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Real Jersey City area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Efficient Moving Labor.

194 reviews
712 completed jobs

David M

(5) 2/10/2019 Oyster Bay

Very professional and polite. When the move was done they asked if everything was where we wanted it. They also were very helpful getting the bed mattress frame and headboard re-assembled. A first-rate and professional experience.

Leah C

(5) 1/6/2019 Freehold

Winston and Michael did a great job. They worked quickly and efficiently and were even sweet about it. I'm incredibly grateful that they were able to help us so much and on such short notice.

Clara L

(5) 12/27/2018 Wallington

The workers were on time, very sufficient in doing their job. I didn't have to tell them what to do or how to do the job. The one worker name Mike just took control and instructions the other helpers. I just sat back and observed. They deserved much more payment than they received. I wish i could have given much more!!! I will use them again as a Team!!!.

David B

(5) 12/22/2018 Staten Island

Worked hard and friendly

Denise R

(5) 12/4/2018 Melville

Wow! Wish I found this site sooner! This was my first time using the service and what a help. Two movers came on time, loaded my truck from my storage unit in Long Island NY and even cleaned away debrey, all in two hours! I was so pleased I used the service again in Florida with another great result. Thanks guys!

Janet E

(5) 11/25/2018 Sparta

Great team of movers showed up. They were quick and efficient and very polite. They contacted me in advance that they were arriving shortly and they were timely. I would definitely use them again and I would recommend them to anyone who needs reliable movers.

Felicia E

(5) 11/16/2018 Neptune

I placed my request at the last minute and crossed my fingers. What a GREAT experience! I contacted them to let them know I was available earlier than the arrival window and they were able to come early. They were in contact with me with updates on their arrival and were efficient and courteous! I could NOT have been more pleased with this experience especially since it was a same day request. Many thanks for an awesome job!!

Rob R

(5) 11/11/2018 Nanuet

Shaun and his team were on time , professional hard working guys. Highly recommend them.

Courtland S

(5) 11/3/2018 Bay Shore

On time, helpful, great job organising onto the truck and efficient. If you need some extra hands to help you on a packing job, I would highly recommend these guys.

John L

(5) 11/1/2018 Orangeburg

Exceptional - communicated, punctual, polite, efficient, careful!

Kevin C

(5) 10/29/2018 Hawthorne

Hyhey did an excellent job

Saedra B

(5) 10/28/2018 Highland Park

The guys arrived on time and were courteous and worked efficiently. They were patient as there were some items that i wasn’t sure should be packed and they ultimately ended up packing it for me. I would definitely use them again.

Baxter N

(5) 10/26/2018 Long Branch

Mike was highly skilled, and they were insanely efficient :)

Richard S

(5) 10/24/2018 Nutley

The guys came, we kicked butt and kept it within the 2 hours I planned!!!

Brian N

(5) 10/20/2018 Clinton

Nice guys, did the job neatly and orderly. Would use again!

Mary G

(5) 10/15/2018 Centerport

Yuseff and Jason were awesome!! Would recommend them for sure!

Albert G

(5) 10/6/2018 Jersey City

I will definitely recommend. As a matter of fact I just referred you and they are asking for a referral code. I do not have one. Thank you

Tasia P

(5) 10/5/2018 Huntington

The guys were very professional. They completed the job in the time alotted and were very respectful. I hughly recommend them.

Laurie B

(5) 9/22/2018 Astoria

EXCELLENT service!!! Like an idiot, I entered my billing address as my location, only realizing this when the movers called to say they were "here". Amazingly, they agreed to come to the right address (over an hour away) and still come to move my furniture from a basement to a 2nd floor apartment. Super fast and efficient! I will recommend this site to EVERYONE. Many thanks, Laurie B.

Brian D

(5) 9/22/2018 Montclair

Great job!

Deana M

(5) 9/16/2018 Holmdel

These guys were professional, on time, courteous and did the job very quickly. The move was done efficiently yet carefully. Not a single scratch on the furniture or walls. I highly recommend this company.


(5) 9/15/2018 Westbury

Friendly guys. Fast and thorough. Nothing broke. All was well. ??

Mark S

(5) 9/10/2018 Wayne

Neat and clean work. The entire crew worked very hard to help us complete our project on time.

Maarij A

(5) 9/8/2018 Monmouth Junction

Finished earlier. Cooperative and respectful. A+++


(5) 9/7/2018 Basking Ridge

Excellent moving. I'd highly recommend. Fast efficient and careful.

Amanda C

(5) 9/2/2018 Riverdale

The guys were fast, helpful, and very nice! I would highly recommend their help to anyone making a move:)

Debbie H

(5) 8/30/2018 Atlantic Highlands

Fast and efficient

Luis F

(4) 8/23/2018 Yonkers

Good job, helpers arrived on time. Got the job done within the agreed time frame. Would hire them again.

Tunde O

(5) 8/15/2018 Brooklyn

Excellent work done by Winston, Yousuf and Sean. They performed beyond expectation. I am impressed.

Kory M

(5) 8/13/2018 Boonton

These guys went above and beyond to get my belongings to me from NJ to PA. From going to 2 U Haul locations to pick up the right sized truck, to unloading my POS container, to driving it up me in PA The distance was approx. 130 each way. The weather was horrible, torrential rain and flooding! They were pleasant and professional. Sean the Manager who I had contact with for the past week, was just incredible! Plans and times changed up until the day of the move.

John B

(1) 8/13/2018 Mahwah

Please contact me for a refund. This was so completely unacceptable ... i have used hire a helper many times, this was the first time I was very unhappy. They were sloppy, if I asked them to empty areas they left stuff, put the things disorganized into the boxes which is what I kept asking not to do. They were not conscientious at all. My husband offered that they can take a bottle or two of liquor and I asked three times not to take the 100% grain alcohol as that is what I use to make herbal tinctures and not only did they take those expensive bottles but took ALL THE LIQUOR !! Really.... taking ALL MY LIQUOR BOTTLES!!!! Smoked quite a bit (I guess breaks are ok) and left cigarette buts on my property !!!!!! This is just so gross that I had to clean it up. I don’t want to clean up their gross cigarettes. Lastly they we’re not friendly, professional, courteous or listened to what I was asking. Very sloppy. I have used hire a helper so many times, with good results this was just completely unacceptable.

