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"We Love to take the stress out of your day, give us a try you wont be disappointed" Trucks Dolly, Pads, Shrink wrap, straps, load bars Well-trained and experienced movers background checked and drug tested. Loading/unloading, pods, packrat and more.... Furniture dis-assembly & furniture reassembly Our main objective is helping you make your moving day practically stress-free. And our top priority is providing quality and dependable service at the best price in town.

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Real Greensboro area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Pickup & Delivery Pros.

50 reviews
143 completed jobs

Tamson O

(2) 11/9/2017 Charlotte

They showed up 3 hours late without communicating. The help for the move consisted of three older guys, one who was ill who all struggled to move boxes and furniture. The failed to bring a dolly or any type of tools which were requested when I placed the request. Then they asked if I had a dolly because their boss told them there wouldn’t be anything heavy. I specifically said we were unloading a three bedroom house from two 16’ PODS. A person can assume there will be boxed and furniture. We didn’t have anything “heavy” as in over the stipulated 250 pounds. One of the guys left mid unload to get lunch and didn’t come back for 45 minutes. When he did return they all took a lunch break. If the delay wasn’t bad enough they tried to charge me for their hours on lunch and full price for three when one of them was gone. Finally when I asked them to pick up the pace one of the guys started pushing he other two to focus and move faster. When I tried to tip them at the end I thought it was going to end up in a fist fight. I didn’t plan to leave a review but since HireAHelper has asked twice now I figured I might prevent some other sap from getting suckered by the lies these guys put on the site. We picked them because they were the only ones claiming to be licensed and insured.

Mover's response:
So ungrateful!!! She was only charged for two hours of work while the guys worked for almost four hours to compensate. Everyone was professional and nothing was damaged.
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Elizabeth H

(5) 10/11/2017 Thomasville

Were conscientious and knowledgeable. Pleasant manner. I would use them again.

Val D

(5) 9/10/2017 Greensboro

They sure know how to pack a pod!! Very helpful & would have not finished on schedule without their assistance.

Nancy W

(5) 9/2/2017 Greensboro

They got the job done quickly and without any damage to property. Friendly and respectful; I would definitely use them again.

Patrick M

(2) 8/12/2017 Greensboro

They were on time. They seemed to be rushed, trying to make it in and out in two hours to get to the next job. They worked too fast, causing damage to walls, door frames, doors, floors, and careless with furniture. They had trouble figuring out the best way to organize the storage pod, I had to take the last section out myself after they left in order to repack and fit in what they couldn't. They worked hard, but were not careful enough.

Mover's response:
We were not rushed we handled everything with care. There was damage on floor prior to us coming one single scratch was caused on wall due to tight angle. Pod was packed the best way possible we managed to fit all the larger plus the smaller items in his pod. Only one piece was left out, we asked for it to be disassembled by the customer otherwise it would have fit. And customer responded “it’s just a toy pool table doesn’t have to go”.
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Keith L

(1) 8/10/2017 Winston Salem

No was not on time 35 mins late, the African American young man was not the other guy, the African American young man did not the other guy, once again the African American young man was the other guy was the reason my armoire was damaged, please excuse my language but there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ask for them ever again and on top of that would not recommend them to anyone.

Mover's response:
Customer was racist towards one of the helpers. Throughout the move so we stopped and left.
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Laurie N

(2) 8/9/2017 Randleman

They were late.very inexperienced, scratched our wood floors, broke a part to the front door. Scratched the walls left markes. They did work hard but had no idea what they were doing. Would not recommend or use them again!

