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On average, Bellevue movers on HireAHelper earn 4.7 stars out of 5.0 after 53 customer reviews

Tracey Briggs T
Wrote a review on 10/26/2017

David, Montell, and Edward worked hard , understood and followed all instructions in a timely manner. They were professional and accommodating to the job done right. Very pleased.

Jean H
Wrote a review on 8/31/2010

GREAT JOB! We have moved several times and NEVER had such a stress-free move! Our helpers, Larry and Chris, arrived exactly on time. They were extremely courteous and careful. They also just had calming, easy-going personalities - once they started, my stress started melting away. They made sure to confirm things with me as to exactly where we'd like things to be put. That makes the unpacking SO much easier! They worked very hard, and didn't even take breaks, which would have been well-deserved. They moved at just the right pace - quickly and efficiently, but still slow enough to be careful. We'd initially planned on just having them move the big furniture and my husband was going to take care of the boxes, but these guys were so fantastic we just decided to add extra hours and have them bring as much as we had packed and ready. When we knew we were going to go over the planned hours, they were very careful to explain that to me, exactly how it is calculated, and on arrival at the new house kept us updated on the time so we knew what to expect to pay. They even discussed with us things that either they would do or we could if it was time consuming and we wanted to save money. (Such as reassembling a couple of pieces of furniture that would be easy for us but take a while.) I thought it was really considerate of them to be watching out for us cost-wise! We are DEFINITELY using them again - we moved from a very small apartment and have a lot of belongings in storage lockers - we'll hire them to move those things down soon, too.

Kimberly K
Wrote a review on 1/21/2019

Outstanding and the price was the excellent. Would use and recommend in the future. Wish I had found you for my previous move! On time, flexible, prepared, worked very hard, very respectful, definitely use them again! Customer service in Carlsbad, CA outstanding as well! Couldn't be happier!

Emily J
Wrote a review on 9/29/2018

We hired a 2 man crew for 3 hours to unload our 26’ truck into a 3 bedroom split level house. They arrived about 10 minutes early and were finished in just over 2 hours. They worked very hard and seemed knowledgeable about moving; handling our things with care and helping us fix the mistakes our loading crew from another company made the best they could. If I had known how great they were and that they are able to work outside of their 150 mile radius and even drive the truck for us for an extra cost, I would have hired them for the loading portion as well. I think my furniture would have survived the trip better and would be less dinged up if we had used them on both ends of our move. If we outgrow this house in a few years and decide to move again, I will be giving J & N movers a call. They are definitely the best value for movers in this area and much more affordable than the other options available here or at our loading location.

Maureen S
Wrote a review on 5/23/2015

Excellent service, caring, understood they were helping their customer. Made great suggestions of how they were packing the truck to understand = even though our move was less than 2 miles away. Courteous, on time. Keep up the good work, definitely would refer.

Sharon D
Wrote a review on 6/1/2018

They arrived on time. They knew how to wrap my wood furniture and worked hard for the three hours we hired them for. Furniture only had a few minor scratches on them after 1900 miles. They were very respectful and well mannered. I hired from this website for both ends of our move and both teams were great ! Would hire them again.

Jill L
Wrote a review on 3/28/2016

They did a good job moving everything and packing it into the truck. They even wrapped my stuff for no extra cost. My only complaint is that they were supposed to arrive between 9-10 and they arrived at 10:30. We had a tight moving schedule so that threw us for a loop. Nevertheless, I would use them again.

Jeanine E
Wrote a review on 8/7/2015

I knew something was right from the onset: when hiring Melvin's Movers, Melvin himself called to introduce himself, acknowledge the date + time and assured me --- whatever it takes, the job will be done Melvin and crew were my angels for the day --- they did truly take care of all that was required AND assured us, 'whatever it takes' :) kind + responsive + calm on a stressful move day --- Thankyou BigTime, Melvin + crew!

Charles H
Wrote a review on 9/3/2017

These guys were careful,quick and professional. We could not have ask for better people. I will use them again. Thank you so much you made moving day a dream.

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