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SFL Worldwide provides you with labor only for household and commercial jobs. Our Movers are professional and background checked. SFL Worldwide will provide labor and 2 dollies per mover. Additional packaging materials has to be requested. Additional charges may apply.

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Real Dallas area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of SFL Worldwide.

24 reviews
68 completed jobs

Craig L

(5) 12/6/2018 Keller

On time, courteous and did the job well. I would both use SFL Worlswide again and recommend them.

Mover's response:
We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
- SFL Worldwide

Jonathan H

(1) 6/10/2015 Dallas

The worst service possible. The movers were and 1.5 hours late, rude, incompetent. The were out of shape, or in no shape and took 4.5 hours to do a job which they originally quoted would take 2 hours. They took random smoke breaks and took every effort to take breaks and be lazy. Nearly worked out new deal for new moving service instead of having to dealing with these movers after 2.5 hours. Had to move half of my things in order to complete in the time that they did take. The price is not work the service. AVOID AT ALL COST! I will be filing a formal complaint.

Josie H

(4) 2/24/2015 Dallas

They were a little bit late for the appointment but were very fast and efficient upon arrival.

Terry K

(5) 9/19/2014 Frisco

The two men who helped us were outstanding. They never quit trying to make it all fit in the pods...packed, unpacked and packed the pod again and remained cheerful and optimistic the entire day into the night. These two men were outstanding. We were supposed to have 3 people and they did their best to make up for being just two...

Beverly T

(2) 8/8/2014 Frisco

We selected SFL Worldwide .. Arrival time was scheduled between 1:00&2:30. No show or call. We contacted SFL and they advised running late..No contact..again called SFL representative suggested we look for another service as crew running late. Could arrive by 4:30 or so..Given situation our family unloaded all items except for 3 pieces of furniture by the time crew arrived. The crew of 2 preformed well after arrival but bulk of pod unloading had been completed. Communications and updates very poorly handled by members of SFL office staff.

Mary W

(2) 7/26/2014 Aubrey

They did not come with a utility dolly as asked when setting up apt. They did a poor job and had no clue how to pack a POD. They scratched up the furniture. They spent more time discussing what they should do than actually working and it cost me more money for the extra hour they took.

Wes F

(4) 7/26/2014 Mckinney

Date was scheduled for 7/12; Their time time three times and did not show up until the next day (Sunday 7/13).


(1) 7/24/2014 Grapevine

Be sure You have INS. Worthless. One person was helpful, felt bad for him a bit -they needed to "KNOW HOW" TO DO THE JOB! I had to help, do the work, damage most items!! BAD!

Angela C

(4) 6/16/2014 Little Elm

We used HireAHelper to assist with finding assistance with unloading our belongings. Within 6 hrs we had confirmed assistance at a good rate. However, the day before the move HAH contacted us and advised the company was unresponsive and had been removed from the job. HAH then advised they had already done the research and found us a different company (SFL Worldwide) for the job, at an even better rate. Day of the move the workers were late but kept us informed, by calling, on when they would arrive. Two men unloaded 2 PODs into a 1 /12 story home, in 2 hours. They were efficient workers with good attitudes. Would absolutely recommend them to a friend. Thank you!

Tyler F

(5) 6/11/2014 Fort Worth

SFL stepped in last-minute after another company cancelled. They were courteous, professional and very hard workers. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Patricia L

(3) 5/13/2014 Richardson

The managment/scheduling entity misrepresented the booking time and kept me waiting from an original request of 9am to 12 :15 pm. They scheduled someone earlier and bumped me back to make the 2nd sale/job. This was unfair and unprofessional and misrepresentative. They let me know too late to make other arrangements. When they arrived, they were pretty thorough, but one of the workers shuffled and did not hurry. I had hoped to get them to move some boxes for me as they finished about 15 minutes before the two hour time frame. The leader, Rex, just ignored my request and went about getting the invoice ready. Ricky was more customer friendly and worked to very securely wrap everything. I appreciated his attitude and his efforts. I had requested 6 blankets ($12.) and a $20 stretch wrap. The workers had never heard of that part of the job. They used some stretch wrap, but not sure if I was charged or not since it was not mentioned. Thank goodness I had some old left over blankets from previous moves so I could wrap glass fronts, and glass shelving. The management/contact should have told me in advance that they had another booking. or 2. Offer me the chance to take the earlier booking since I was obviously booked first. I am still pretty angry about that. I will probably never use this company again. I did, however, authorize payment and I tipped the workers just because it is my nature---but the company itself was not very competent. I'm betting it's a franchise and each franchise is as good as its management.


(4) 5/10/2014 Carrollton

The movers were great, on time and very quick. The only problem we had was with management not explaining that additional charges for packing supplies until after the move was completed. This may not seem like a large fee to some but 33 blankets @ $6 each is $200 more than we were expecting. We did come to terms w/ management but in the future we will give more details prior to scheduling and determining our needs for the move. Their website stated that these supplies were available but did not mention any additional fees would be charged if used.

