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The Empire State now has an easier way to hire moving companies. Elmhurst movers available on HireAHelper have 10,256 completed moves and a 4.7 star average out of 5.

Compare and Hire Local Moving Companies in Elmhurst, NY

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Elmhurst Moving Company Costs, FAQs and Stats

How long does moving in Elmhurst take?

5 hours

Elmhurst moving companies take 5 hours per job, on average.

How many movers do I need for my move in Elmhurst?

2 movers

Most people moving in Elmhurst hire 2 movers to come out on moving day. Read more about hiring the right number of movers.

What size truck do I need when moving in Elmhurst?

28' Truck

Most people in Elmhurst need a 28' moving truck. Compare rental trucks and find your perfect size.

The Top 3 Moving Companies in Elmhurst

These are the best moving companies in Elmhurst by quality and price, as judged by real people moving:

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Recent Moves in Elmhurst

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Jason F
Jersey City, NJ
Reviewing: ND MOVING LLC
(5 out of 5 rating)

Thomas and AJ were great! Our building only allows a 2 hour window to move in, and they moved everything into the apartment in 80 minutes. They made the final leg of our move completely painless.

COST: $220
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Unloading
David E
Manhattan, NY
(5 out of 5 rating)

Hire a Helper connected me with a great crew. H a H were very thorough and super courteous dealing with the details.

Mover crew of 2 was through Always Reliable. And that they are. Quan and Norman showed up early to get the lay of the move and were machines at packing a 16 ft pod in 4 hours despite the idiots that run my building at Peter Cooper that scheduled another move the same day as mine. Still got done. Nayguhon, the manager at Always Reliable actually answered the phone and returned calls directly to to make scheduling and billing well understood and put my mind at ease. These guys were on it. This is only the second review I've ever felt the need to leave for good reason.

COST: $573
HELPERS: 2 / 5hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading

Reginald and his two workers were wonderful. They were efficient, helpful, friendly, and professional. My 16 ft pod was well-packed properly for a cross country move.

COST: $329
HELPERS: 3 / 2hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Irving M
Highland Park, NJ
(4 out of 5 rating)

Pluto movers moved some furniture for us and loaded our Pod, in preparation for some home remodeling. The move itself was fantastic. They knew what they were doing, and moved the furniture into the pod without any problems whatsoever (and without having to remove any doors, which surprised and pleased us). They were very courteous and accommodating to all of our needs.

I felt I had to remove one star only because it was very difficult to get in touch with them before the move. They did contact me to confirm the move date, but I needed to contact them with some questions about supplies. After leaving several unreturned messages, I finally contacted Hire-a-Helper (who have been great throughout this process), and then I got a response. They were also a little late letting us know that they were running late on the day of the move. Again, a little more attention to communication with the customer would have been helpful.

I would definitely use Pluto movers again, and hopefully they see this feedback as constructive. With regard to the move itself, we could not be more pleased.

COST: $515
HELPERS: 2 / 3hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Julio A
Jamaica, NY
(5 out of 5 rating)

The movers did a great job. They were professional and well experienced. They worked hard and efficiently. They were respectful of the property and I would definitely hire them again. Highly recommended!

COST: $475
HELPERS: 3 / 3hr
SERVICE: Loading
Thelma B
Carmel, NY
(5 out of 5 rating)

The guys were very good. They were prompt, efficient and did a great job moving and loading the pod.

Q, Dre, and I don’t remember the 3rd name. So sorry

COST: $613
HELPERS: 3 / 4hr
VEHICLE: Container
SERVICE: Loading
Jason W
Ridgefield, CT
Reviewing: Fast Movers
(5 out of 5 rating)

I have only good things to say about these men. Prompt, fast, careful... they had a great attitude and went the extra mile for my family. I HIGHLY recommend Fast Movers.

COST: $447
HELPERS: 2 / 4hr
SERVICE: Load+Unload
Damany M
Manhattan, NY
Reviewing: PROMOVE
(4 out of 5 rating)

This team did a great job being a New York move. They showed up ready to work and giving they only had one elevator they made the best out of the situation and got things down and out as quickly as possible. And most importantly they made everything fit into the size truck we had. They must have played Tetris as a kid! Thanks!

COST: $270
HELPERS: 2 / 3hr
SERVICE: Loading
Corie N
Ossining, NY
(5 out of 5 rating)

Steve was awesome. Very well organized...couldn’t have packed the truck like he did if we tried. Professional and friendly crew. On time, careful and efficient.

COST: $363
HELPERS: 2 / 2hr
SERVICE: Loading

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