Mover's response:
First of all the customer in question was completely in disarray upon our arrival to the job site. She had no idea what she wanted done or how to even explain what she wanted done. She talked for over 30 min about her life story and showing off her pets when she should have had us working. We still was able to finally get things in order the way she wanted when her husband arrived at the house about an hour into the job. He organized the job very well. We were able to do everything the customer asked us to do despite taking just 2 smoke breaks while we were standing around waiting for her to figure out what she wanted us to do. We communicated very well with her husband and he gave us a few bottles of alcohol out of his own free will. He even reminded us not to leave it after we completed the job. I don’t understand what this lady is taking about as we have never had a problem like this in the past I believe she is trying to get over on us for no real reason which is not fair as it directly affects the amount of work I receive.This is defamation of character and his review should be removed.If anyone that can tell you the truth it would be the husband.We did everything that was ask of us to do with in the 2hrs.
- Efficient Moving Labor

Debbie Z

(4) 8/12/2018 Paramus

I loved the whole concept of this company. The workers were on time and worked very efficiently. Would definitely use them again.

Jerry N

(4) 8/2/2018 Levittown

Workers got stuck on the job before mine which resulted in a delayed start. I Quickly forgave their tardiness and couldn't be happier with the job. They were efficient,fast and courteous. They had all neccessary equipment and were very professional. I HOPE NOT TO BE MOVING AGAIN BUT IF I do you will be getting a call.

Philip H

(5) 8/2/2018 Ossining

They were detained a little at their 1st job, but called and kept us informed of arrival. They did exactly what we wanted, NO damage, did job quickly, faster than anticipated. We would recommend them to anyone.

Demin L

(5) 7/27/2018 Denville

great job!

Druanne D

(5) 7/21/2018 Fair Haven

My crew, Jason and Seth, arrived before I did (I was coming with the U-Haul truck). They called to check in on me, had nearly everything ready to load from the house/garage and waiting in the yard by the time I got there. They loaded me up quickly and off we went. They were real pros every step of the way, were easy to work with, communicative, respectful, good at what they did. They are terrific. Hire them.

Caroline W

(5) 7/20/2018 Morristown

Quick and courteous, couldn't ask for anything more

Christina C

(5) 7/20/2018 Port Monmouth

They were awesome..they packed the truck great and were quick. I would use them again

Steve L

(5) 7/5/2018 Cliffwood

They were a little late but called... hard working and courteous

Claudia K

(5) 6/28/2018 Morristown

They were very fast and knew exactly how to pack the truck so all our things fit in. Impressive skill with furniture tetris. Calm manner and polite.

Ilana S

(4) 6/25/2018 Long Beach

The pros: They managed to fit all of my stuff into one pod, rather than two. They did a very good job playing Tetris with all the boxes and furniture and making sure it could fit. They tried really hard to make sure they could save me the money on the extra pod. Also they brought the dolly and hand truck we paid for. They worked hard and efficiently the entire time they were there. They were nice guys and took pride in their work. The cons: The day before the job the head guy calls me to tell me they are going to come 2 to 3 hours late. He doesn't have enough guys at the time he committed to but he can have all four guys two to three hours later. I didn't really have any other options at that point and fortunately it worked out fine. They forgot to bring tools for disassembly eventhough we paid extra for them.

Ted A

(5) 6/25/2018 Emerson

Two men arrived at 9:30am. Showed them what still needed to be placed in the pod. The two moved all furniture pieces outside. One helper had worked for a major moving company and brought some items out that I had packed and methodically repositioned furniture items and packed boxes. Total time 2.5 hours. Everything packed. Locked up the pod. DONE

Erica C

(4) 6/19/2018 Hackensack

Although they were very behind schedule, the furniture was placed exactly as I specified in the two hours allocated. They were polite throughout the move and treated my belongings carefully.

Tzahi S

(5) 6/18/2018 Basking Ridge

They did a very good job and they were very efficient and fast

James K

(5) 6/8/2018 Brooklyn

Efficient Moving lived up to their name. This was only a move from one unit in a building to another unit in the same building, with the aid of a freight elevator. So this was a simple move. The guys were quick but careful and very efficient in their approach. The price was very reasonable as well.

Monique I

(5) 6/1/2018 Newark

Excellent,even restacked what others put in truck already

Mary B

(5) 5/29/2018 Long Beach

Nice guys very helpful. We could not have done our move without them. Great packers

Debra W

(5) 5/24/2018 Melville

Excellent. Showed up on time. Worked hard. Very efficient No wasted time or effort. Beautiful packing job. I would highly recommend these gentlemen!


(5) 5/18/2018 Bloomfield

Polite,,quick got the job done in no time

Don W

(5) 5/11/2018 Lebanon

THe crew sent to help was fantastic! They were very helpful, worked hard and were very respectful of our stuff. There was a lot of stuff we had to move as well and it was overwhelming to do it on our own so their help was greatly appreciated. Would absolutely hire again.

Judi B

(5) 4/24/2018 Ramsey

These two guys did an unbelievable great job, they packed everything perfect didn't scuff or Mark up any of my walls or Furniture I would definitely definitely use them again!!

Patricia B

(1) 4/18/2018 Florham Park

Winston was the worst person I ever worked with. I hired 4 workers for 4 hours he sent two who showed up late, didn’t work, was on phone talking with girlfriends or boss, or standing around talking. Called Winston many times he lied each time promising to send more people. Job was not completed. I would caution anyone before using this company. It’s the worst service I have EVER experienced in my life! Wish the rating had a no star rating even that would be too much.