Heather R

(5) 4/18/2014 Mckinney

This was the best thing I ever did was hire these guys to unpack my PODS. 2 sixteen foot PODS and the 3 men unpacked them in 3 hours. It took us 4 days to pack those things.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your review. We are glad that you are satisfied with our service. We appreciate your business.
- SFL Worldwide

Michael F

(2) 4/17/2014 Dallas

If u use them stay on top of the guys who come over. I'll stop with that statement cause I don't have the time to list my concerns.

Mover's response:
Thank you for your review. We are sorry you were not satisfied with our service. We would like to hear from you to improve on our customer service satisfaction.
- SFL Worldwide

Carla O

(3) 3/24/2014 Plano

1. Anna, the Scheduling Coordinator was very helpful. She explained that Saturday & Sunday are their busy days with multiple moves: she stated they might have between 15-20 moves scheduled in one day. 2. Movers were to arrive between 3-4 pm: Anna did call at 12:24 pm to report that the movers would anticipated to arrive around 4 pm. At 04:30 pm, Anna called to report that the movers were still busy with the previous move and that they would be running late. At 4:55 pm, Anna called to report that their moving truck, which she reported, had just got out of the repair shop, had broken down and that they had a mechanic on the way. At 5:24 pm, Anna called to report that she was having to send another employee out in a panel van to get the scheduled movers from the broken down moving truck. I finally had to call Anna back & ask that they reschedule the move to Sunday between 8 am to 9 am. 3. Sunday Morning: at 7:35 am, I had to call Anna to confirm that the movers would be arriving at 8 am. Anna reported that the movers were "on their way" to work at 7:55 am Sunday morning that that they should be there by 9 am. Anna then sent a text message to inform us that 2 of the dollies from their company had busted tires due to the heavy duty work performed on Saturday. She wanted to know if we have moving equipment or that they would have to try to get some equipment and that they would not be arriving until 09:30 am. I finally had to insist that they just come on to assist with the move: they were hired for the manual labor only. 4. The 2 movers finally arrived on site at 09:06 pm in a plain unmarked van with no uniforms on (as they advertised employees would be in uniforms and Anna kept telling us they would be arriving in a huge specifically marked moving van). However, the movers were very respectful and took extreme measures to be careful with all designated furniture. 5. Called & Spoke with Hire a Helper on Monday to report that scheduled job took less that the initially requested time and ask that a refund for the unused time be processed. Emily with HIre a Helper reported that all of the contractors with them have a minimum payment requirement of 2 hours; however, she did not charge for the additional hour of unused time. 6. Would not recommend them for any Saturday or Sunday moves: Asked the 2 movers if they had a busy Saturday as originally reported by Anna, the scheduling coordinator, and employees reported they only had 2 moves for Saturday!!

Karen S

(4) 12/24/2013 Red Oak

good workers, pleasant and followed instructions well would use again

Rachael B

(4) 11/27/2013 Sachse

Extremely pleased with the help I received. The only issue was they were about an hour late. I did receive a call letting me know, and luckily I was not on a time crunch. They finished in less than 2 hrs and everything was loaded into my POD.

Jim K

(4) 10/22/2013 Southlake

They were on time, prepared and brought what we had requested, and were much faster than we had expected. Overall good job, we are satisfied with everything except one of the desks breaking, but that is being handled in a very peaceful manner. We were refunded for the extra time we had paid for and did not use, so that was much appreciated as well.

Pavan M

(4) 8/31/2013 Irving

The movers did a good job especially one person. The other person came drunk.

Cynthia K

(1) 7/5/2013 Roanoke

While originally my appointment was set up for Noon, I was called that morning and told they'd be there from 11am to 2pm. At 2:45pm I started trying to reach them without success. At 4:30pm I finally received a call from them saying they'd finished up their job and could be there in about an hour. Thankfully, Hireahelper already had someone else for me and they were already busy moving my things. Communication and promptness are definitely not part of SFL's method of business.


(4) 6/25/2013 Grapevine

Had good helpers. sad that a two hour job is put on them! However, they did a good job. on time. will use them again. you better be prepared for them to go at at it. i wrapped my items grandmother clock with boxes, cut them up etc for protection. yc

Deborah M

(4) 5/23/2013 Colleyville

Were a little late due to construction traffic. Once the crew arrived they were professional, courteous, and careful with our belongings. They worked efficiently and completed the task in a timely manner. I would recommend this company.

Abhishek A

(5) 3/27/2013 Coppell

I had excellent experience with SFL Worldwide. They provided fantastic service from start of the job to finish. Movers were hard-working, fast, professional, and careful with my personal belongings. Even their office staff was very professional and kept me up to date on moving schedule and by phone and email. Thanks SFL to make my job hassle free. I would absolutely recommend SFL Worldwide and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Darlene J

(1) 1/3/2013 Richardson




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