Mover's response:
Everything was put in middle of home no walls were touched. There were people in home working in the house. Husband took front door apart to fit large refegirator inside. There was a slight confusion in arrival time crew came slightly past arrival time. Thx
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Steve D

(1) 8/5/2017 Roanoke

My furniture was thrown onto the trucks. I purchased 18 furniture blankets and they didn't use but four or five of them. My wardrobe boxes were totally smashed. My $6,000 dining room set is scratched to pieces. Absolutely horrible. We could here things breaking as they shoved it onto the truck. The company that unloaded the truck in Birmingham stated and I quote "We would have been fired if we packed a truck like that.". We are taking pictures of everything that has been broken so you will be hearing from my lawyers once we have a complete list of damages with photos.

Mover's response:
Nothing was thrown everything was handled with care Everything was packed secretly and tightly. All furniture items were found shrink wrapped and we used all the pads that were given.
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Melissa C

(5) 7/11/2017 Lexington

Very nice and work efficiently

Debbie H

(5) 6/30/2017 Raleigh

Our recent move from Raleigh, NC to Holly Springs, NC could not have gone better. HireAHelper's process was easy to follow and they did not charge my credit card until the move was complete. The 3 gentlemen from Pickup & Delivery Pros arrived on time, were friendly and very polite. They worked hard and fast the entire time - without a break - and were very careful in handling our items. I would use them again, and I am highly recommending them to any one looking for a professional team that will insure your move is flawless. Debbie Hoal Wheeler, Raleigh, NC

Noah R

(5) 6/10/2017 Elon

The movers were extremely efficient. They arrived early and we're ready to give it there all. I would highly recommend them and this company.

Alton B

(5) 6/2/2017 Charlotte

All the guys did an excellent job. They made sure to ask where an item needed to go and they assured me they had everything under control and afterwards they properly disposed of packing materials.

Carla R

(5) 5/12/2017 Greensboro

Quick and friendly service!

Antonia V

(5) 5/8/2017 Greensboro

The team worked fast and followed instructions.

Mark J

(5) 4/29/2017 Greensboro

Needed moving labor help at last minute. This group arrived promptly, worked hard and got the job done exactly as asked. Would recommend and would use again. Helped move couches through a tight space on second floor.

Donna L

(4) 4/28/2017 Greensboro

The first three question would be "Yes, they were." However I think they were somewhat inexperienced in managing doorways, as they ripped off the electrical strip that is part of the security system by trying to force the couch through. Finally they listened to me: took off the unscrewable legs and turned it around, to edge out the arm first, tipping the couch diagonally. They also dropped their loader chipping the wooden steps. They refused to listen when I told them that turning the coffee tables upside down on top of stacked boxes would enable them to place boxes with fragile items in the frame and protect them better. This left empty space at places at the top of the load - wasted space. Yes,I had more than expected but some of the excess could have been included instead of shipping it separately. Do these people get efficiency training? This is my 25th full house move. Up till now I have managed with U-hall or overseas shipping and even shipped buckets of paint in barrels for a girl's dorm that I had built in Congo, Africa. I hope this experience has helped them learn more about their chosen profession. One of them asked for a tip and I refused. Yes, I did request they pull out a couple of boxes and include more furniture. The boxes are easier to ship. The answer to question 6 may be that there should be some more training. Yes,they did learn that packing boxes in cupboards saves space and requires taping the doors shut with painters tape as it leaves no residue and the box contents are protected. I wonder if you have a tip sheet that would provide them with tips for doing a better job. Sincerely, Donna E. Larson Please make sure they understand all the words in the above statements as words don't mean the same in various languages. I have taught in French, Lingala and Spanish. The past 13 years I have taught foreign students English at community colleges.

Mover's response:
Door ways were extremely small however we used covers to protects the furniture and coaches as we are bringing them out. All crew members have more then two years of experience in moving furniture. We appreciate your business. Thx
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Judith M

(5) 4/27/2017 Mebane

Communication was excellent in all respects with everyone, from customer service to the crew that unloaded. They were on time, they worked VERY hard, they were respectful in all ways, they reassured me and I was made to feel that I was in the best of hands. I ABSOLUTELY would use Mohammed and his team again. A+++++++ 5 STAR

Robert B

(5) 4/21/2017 Martinsville

Very nice and hard working guys, and very cafefull with furniture and setting up in the house. Will use again. .Bob Brady , Virginia

Celia H

(5) 4/19/2017 Greensboro

They came on time and worked very hard. All my items took longer than expected. They knew just how to pack the truck and the storage unit. I would use them again!