Mary Andrea C

(5) 4/13/2018 Carteret

Dwight and Jason did a wonderful job. They were on time, very proffesional, cared for my antique glassware from my mom, Dwight and Jason were the greatest movers I have ever witnessed!!! They were professional, absolutely knew what they were doing, they packed 4 rooms of house furniture, an abundance of boxes, patio furniture, and still had plenty of room for all my last minute incidentals. They even asked me to do a walk through to ensure they had gotten everything I needed in the pod. I only hope I can find an efficient co in FL as you all were. Thank you, Sean for the contact in the AM to confirm the appointment.

Dave G

(5) 4/13/2018 Long Valley

Winston was great. Finished all the work early. Would recommend!

Bryan B

(5) 3/24/2018 Asbury park

Excellent team, highly recommended. They were very careful to not scratch or dent anything, and finished ahead of schedule.

Patrick B

(5) 3/16/2018 Caldwell

These helpers were amazing. We had a tough job to get through and it would've been impossible without them.

Nicola D

(5) 3/11/2018 Budd Lake

Efficient Moving Labor were there when we needed them. They arrived as scheduled and went above and beyond our expectations. They were careful with our delicate items and had boundless energy. I'd call them again. Thanks, guys!

Antarius M

(5) 12/23/2017 Howell

After a horrible moving experience with Admiral Van Lines leaving us 70% moved and in complete disarray, we needed help to finish moving items from our old home and putting together a huge furniture item that was really complex. These guys loaded the truck so strategically, they took apart and put together my intricate piece of furniture and even rearranged some of the mess that Admiral left us the day before so that it would be more organized. They were VERY respectful of our home and our goods. I would HIGHLY recommend them and wish they had done my entire move. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You guys were life savers!!!

Thomas B

(5) 12/8/2017 Plainfield

Your young workers were outstanding, polite, professional, my wife and I both were impressed with them (Seth & Jason). Tom Boose

Monica D

(5) 12/2/2017 Jamaica

Hired two helpers. They were both on time for out appointment. They were quick and professional.

Tracy R

(4) 11/27/2017 West New York

These guys were on time and did a great job . Would not hesitate to use them again.

Richard K

(5) 11/9/2017 Tallman

They were on time and came fully prepared. They were very quick and efficient, and took great care moving expensive furniture into place. They took care to clean up all the packing materials. They were friendly and polite and even gave us valuable suggestions in assembling the furniture, which I did not expect. I would use them again and recommend them to my friends.

Angela B

(5) 10/31/2017 Bayonne

Great job, hard workers, pleasant!!

Cristina F

(5) 10/19/2017 Montclair

They were hustlers! Helped with everything I needed them to do! They were on time and would use again.

Daniele S

(5) 10/10/2017 New York

Amazing job, as usual. Winston and Co have completed about five or six jobs for me so far, each time the feedback was stellar. Thank you!

Kim H

(5) 9/30/2017 Yonkers

The gentlemen that we had were absolutely fantastic. We would definitely recommend them.

Margaret J C

(5) 9/22/2017 Montclair

The two gentlemen came in on time, ready to work. I didn't have enough work for them although they kept asking about bringing things down. What ever I asked, they were able to help me with...They did work hard and I would have them back.

George P

(5) 9/20/2017 Hoboken

The two man did a very good job helping me move files, equipment and furniture from my old office to my home. They were cooperative and sought to help me in every way. I would definitely use them again.

Erin P

(5) 9/13/2017 Huntington

Fast and efficient, handled everything carefully and helped to unwrap everything


(4) 9/9/2017 South Orange

They claimed a mixup on arrival time and came 1 hour late but did a great job moving stuff to the dumpster

Mike H

(5) 8/31/2017 new york

Great service and the guys were super nice. I highly recommend

Tim H

(5) 8/17/2017 Brooklyn

The guys were on time and reliable. They helped us with a two story walk up and finished under the scheduled time. They worked very hard and I would definitely use them again. They were great and I would high recommend.

Bruce P

(5) 8/11/2017 Short Hills

Hard workers. Reliable

Lindsay P

(5) 8/9/2017 Princeton Junction

They arrived within the time window (albeit at the tail end) and work hard until the job was done. Everything was well packed into the POD. I'd use them again.

Caroline K

(3) 8/8/2017 Piscataway Township

My movers provided good service...once they showed up. They were due between 11:00 and 12:00 so around 11:30, I called to check on an ETA. At that time, I was told that my assigned team of movers couldn't be reached, but if they didn't show up, the guy I was talking to would come do the move with another guy. Fast foward to around 3:00, when the guys actually showed up. It wasn't initially made clear to me that they were on another move, so I was expecting them to arrive within an hour or so after my call, not 3 hours later. Furthermore, I was waiting at a storage unit, with no car and nothing else close enough to walk to. When the men finally arrived, they were apologetic and did their work quickly, but they did not offer any sort of compensation for the inconvenience of being stuck at a storage facility for over 4 hours (3 hours beyond my time window).

Katie O

(5) 8/4/2017 Rahway

Amazing job!! First time I used movers to help me move and if I ever move again I will defiantly find this company. Professional, ontime, and so respectful of my personal belongings. They loaded and 27 foot truck so neat and perfect not 1 item was broken or damaged!!!

Joan R

(5) 8/2/2017 Morristown

On time, very pleasant, very careful with furniture. I would use them again.

Monique I

(5) 7/31/2017 Union

Wow.I was so impressed with the quality of service and attention to detail.The best really..

Sil Lai A

(4) 7/31/2017 Newark

The crew worked efficiently and handled my belongings with care. They were congenial, professional, and a pleasure to work with however I have one complaint: two of the crew members showed up 30 minutes late due to traffic. While I understand that traffic congestion is something beyond their control, this ended up creating a time crunch for us to finish the load out before my moving truck ended up with a ticket. My suggestion is to give yourself an hour and a half window for their arrival (just in case). That said, I will definitely hire them again.

