

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Let the Pros Step In

The Helpers provide a 1 hour window and will show up in that time frame. After going over the lay of the land with them, your job is to watch them do their magic.

Feel free to occasionally point to things and yell, "wingardium leviosa!" Or maybe just sit back and eat a sandwich.

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Celebrate and Make It Rain! (AKA Quick Payment)

Do a happy dance! Then easily pay your help. The movers only receive payment after you verify the job is complete. Simply call or text us to confirm the deed is done, which automatically sends payment to your Helpers. (Booked Helpers for multiple days? Repeat!)

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And Don't Forget to Leave a Review

At this point, you're probably still doing the happiest of dances - joyful to be onward to the next phase of life! Between the hip shaking, you can do something extra to help others move just as easily. How? By writing a review.

Reviewing is the very best way to promote our Helper Circle of Life. It lets you share your experience with others so they can see how it went and figure out if they should hire these movers, too. You'll get a text and an email with a link to leave a review.

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Moving Day Questions

What if I hire movers to both load AND unload?

If you've hired Helpers to unload and your new home is nearby, they will follow you in their own vehicle to that local destination—then get the job done. In this situation, you release payment after they finish unloading.

What if I'm moving long distance?

If you're moving long distance (normally greater than 50 miles), you'll most likely need to book two different Helpers local to each area. The first set of local Helpers load up your stuff. You confirm the job is done. They get paid. Then, you travel to your new home.

You arrive (slightly weary, but excited) and a different set of Helpers, local to that neighborhood, will show up and take care of unloading your rental truck or moving container!

You get the same moving day experience both times, it's just different folks getting the job done.

What do my move Helpers NOT do?

Our Helpers can do a lot. Once you book your Helpers, they pack more pieces of furniture into a truck than you ever thought possible.

To be candid, though, there are limits. The Helpers you choose will NOT:

  • (Always) Provide packing supplies or furniture pads

    Some do, but ask ahead of time. If needed, it's easy to get moving blankets at a home improvement store, rental truck provider or storage container partner.

  • Drive your moving truck

    Due to lots of regulations, they aren't allowed to do that for you in most places. Better safe than sorry. Here are some other things your movers CAN do for you.

  • Sue you

    No matter what, Helpers do NOT hold you accountable for any injuries. (Phew!) All our Helpers agree they will not hold customers liable for injury. If this a particular concern for you, just make sure to ask them this directly upon booking.

What if something goes wrong or gets damaged? (Answer: The HireAHelper Service Guarantee)

We don't throw around the term "guarantee" lightly. Not at all! We treat the agreement like your favorite piece of furniture: with consideration and care.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your moving experience, we encourage you to take action. In the event you are not happy with your experience:

1. We have a $1,000 Service Guarantee backing our word.

2. Our team is ready 7 days a week to make it right.

P.S.: "Guilt-for-Move-Help" syndrome (and the cure)

There's a syndrome you must know about. "Guilt-for-Move-Help" syndrome. It's like the mumps, but different. Here's how it strikes. Moving day arrives.

Ding. Dong.

Suddenly, professionals are moving your furniture… and you feel oddly awkward standing to the side. Even though you paid $$, your kind heart feels a bit weird.

Here's the thing, you sweet, sweet soul.

This is their job. These Helpers mean business and move faaaast. By handling the move with their systematic efficiency, they get the job done at mind-blowing speeds. Remember that they're there to make your life easy, not guilty. Let 'em do their thing. We promise that they'll be happy. You'll be happy. Your neatly packed furniture will even be happy. It'll be smiles on smiles.

If you really want to make the Helpers even happier? Here are a few ideas to help the Helpers!

  1. Prepare boxes beforehand.
  2. Mark anything you don't want them to move. Sticky notes are prime.
  3. Especially on hot days, it's also a lovely idea to have some cool water or sports drinks ready for them. They will greatly appreciate that.

That's really about it.

If providing refreshments isn't enough to cure the Guilt-for-Move-Help syndrome, task yourself with another chore. Create your playlist for the long drive ahead. Start researching coffee shops near your soon-to-be-home. Watch adorable cat videos… because that's always a good idea. Not enough? Here are 10 ways that movers love your help.

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