Bobbi H

(5) 4/15/2017 Greensboro

Given their prompt, professional and efficient completion of the job I needed help with, I will definitely call on them for future moves.

Julia S

(5) 4/9/2017 Winston Salem

The men were punctual, quick, and pleasant. They took great care of our antique furniture and were careful not to scuff walls or door frames while moving in tight spaces.

Renee S

(5) 3/4/2017 Winston Salem

The gentleman called with an ETA, arrived on time, professional, courteous, super fast and very careful with my belongings ! I was amazed they fit all my large furniture into one storage unit which saved me money. Thanks for making a long distance move easier. I'd definitely would recommend PickUp & Delivery Pros !

Lynn L

(5) 2/23/2017 High point

Awesome! They were a little late but i didnt mind, they got our entire pod emptied within 48min!! No dings on any walls they were very careful with all boxes! I would highly recommend them!!!

Anita S

(5) 1/25/2017 Raleigh

These guys were great. They worked very hard the entire time that they were employed. I was amazed that they would carry 4x as much out of the house on one trip than whatever I could carry. The truck was packed safely and tightly. They did a good job with playing furniture tetris and getting everything to fit while they were loading the truck. They handled my property with care and communicated well.

Luis F

(3) 1/15/2017 Greensboro

Service was fine. Issue is that I booked for 3 hours but they do wished in 2. I want my 1 hour difference refund

Brooke B

(5) 1/6/2017 Raleigh

I was very impressed with pickup and delivery pros! They were stuck in traffic and communicated immediately. While my team was young, they were extremely professional and efficient. My items were well managed and treated with great care! I would definitely recommend them!

Mover's response:
Thanks!! Our pleasure helping you out. Thx
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Robert D

(5) 12/26/2016 Salisbury

Great job, very recommended and helpful

Marjan T

(5) 12/23/2016 High Point

Guys were excelent would hire them agan.

Dianne Z

(5) 12/17/2016 Greensboro

They were amazing!! Recommend them highly..

Tamrah W

(5) 12/17/2016 Winston Salem

The crew members were well prepared for the job. Worked well together in efficient manner. We have no regrets in hiring them and will very likely hire them again with future moves.

Jeff H

(4) 12/17/2016 Burlington

Guys hired for two hours but stayed extra hour and 45 minutes to get job done. It was very cold and their pace and work quality was not affected. Great Job. Thanks

Dawn K

(5) 12/14/2016 Greensboro

They were on time and very nice. They were cautious and concerned that they didn't damage things nor did they let me lift anything. They worked hard and I would use them again. The only thing I would say is that they didn't have their own knife to cut shrink wrap

Kathy L

(5) 12/9/2016 Jackson Springs

Out original mover had to cancel so this team agreed to help with less than 24 hours notice. Brought an extra person and all were respectful and hard working. No complaints about some really heavy boxes that went to the second floor or the cold temps. Very personable and friendly. Would definitely use again.


(5) 11/30/2016 Greensboro

Guys were professional and friendly. Would definitely use them again!

Vincent E

(5) 11/20/2016 Bowie

They just made it happen and well!

Jeff S

(5) 11/15/2016 Greensboro

Pick Up and Delivery Pros of Greensboro helped me load up a 10 x 15 storage room onto a truck on Nov. 15, 2016. I could not have been happier. Mr. Mohamed Mergani and his crew were just super. Very courteous, very positive attitudes and very hard workers. They loaded a packed store room in less than 2 hours. Well done, Mohamed! I recommend this team without reservation. Jeff Sims

Mover's response:
Thank you!
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Valerie C

(5) 10/29/2016 Gibsonville

They did a great job. Fast, effectient, and hard working.