Michael C

(5) 7/29/2017 Astoria

These guys were on time, friendly, very professional, and very efficient. I would definitely use them again.

Katy R

(5) 7/29/2017 Jersey City

They were very helpful- moved all of our things out of our 3rd/4th floor apartment. Packed the moving truck with no issues. Only one piece of furniture had some scratches due to not putting a blanket on top to protect, but otherwise everything arriced intact and issue free. Highly recommend!

Andrea S

(5) 7/28/2017 Red Bank

The team showed up on time; they called that day to provide an estimated arrival time. The gentlemen were prepared. They went right to work and worked very hard. They were extremely respectful of my home and property. One of the men was extremely strong - he lifted a chest of drawers and walked it into the room we were setting up. They did not nick walls, floors, stairs and even moved things to another spot, when I asked. I ordered two hours and they were done in one hour and ten minutes. I highly recommend this team and will use them again. A.S. Red Bank, NJ

Platon D

(5) 7/24/2017 Manhattan

Last minute move, arrived within 2 hours and loaded the whole 1-bedroom apartment into the truck within 2 1/2 hours and did a great job. Didn't wrap mattresses in the plastic sheets like I'd asked, but not a big deal. Would use them again.

Brad G

(5) 7/13/2017 Suffern

They showed up on time, worked fast and hard in incredible heat and humidity. They were careful and nothing was broken. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with a move.

Goverdhan D

(5) 7/2/2017 Parsippany

the team was awesome - came on time, prepared for the job and finished on time.

Luisa S

(5) 6/29/2017 Union

Great job. They were on time, well prepared and worked hard from start to finish!! I would recommend

Kate R

(5) 6/28/2017 Spring Valley

Our guys were great! They were early and incredible efficient moving our stuff from the rental truck into our storage unit. I had to chase them down to tip them, they were onto the next move.

Heather D

(5) 6/19/2017 Hewitt

My three helpers arrived about five minutes after the window I had outlined, but got right to work when they got on site and unloaded the truck quickly and carefully. They were friendly, polite, and STRONG! They tackled moving a very heavy desk without batting an eye. When it wouldn't fit through the door, they had a ready solution and removed the door with no damage to either the desk or the door. They replaced everything they had to move neatly and to its original spot. They assembled the king-size Bed and canopy with no trouble. I would hire them again with no reservations .

Shawn B

(3) 6/2/2017 Weehawken

The moving company called me the day before the move to let me know that 2 of the 4 movers were going to be 2 hours late. While I appreciate them letting me know, this was a large move, and having all of the guys from the start would have sped thing up. The first two guys that showed up were awesome. Hard working, efficient & friendly. If they could clone those guys they would get 5 stars on every move. Unfortunately the 2nd pair we're not as good. I mean they worked hard, but the one wasn't very careful when taking apart and reassembling my furniture. This caused some headaches later when hardware was missing when putting a bed back together. Luckily I had extra hardware and we were able to put the bed together. I would like to give them a higher review because for the most part they were good, but between the delayed start and the carelessness i have to rate their service as OK

Rohan G

(4) 6/1/2017 Basking Ridge

They moved all our stuff from the basement to our home. Really made us comfortable.

Trent B

(5) 5/24/2017 Annandale

The team arrived a presented themselves in a professional manner. They took good direction and were very efficient with moving/packing the items. I would definitely use them again if I could.

Gina M

(2) 5/21/2017 Stamford

I would not use them again. They were not respectful of my property, especially my art, which I told them to be very careful. They stacked the boxes as I asked, however I have no idea if they stacked them just any way or if heavy things are on top of fragile things. They commented there was large shards of glass on the floor, I told them I had put the glass in a container so they didn't get cut, I was barefoot, and despite a broom and plenty of time, they just left the glass on the floor and in the bin that they were supposed to throw away. All and all, only adequate . They despite my asking them to do some things in the garage, they didn't. They seemed they could not wait to leave, and That was fine with me. They were not the worse. I can't recommend them.

Susan W

(5) 5/20/2017 Bloomingdale

They were faced with unexpected complications that they worked out with care and patience. They were polite and efficient.

Katie W

(5) 5/17/2017 Hawthorne

They were prepared for the job, worked hard and were quick, efficient and respectful. They are experts at packing and loading. I was amazed at how securely the PODS container was packed and tied, layer by layer, as they worked. They even helped us pack up our last few boxes, showing us how to arrange and pad things so they won't break. They are strong, respectful, quick and efficient. I would gladly hire them again.

Harisha G

(5) 4/26/2017 Florham Park

They were ontime and very efficient. I would definitely recommend using their service.

David G

(5) 4/22/2017 Bloomingdale

We booked a different company last minute and they weren't available. HireAHelper did a great job and found Efficient Moving Labor for us on very short notice. We asked for 2 guys for 2 hours and are very happy we did! We were moving to the 4th floor with no elevators and really needed the help. They showed up on time and were ready to work. They were not only hard workers but worked really fast. There wasn't a single scratch on anything! This move probably would have taken us 4-5 hours on our own and they knocked it in less than 2. I can't thank them enough and we will definitely be calling them the next time we move.

Kara S

(5) 3/31/2017 Hoboken

Great company and highly recommend. They showed up on time, were extremely professional when I called to confirm/schedule times and on the job. Got everything done under two hours and packed the truck up perfectly/efficiently. Would definitely use again!

Cathy G

(5) 12/11/2016 Morganville

Saved my life! The guys were amazing and willing to help above and beyond. Definitely recommend

Kanwarveer S

(5) 12/9/2016 Secaucus

They were on time even though I booked to avail their services just 3 hours before the schedule time. Due to delay in the freight trailer to reach the destination, they had to wait for almost 80 mins which they did patiently and completed the job real quick in the last 30-35mins, as I booked for two hours only. No damages done to either items or in the property where they moved in.

