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American movers & labor service {AML}

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Concord, NC / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 190 times through HireAHelper

57 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

17 years in business

Concord, NC / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 190 times through HireAHelper

57 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

17 years in business

About Us

Family owned business with over 17 years experience. All our employees are full time professionals, drug tested & back ground checks. We strive to make you, our customer happy by leaving you with a smile on your face & a job well done. Leave the stress to us! Thank you & have a nice day!

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Real Concord area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of American movers & labor service {AML}.

57 reviews

Hong N

(5) 11/29/2019 Cornelius

Will and Robert arrived 30 minutes ahead of time and had messaged me of their arrival time; upon arrival, they were both very courteous and professional; work was completed promptly and satisfactorily. I am a happy customer.

Mover's response:
Thank you for nice comments & review!
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Janet T

(4) 11/23/2019 Kannapolis

The guys were friendly and careful. Such a great help

Mover's response:
Thanks for the review
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Luis H

(1) 10/17/2019 Huntersville

The two guys that showed up were horrible! I have used this website to find movers before and have found great people, but these guys were something else. I tried to explain to them what I wanted to go in first and they completely ignored what I was saying and just started packing all the stuff in the moving truck. The way they just threw the stuff in there took up so much more space than was necessary which left me packing stuff in the front seat and in the car. Had they just listened and efficiently packed everything I wouldn't have had an issue with having enough room. Very unprofessional guys and I would never recommend them to anyone.

Mover's response:
This was a last minute job, not understanding, how you can pack a 16' truck with 2 dressers, bed, & the rest with boxes incorrectly, besides the fact that we recommended a bigger truck & you declined our advice, leaving left over boxes to be put in your car.
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Teresa B

(5) 10/12/2019 Concord

Robert and William were fantastic! They arrived on time, they were professional and friendly. They took care of my belongings with care and moved them in a proficient and safe manner. I would highly recommend this company to assist with moves as I did, and I will use them again when I move again.

Mover's response:
Thank you for nice comments & review.
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Alicia P

(5) 9/30/2019 Advance

Thanks so much for coming on the same day! We thought we could do it ourselves but there's no way. The guys were very professional and I highly recommend them to anyone. Will followed up with a kind email asking how the surgery went. Thanks Will!

Mover's response:
Thank you for nice comments & review!
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Robert T

(5) 7/17/2019 Harrisburg

Will and his partner did a fantastic job! Great communication, enthusiastic and participatory, worked to find solutions when needed. I would recommend AML without hesitation.

Mover's response:
Thank you for this great review we enjoyed working with you
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Cheryl P

(5) 7/7/2019 Concord

Will and Jay were AMAZING! The movers I had scheduled did not show up, and when I called for back up, they were here in a pinch. They were fast, efficient and very professional and hardworking! I would definitely use them again!

Mover's response:
Thank you for nice review!
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Jennifer O

(1) 7/16/2019 Charlotte

Biggest mistake I've ever made! I hired them through hire a helper. I did book same day service, however it was 8 a.m. when I booked them. Hire a helper shows you who's available what time and how much they cost. For what dates and all. So I have booked a time of 4 and 5. They called me three to four times to ask me if they could come early. At like 11 a.m. . I have broken my ankle, the night before while moving. Okay so I paid 384 dollars, taken off my credit card right away. So when my window of in between 4 and 5 came along, my husband waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. He had been waiting since 3:30, since they were supposed to show in between 4 and 5. However since I didn't take the 11 a.m. that they tried to offer me me,after I had already prepaid for my 4-5 reservation. So no one showed up. No one called me and between 4 and 5 to tell me that they weren't coming they couldn't make it blah blah blah. They put a hold on my credit card for $400, that I cannot get back for 4 to 5 business days. Did no work did not show up. Now my card has a hold on it for $400 my stuff is still sitting in the U-Haul truck not moved. Now what you know I've spent that money they got it on hold. Don't trust them they are not trustworthy, it's all a scam to the internet, don't do it. Horrible horrible horrible, especially in a great time of need. Please, the only reason I'm writing this review is so other people don't end up in the situation I am. I've been crying for the past 6 hours. Sitting here with a broken ankle a truck full of furniture that needs to be unloaded sitting outside of my new condominium, still. and that I do to that I'm unable to walk due to my ankle. Never get a moving service through internet. Something about face to face, people usually stick to their word. On the internet you're just another dollar they can scam out of you, and give you the excuses of why you can't get your money back. I have no idea how they can do this how does this even happen? Who allows people to do this to people? I am literally in all. All my two daughters clothes, toothbrushes, their beds. They are sleeping on the floor right now. Like who does this families? Who does this I don't understand? My husband stood outside, in the hot heat. Waiting for these guys to show up, to help him move. No one ever showed up, finally at 8 hire a helper called me! I was livid, I literally have never been so upset in my life, Ever. I can't complain enough and I can't reach out to anyone thinking to hire either hireahelper or the moving company that assured me they would be there, if they had a showed up at all it would have been better than never. 8 at night is when they called me, and I had booked at 8 that morning. Like I feel so lost all right now, and neither hire a helper or the moving company did a **** thing, to help me. They didn't even apologize for not showing up. They the moving company told hire a helper that they could not contact me. Well that's the story I got. If I'm sitting waiting for you to unload my truck, how are you not getting in contact with me? You have my address you had a time to show up you did not! At all, at all.

Mover's response:
Wow hard to remember a lie . job came in around 10: same day 4 pm to 5pm called at lunch told her we can go early 1pm to 2 pm or it be later around 6 one hr after the time she wonted, said she call her husband and let us know if we can go early . 1 o'clock call twice no answer so went ahead to unload a truck on same side of town (all ready book the day before) called her at 6pm to let her know on the way. And no answer so called the shop to let them know,she called shop at 4pm asking where crew ,office nicely reminder her of early that day time we gave her she hung up , called and text at 6pm no repley so we called hireahelper and told them what going on .Hireahelper call and they said come on so called her back husband answer for the first time let him know we would head his way and she said for get it f#_#!_ them and this that in the back ground . maybe she did brake her foot and doctors put her on Some good meds .. Time Job came in (time stamp) every call and massage (time stamp)
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Maximillin S

(5) 6/30/2019 Huntersville

William and Little William were amazing. Gave me a heads up of their arrival time. Worked quickly and efficiently. Pleasant company during the moving time. Very respectful of our possessions. Would use again in a heartbeat. 5/5

Mover's response:
Thank you for your nice review!
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Michael B

(5) 6/26/2019 Matthews

The team was great and very excited to come and help my family move into this home, I am very thankful for them as they have made this transition a great experience.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your nice review!
- American movers & labor service {AML}

Service Area

We handle moves within 75 miles of 7235 Allman place, Concord, NC 28025.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

First we call to set up the move ,ask more info about what item we are moving , call when we are on the way . we like to do a walk thru and set a plan for tour move

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

On time , walk thru, set goals for the job and make sure me and customers on the same page

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

Be prepared , try and get the truck the might before , in busy times ibe seen so meny people go get the truck that morning and not have one

What types of moves have you handled?

We have handled some huge moves like Jay william , Tary clark to name a few . small moves (just move few item)

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

Meeting people . love it

What training do you provide your crew members?

New crew members work under me for few months ... If they make it!


Same Day Moves

We accept same day requests at our normal rates.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 1 hour over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
free [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
always included, no fee
Hand truck:
free [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:


Sunday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Monday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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