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On average, Greene movers on HireAHelper earn 4.9 stars out of 5.0 after 65 customer reviews

Martina P
Wrote a review on 7/28/2011

Excellent moving company! The movers were professional, on time, knowledgeable and courteous. I moved within Greencastle, IN. The move went smoothly and fast. I can highly recommend them.

Megan M
Wrote a review on 6/19/2013

Logan and Mike were an amazing team who worked very well together. We couldn't have unloaded our truck without their help. Very courteous, professional, punctual, hardworking and wonderful representatives for the Indiana University swim team. We would definitely hire them again and refer them to family and friends. Thank you so much, Logan and Mike, you are amazing!

Holly D
Wrote a review on 8/21/2010

The two gentlemen who helped me move were very diligent and courteous. They arrived on time and did the job quickly. I would definitely use this service in the future.

Ryan R
Wrote a review on 8/20/2014

Tom and Jeffrey assisted in our move on Aug 20th. They were professional, on time and did not take any breaks during our 5+ hour move. We were moving a 3,400 sq foot house (primarily just furniture) into storage for a couple of weeks while waiting on the close of our new home - quotes from some of the major companies ranged from $1,200 to $4,000. Moving that Worx was able to complete the job as scheduled for less than 1/2 of that. Great value. It does require some effort on your part to get the truck, storage space and provide some materials (tape, moving blankets, etc.), but it was definately worth it. I will be hiring them again in a couple of weeks to move from storage to the new home. fyi, I learned after the fact that you can save more money by calling them direct instead of booking through the internet, you cut out a middle man booking fee of ~$100.

Katherine J
Wrote a review on 4/1/2015

The two helpers showed up promptly and ready to work. They were both very polite and both knew what they were doing. They also went above and beyond. After getting everything loaded , the younger gentleman offered to help take any remaining trash to the dumpster while the other gentleman made sure everything was securely packed in the truck. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others!

Janet K
Wrote a review on 5/11/2017

The guys were punctual and were ready to get started when they arrived. It was a super hot and fairly humid day and I really felt sorry that they had to work in these conditions. There ended up being more packing than they had figured (pictures and glass, etc., that was discussed) so it took them a lot longer than planned but they worked until the job was done. They also helped my son, who was taking a lot of the furniture, pack his truck. This was greatly appreciated by both my son and I as I don't think he could have done the loading alone. I have to say the guys went above and beyond the call of duty. Yes!! I would definitely use this company again.

Jennifer L
Wrote a review on 8/21/2014

They were over an hour late, but that I believe was a mgmt issue as the workers were told that we were on central time instead of being on eastern time, but because they were late, we received a 5% discount on our bill, that is a fair approach.

Amanda R
Wrote a review on 6/15/2011

I hired two folks from All the Right Moves to unload my heavy furniture and some boxes from Relocubes after a recent move to Indiana. I couldn't have been more pleased: they called to let me know that the terrible weather was going to delay their arrival, and when they arrived they were friendly, professional, and careful with my belongings. I would rehire and/or recommend them with enthusiasm and without hesitation.

Mike B
Wrote a review on 5/25/2016

Aaron and Chris from A and B Moving did a fantastic job. They showed up early and ready to go. They were very professional, and courteous. I would definitely recommend them, and would use them again!

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