Mark B

(5) 11/12/2016 Upper Saddle River

Guys came outside the window but called to say they were running late. Somewhat more notice would have been appreciated as we were waiting around for several hours. Having said that, three very nice young men who were polite, careful, and hard working. Heavy furniture going up narrow staircase at the end of what was probably a very long day for them, but no complaints or bickering, and a lot of care to make sure no walls were scratched. Would definitely use them again.

Patrick K

(5) 10/28/2016 Colts Neck


Abraham A

(5) 10/3/2016 Hillsborough

Awesome job

Bob K

(5) 9/26/2016 Deal

Biggest thing for me was that we had three men on the job, and a tractor trailer full of large product. Timing was essential, and the guys showed up right on time....and I got calls from the workers the day before confirming their presence yesterday. Juan and partner were hard workers. Would use this program again. Bob K

Carey G

(5) 9/24/2016 Yonkers

Very respectful

Feng P

(5) 9/2/2016 Warren

Arrived on time and got the job done efficiently. I would highly recommend them.

Annii M

(5) 8/31/2016 Brooklyn

Arrived on time. Super quick. It took us ages to drive to the new location and the guys did everything they could to get it done within the 2 hours for me and we did. This is the second time I've used them and I decided on them over a slightly cheaper company because I knew they would show up and get it done. Would recommend.

Lorri S

(5) 8/27/2016 Budd Lake

The two helpers - Leo and Jason did a great job! They were quick, efficient and careful with our furniture. Would definitely use them again. Originally our move time was supposed to be between 8-9am but Winston called to see if we can do a later time frame. This was fine with us but not the time we set. Despite that, everything ran smoothly.

Antonio B

(5) 8/9/2016 Manhattan

I hired them for 2 hours to move some heavy furniture. They were bit late, but they called me to let me know, so that was ok. As soon as they arrived they started to work fast and got things done in a little less than 2 hours. Very careful with our stuff, would hire them again.

Mike T

(5) 8/1/2016 Nyack

I would 100% recommend these movers to anyone. They were on time, prepared and respectful. Did an excellent job and worked hard the whole time.

Melanie J

(5) 7/31/2016 Old Bridge

We booked the movers to arrive between 10 and 11, but we received a message a day before that they wouldn't be able to make it until 12:30 (which was fine by us.). We appreciated the head's up. They texted us when they were 15 minutes away. They got to work right away and did a PHENOMENAL job. They worked quickly, took care of our stuff, and were a nice group of guys. I would definitely recommend this company in a heartbeat. I know that Youssef was on the crew, but I missed the other gents ' names.

Ajay Kumar R

(5) 7/29/2016 Hackensack

We arrived a little late due to a delayed start but they did not seem to mind it and arrived the time we came in.. it was a long walk from the truck to the elevator but they did it without complaining.. Also we had to move the truck outside the premises in an hour so they unloaded everything quickly and then went about moving it in and assembling.. Very flexible and understanding.. Really really good guys!! Very courteous and extremely hardworking.. Would use them again and recommend them to all the ppl I know in this area!! Great job guys ????

Molly K

(5) 7/22/2016 Princeton

Winston was awesome. Fantastic job. I would definitely hire him again!

Lou S

(5) 7/19/2016 Huntington

Great job.

Maureen M

(5) 7/13/2016 Mahwah

Both men were great and very hard workers! They were on time, they were respectful and yes I would use them again.

Kim D

(5) 6/24/2016 Edison

After another company was unable to do our small job, Efficient Movers came in and was able to get the job done! They were pleasant and hard working and would definitely recommend them.

Rachel C

(5) 6/19/2016 Astoria

Amazing and so fast they did a wonderful job securing the cargo in the truck and wrapping my belongings with my tarps. Thank you so much!!!!

David V

(5) 6/13/2016 Sparta

They where very helpful yes I would use them again and will recommend to others

Harish K

(4) 6/13/2016 Hicksville

They did a good job, besides coming late..

Stephen D

(5) 6/4/2016 Manhattan

Very impressed with the level of professionalism and hard work that went into my move. Both the loading and unloading went off without a hitch. I would easily recommend my movers and hireahelper...

Ken R

(5) 6/1/2016 Landing

They worked very hard unloading all of our belongings and were careful when bringing our furniture into our new home!

Daisy A

(5) 5/27/2016 Elmwood Park

Worked quickly and efficiently.

Kevin B

(5) 5/11/2016 Glen Head

My two helpers did a great job! Arrived, and went straight to work - and worked tirelessly until job was finished. They got so much more work done then I thought they would. I would not think twice to hire them again. Mike & Vester - you two ROCKED!

Alex B

(5) 4/2/2016 Far Rockaway

There was a mix up in communications whereas we did not know that we was to suplly the transportation, so what happened was your movers showed up in a SUV which would not have sufficed. Thet worked with us and transported the larger item by hand to the new location that was across the avenue. I can say enough about the movers and the way that they went out of the way to get the job done.

Jane H

(5) 11/18/2015 Asbury Park

I was very pleased with the service I got from Hire a Helper. They were able to move my furniture from a storage pod into my home in very short notice. They were on time for an early morning appointment, very courteous and were very careful with the fragile pieces. They were also very fast and didn't take anywhere near the 4 hour minimum other movers wanted to charge. i would definitely use them again. Great job Dwight and Jason! Jane H. Interlaken, NJ

Melaynne V

(5) 10/24/2015 Ossining

Dwain and his partner were so friendly and efficient. They unpacked everything with precision and excellence. They made sure we had everything in the correct spot! Highly recommend!

Thekepat S

(5) 9/15/2015 East Brunswick

they came at such short notice & did such a professional job. Truly high pedigree. Highest regards for them.

Caren M

(5) 9/2/2015 Little Silver

My guys showed up at exactly 12:00, quickly scanned the project and went to work. Double check they got everything, placed fragile items in front seat. Safely followed to move destination and worked together. They got the job done in under 2 hours and before they left asked if there was anything else I needed. Beside all this they cared for my personals like they were their own. I would highly recommend efficient movers with it was a life saver for me. Will be using it again in the future

Steven P

(5) 8/26/2015 Staten Island

They arrived pretty much on time. Worked hard for 3 hours and I was very pleased with the job they did.