Mover's response:
Thank you!!!
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Joe W

(2) 9/28/2016 Kernersville

I would not use again. They contracted this out and the 1st crew that came lake where not movers at all. We sent them away after they packed some items wrong and dropped some furniture down the steps. They did come back the next day with a much better 2 man crew that could do the job. The 1st crew was HORRIBLE. Found out the HARD way insurance is not covered unless you list items on sheet b4 they move anything

Mover's response:
Sorry for the confusion. We take pride in protecting our customers homes and furniture. After finding out you have furniture the right crew was sent out. Thx
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Mary A

(5) 9/24/2016 Winston Salem

moved household goods and boxes and packed the rental truck securely. Efficient and hard workers on a very hot & humid day! Worth every cent!

Joanne D

(5) 9/24/2016 Greensboro

I was extremely satisfied with the help I received. I would definately use them again and reccomend to others.

Donald L

(5) 9/19/2016 Greensboro

Nice fellows. Very courteous. On time. Worked hard. Very considerate of the property. Would use them again.

Kenneth S

(5) 8/18/2016 Greensboro

I was very impressed with the way they worked and would highly recommend them. The crew was friendly and prepared to work when they arrived. They respected the property and the furniture they were moving. I was very impressed.

Jake H

(5) 8/3/2016 Greensboro

Very pleased with the service I received from these movers. Fast and professional. Would recommend and plan to use them again!

Beth W

(5) 7/16/2016 Burlington

The guys were great! They were prepared for the Job and worked very hard in the hot temperatures. They were very pleasant and easy to work with.

Chris H

(5) 7/15/2016 Greensboro

Great guys, professional, courteous and hard workers. They unloaded my 10x20 storage unit in no time.

Mohammed S

(5) 6/25/2016 Jamestown

These guys did a good job! Used their services unloading a fully packed 16ft truck. They arrived on time and worked hard throughout. Job was done in less than the anticipated two hous.

Debbie P

(4) 6/15/2016 Greensboro

I asked that they come around 9:30, they arrived at 9:40. Amir stated he sent a text message they were on their way, he didn't know I don't have text messaging so I did not get the message. They did work hard and efficiently. They were respectful of my property and goods. However, they were sliding a couple pieces of furniture across my wood floor which resulted in a sizable gouge and some scratches on my newer wood floor. I know it wasn't intentional or a result of disrespecting my property, but I still have damage to my floor now. This is my only complaint so far. I will have to see how my goods arrive when I have the container delivered. Should my goods arrive damaged it will either be the result of the storage company or how the container was loaded or both. I am hoping for the best, no damage.

Mover's response:
Thx for your feedback! We appreciate it sincerely. We apologize about that scratch we used our pads down on the floor and shrink wrapped all furniture for extra protection. We take pride in protecting our customers homes and furniture. Thx
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Patrudu M

(5) 6/13/2016 Oak Ridge

Excellent and prompt service. Booked their service a day before and they were there to help us right on time as agreed. They unloaded an entire Penske Truck for us. They were very quick and careful and did not waste a minute doing the job they are being paid for. I would definitely hire them again to help us out. Very professional service And at such a great cost. I would highly recommend them.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much!
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Dominique M

(5) 6/1/2016 Greensboro

Great group of movers. Very professional and on time. Will definitely use the service again and refer to family and friends.

Mover's response:
Thank you very much for your feedback, it was our pleasure helping you with this move!!
- Pickup & Delivery Pros

Jim/Carol N

(4) 5/27/2016 Winston Salem

They were very courteous and respectful. They arrived one time and got the POD unloaded in the 2 hour time frame. I would definitely hire them again

Mover's response:
You are most certainly welcomed, it was our pleasure helping you with your move. Thank you verry much for choosing our service!!
- Pickup & Delivery Pros



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