Barbara D

(2) 8/13/2015 Hopatcong

First - the 2 guys that were sent were excellent. Hard working, efficient, unloaded truck and efficiently packed storage unit where items were going. The company was terrible. They sent those 2 guys with no equipment even though I requested they send furniture dolly & hand truck for job. I had a piano on the load, which I clearly explained in my request. The men said they weren't 'allowed' to unload the piano, after much conversation back and forth with the company the ultimate answer was for me to pay an additional $150 to unload the piano.......but the men still didn't have the means to do it. What were they supposed to do? Strap it on their backs?? At this point we parted ways. The men were willing to try - but to hand carry it down a ramp was foolish. The men could have been hurt and/or the piano damaged.

Lincoln C

(4) 8/1/2015 Brooklyn

Hire a helper has excellent customer service. While there were issues with my workers arriving on time, the company has responded well at every turn to accommodate my needs. When the workers did arrive they work weed hard and were friendly. I would recommend this service because of how well their customer service has been to me.

Nicole S

(5) 8/1/2015 Union City

This is the 2nd time we've used these guys! They are awesome!!

Lois W

(5) 7/31/2015 Union City

The guys were fast and efficient. With their help, we had the UHaul unloaded in less than two hours. Kudos!

Joe M

(5) 7/30/2015 Woodbury

Great team!

Mark T

(5) 7/13/2015 Uniondale

no not ontime because traffic but they keep me informed what was going on yes they were prepaired yes worked hard yes they were respectful yes mark Thompson uniondale new york

Karen S

(5) 6/22/2015 Flemington

Our 2 helpers were fast, efficient and very careful with all our belongings. Nice guys, very polite and hard working. Would not hesitate to hire them again.

Kevin K

(5) 6/20/2015 Oakland

Winston & Chris we absolutely AMAZING! They were such hard workers & loaded our truck perfectly. I can't say enough about how great they both are! They are nicest guys & we truly were blessed having them as our helpers & their outstanding help on our Move I would highly recommend them & would use them again for moving! A+++moving guys they really care! Thanks so very much guys appreciate everything true professionals! On time! Absolutely prepared for work! Just Awesome!

Gemma M

(5) 5/30/2015 Bayside

I can't say enough good things about both the HireAHelper service and Efficient Moving Labor. Our original movers were a complete no show at 5 pm on a Saturday leaving us with a 10 o'clock truck return deadline and no options. After calling Hire a Helper, the guys from Efficient Moving Labor came from New Jersey after having completed three straight moves earlier that day and were regardless pleasant, conscientious, funny, and more than capable. We were so pleased and grateful we treated them to pizza and Gatorade beyond their very well-deserved tip. I really can't recommend them enough.

Isabel A

(5) 5/1/2015 Newark

Feels funky how they bill, give yourself at least twice the amount of time you feel sure you need, don't let the lady talk you out of it. I got the wrong size truck with no option for correcting truly could have used their help with all 3 runs it took to move but they had another move after my 1 load /unload appt. The men who came to help were wonderful these guys managed to pack 2x the amount I thought possible into my 10ft truck. They were early in a good way, worked hard and worked at being respectful of property and goods.

Isabel A

(5) 5/1/2015 Jersey City

They were able to make the best of a bad situation for me I got the wrong size truck they were able to pack 2x the amount I thought possible for the truck. They were early in a good way, worked hard, respectful of my property and goods.

Dave E

(5) 12/16/2014 Morris Plains

On time, on task and it was great working with H-A-H to get this done. Will use them again.

Russell T

(5) 11/13/2014 Massapequa

Outstanding workmanship! I would definitely use there company again. Great job!

Kenneth C

(5) 10/22/2014 Commack

I can't say enough good things about these guys! They worked very quickly and efficiently, but still carefully with our furniture and boxes. They were very hard workers, friendly, and polite. They moved an armoire and bureau of solid oak from upstairs out to the Pack Rat so quickly and carefully, I was astounded. We were amazed at the skill with which they packed the Pack Rat, fitting items into just the right open spots so that everything was snug and secure but not crushed. Very experienced and hard workers. I cannot say one negative thing. We were completely satisfied with the way everything was handled. Also, we had an estimated arrival time of between 10 and 11 AM and called at about 9:30 to say they had hit traffic and might be a little late (they arrived at 10:20). We weren't even expecting them yet - very considerate and professional!! I would HIGHLY recommend them. Jan and Ken Chow

Bhavesh P

(5) 10/3/2014 Garfield

Did wonderful job. They finished their job before the allocated time. I would recommend them.

Kevin F

(5) 9/30/2014 Little Silver

great service

Shrinath S

(5) 9/28/2014 Plainsboro

Sean/Shaun and CJ were very efficient and courteous. Handled our stuff very carefully. Definitely recommend their services. Good job!

Valerie M

(3) 8/31/2014 Freehold

The movers did a very good job once they started the job. Their arrival time was scheduled for anytime between 3-4 pm.... I had to call to at 3:45 to find out when they would be arriving. They showed up in seconds, however, I didn't like the fact they arrived before 3 pm as I was made aware they were sitting in my parking lot waiting until 4 pm, claimed they didn't know my phone number or the apt # and were told to start at 4 pm...... Very poor communication between the person I dealt with and the movers. Expensive considering all this

Julia K

(1) 8/26/2014 Edison

Ironically, I chose this company because it was one of the few that didn't have a "no show" record. Well, they didn't show on time, and the owner kept telling me the workers would be there in 10 minutes. One hour and a half later we decided to quit waiting and moved on to a different company. Certainly not Efficient Moving Labor!

Christina M

(5) 8/18/2014 Huntington

They came at a moment's notice, worked tirelessly, did it with a smile on their face, and with a positive and respectful attitude. Truly wonderful gentlemen!

Steve S

(5) 8/4/2014 Hoboken

Guys were helpful. Fast strong knowledgable in unloading truck working elevators. Highly recommended

Laurie R

(5) 7/26/2014 Morristown

No less than awesome from Jason and Justin - 7 hours of moving boxes and furniture out of a storage unit on our property and to various pats of house; packing other boxes and furniture and moving them into storage unit; disassembling and reassembling beds, crib, and game table; moving aquariums with fish in them and not spilling a drop; all this with smiles and "whatever you need done, we're here to help you" attitude. Definitely will use them again and again for the other moves while working on this house and future needs.

Mayank M

(4) 7/21/2014 Short Hills

They did a good job.


(4) 7/17/2014 Sparta


Avishalom S

(5) 7/15/2014 Highland Park

they saved the day. after i had another crew from M***** *****ers work too slow and put me in a tight spot, i had these guys come over and they finished loading and arranging the truck perfectly. would definitely call on them again, wish i had called them the first time

Christina K

(5) 7/10/2014 Metuchen

They were quick and efficient! Got the job done with ease.

Jocelyn C

(5) 7/6/2014 Bethpage

They were the best of the best. Prompt. Courteous. Careful. I would recommend them and use them again.

Jonathan K

(5) 7/5/2014 New York

Very efficient, careful, and organized. I would hire them again without hesitation.

Kim B

(5) 7/3/2014 Syosset

They did come late but called to say that they were stuck in traffic. They worked meticulously, carefully and diligently. I would definitely use them again.

Jake F

(5) 7/3/2014 Stanhope

Shannon and CJ showed up right on time and were ready to work. They came in and took a tour of everything that needed to be moved and then they just started moving everything and putting it into the truck in a very organized manner. They were extremely careful in moving the items so as not to damage anything at all. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them to anyone and everyone. Great job guys!!

Alicia Y

(4) 6/29/2014 Brooklyn

These guys saved the day! I'd hired a different company for a 9am move and they never showed up. My only criticism is that they told me they would be there by 2pm, but arrived about 2 hours later. I REALLY appreciate that they were cordial and professional. They really hustled to get all my things in the truck. I just unloaded and there was NO damage (except for getting some oil from my bike on my couch). I'd recommend Efficient Moving Labor to anyone needing great, reliable help!

Mover's response:
Thank you for the review but to be fair this job was schedule 10:00 am the morning of your move.We were already on a job prior to yours and you were given a estimate time not a exact, and also you didn't have not even one furniture pad so you can't expect items not to touch without having them protected.
- Efficient Moving Labor

Rose B

(5) 6/28/2014 Middlesex

the two gentlemen came on a 2 hour notice of my call, they were courteous, professional and went above and beyond to help. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again

Nibedita M

(4) 6/21/2014 Ledgewood

schedule arrival time was between 10-11 AM. But they showed up at 3:30 PM. That was 5 and Half hour late. They had to finish one job prior to coming, so they were exhausted. I was panicking as I thought they will not show up at all. Finally they came, completed the loading.

Emily B

(5) 6/20/2014 Greenwich

They were on time. Very nice. Extremely helpful and knew exactly how to get the pieces of furniture into the house without hurting the walls. Very efficient and helped put together furniture as well.

Eric D

(4) 6/20/2014 Mount Arlington

On time, efficient and polite move.

Debra R

(4) 6/15/2014 New York

Efficient. They saved the day!

James W

(5) 6/14/2014 New York

Efficient Moving saved our move. We hired another company that showed up 1 1/2 hrs late and didn't bring any equipment. While waiting for our original late movers to show we called HireAHelper in a panic. I called Efficient Moving as soon as they accepted our job. They were curtious and professional. Once they arrived they were efficient and very careful with our furniture during a move with a small elevator and tight corners. Couldn't have been happier with the whole process. Thank you Efficient Moving!!

Keith F

(5) 5/30/2014 Towaco

The two guys were terrific! They were friendly, helpful and hard-working. They were a few minutes late but it wasn't a big deal. They packed the truck EXTREMELY efficiently, and followed my husband's instructions. on-time and flexible even when our moving schedule changed. I have two young boys and they were really kind and careful not to trample them while going in and out. They worked very hard and we really appreciate their help.

Vladimir N

(5) 5/29/2014 Bronx

These guys were great! They came in about one hour into the two-hour time window of when they said they would arrive. They knew exactly how to load and arrange the truck in order to make the best use of the space. The company I used to transport my things charges by the amount of space you take up in the truck, and the guys of Efficient Moving Labor knew that and packed my things in as little space as possible, and they did so in a way which seems secure enough to make a cross-country trip without my things moving around and getting damaged. And all through out the process, they let me know and kept me aware of how things were going in the truck. They were very informative, HARD-WORKING, and friendly. I recommend these guys 100%.

Michael H

(5) 5/27/2014 Ridgewood

I definitely had some hesitations as I have never used this kind of service before and was absolutely reliant on it being professionals. It was. I am really satisfied on all levels and would definitely use them again

Roger D

(5) 5/13/2014 Blauvelt

Jason and Randy were the best moving people we have ever used, and we have moved 4 times in the last 7 years! They were professional, respectful and highly efficient hired helpers. Strong, athletic and good guys. Recommend them highly!!!

Velores P

(5) 5/6/2014 West Haverstraw

Tried to the very best of their abilities to follow through with all request. Like positive and cooperative attitudes when questions were asked. Show high moving capabilities and skills. Thank you...

Steve H

(5) 2/25/2014 Andover

the helpers were excellent and did a great job. I would use them again and recommend to anyone that needs quality help.

Susan S

(5) 2/16/2014 Newfoundland

They were friendly and very efficient

Caitlin F

(5) 7/12/2013 Hoboken

Very efficient! Couldn't have done it without them!

Alfred R

(5) 6/26/2013 Freehold

They arrived a little late but they called ahead and were there when they said they would be. They came prepared with all of the tools and wrap that they needed to load my container. They started right in and I was particularly please with how careful they were with wrapping, moving and loading my furniture and stuff into the container. When they were done, I was confident that everything would transport well. The lead mover had been doing this for 8 years and really knew what he was doing. I would definitely use them again.

Lidie L

(3) 6/26/2013 Jersey City

They were on time. They came prepared. They worked hard. They were very polite and respectful. They were a little rough with my admittedly crappy old stuff - broke a dresser, a mirror, a desk and a rolling filing cabinet. I have done every type of move in the past: on the cheap with friends, nonprofessional movers who come with their own truck, and fully licensed professional movers with million dollar insurance policies. I was expecting this to be somewhere between friends and nonprofessional movers, and I would say that turned out to be about right. I would probably not use them again, just because of the broken stuff. I've moved 6 times in 5 years, and never had this much stuff broken before.

Yee Y

(5) 1/9/2013 Hartsdale

They arrived punctually and ready to work. They were polite, did not waste time, worked diligently and were very experience in packing my belongings into the POD container. The packing was done carefully and so well that there were space to spare at the end. I will definitely use them again next time.

Cynthia G

(5) 12/15/2012 Brooklyn

Punctual, efficient and pleasant.

Cynthia G

(4) 12/7/2012 Brooklyn

Arrived right on time, worked diligently and were pleasant. Seemed like nice people. We have two more pods to load up and will definitely use them again if they are available on the days we need them. Also there were a few pieces of furniture that needed some wrapping and though this is not what we originally hired them for, they seemed quite good at it.

Richard D

(3) 12/2/2012 Suffern

From an actual moving labor sense, they did a good job. They were careful not to damage any walls, didn't drop anything. They were supposed to arrive at 3PM which turned into 4,5, and then about 5:45. This company came from another job prior to mine and basically over promised... They did show up with 4 men instead of 2 but didn't ask me to pay the extra men. I did however let them leave 30 mins early and paid them for their 2 hour commitment. They are basically moving labor.. You need to be prepared to tell them what to do...

Mover's response:
This review is so unfair.The customer book the morning of the move at around 10:00 , and was inform that we already had a job prior to his.We kept him inform that we will be there asap.Once we got there we was told his wife had ocd, so she was informing us where to place Items.We been doing moving for almost 8 years, so I'm pretty sure we know what we are doing when it comes to loading pods,and rental trucks.When the order was place it clearly states that we are a moving labor only service.
- Efficient Moving Labor

Sandra H

(5) 10/17/2012 Eatontown

They arrived 20 min early, they were fast but careful with my belongings, very nice and padded everything and tied it all down so nothing will break intransit. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for moving labor help!!!

Vivek S

(5) 7/30/2012 Elmsford

We moved on a Sunday and the previous movers we booked through did not show up at the scheduled time. We had to return the truck the next day in the afternoon, so we decided to call hire a helper. The customer service agent was very helpful, she called several movers in our area and was able to find one who was willing to come early Monday morning. The movers from Efficent Moving Labor were very professional. They called to confirm the appointment. They came on time and finished unloading the truck within the two hours. They were especially careful with the furniture items. I would definitely recommend them. I am so glad that they agreed to come at such a short notice as we called on Sunday evening. Definitely recommend them and also would recommend hire a

Joe B

(5) 2/23/2012 Long Branch

Great work.

John E

(5) 1/16/2012 Franklin

Provided excellent service!

Joseph G

(5) 11/17/2011 West New York

The two workers showed up on time the day of the job. They also contacted me the day before to confirm all the details surrounding the move. They worked very hard and smart. They were courteous, respectful and competent. I've already recommended them to someone else and would plan on using them again.

Ed G

(5) 7/23/2010 shrewsbury

Although the 2 helpers arrived an hour later than scheduled, they were ready to work when they arrived, courteous, considerate of my belongings and efficient. Would definitely ask for them in the future.

Keith H

(5) 6/29/2010 OYSTER BAY

They were late but they did a good job getting the job done.

Tamika H

(4) 4/10/2010 East Stroudsburg

Very good. They were a little late but the job was done successfully!

Steven B

(5) 3/25/2010 POINT PLEASANT Boro

I used the services of Efficient Movers when I drove my furniture from NJ to Florida. I was expecting the worst and got two professional movers. They arrived at my storage unit at the time they were expected to arrive, were ready to work and were extremely respectful. They loaded the truck in the amount of time they estimated it would take. They knew exactly how to pack the truck so there would be no damage to any of my furniture during that 1300 mile trip. I could not have asked for a better experience and the price they charged was more then reasonable. I would recommend them anytime.

Mohammed A

(5) 11/14/2009 Morrisville

I must say I was not expecting that quick of a response and confirmation on my request for two helpers. I did the booking in the morning for a 5 pm job. The contact that was sent to me responded tmy my call right away and helpers showed up ahead of schedule. There were professional and friendly.

Faith T

(5) 9/6/2009 Astoria

Sean (spelling?) and Mike were awesome. They got everything done very quickly and were willing to stay an extra hour when we asked. They were so efficient. They knew exactly what to do and everything made it over to the new place without a scratch. They were extra careful with our TV and glass items. I'd recommend them to anyone. We could not have done it without them. Thanks!

John P

(5) 8/19/2009 NEW YORK

They arrived right on time and worked fast and efficiently. Nothing was broken so I'm extremely satisfied.

Robert C

(4) 7/25/2009 West Babylon

they were 4 hours late from the time I was told but I told them I had a pod for the day and it was no big deal if they were, so that may have been why. once here, they worked hard and did a great job. would use again.

Nancy T

(5) 6/15/2009 Freehold

Helpers were on time, very professional and courteous. Treated items like it was there belongings. Would use them again if needed, and would recommend to others.

Dale A

(5) 5/16/2009 West Babylon

They were excellant. They came at the last min. unlaoded and set up my bed, took my TV's out of the boxes. They finished in about 45 mins. They evan danced arounf my Grandson. I would highly recommend them.



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