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Big Boy Movers

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Lehi, UT / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 1,024 times through HireAHelper

295 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Lehi, UT / Moving services within 75 miles

Booked 1,024 times through HireAHelper

295 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

About Us

We are a local and long distance moving company that takes great care in helping families load properly or assist them in the settling process. We are extremely punctual, friendly, and coachable. You tell us where, and we'll put it there. We have completed over 10,000 and continue to maintain a 5 Star Rating from our customers.


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Real Lehi area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Big Boy Movers.

295 reviews

Drew L

(5) 1/16/2020 Park City

On time. Very helpful.

Thomas B

(5) 1/13/2020 Ogden

They were very hard-working, cheerful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They were very efficient, very fast, and were cognizant of our needs at all times. They were always very pleasant and upbeat at all times and listen to any suggestions or concerns that we had. I would recommend them to anyone at any time they were super!

Kaye L

(5) 12/28/2019 Draper

They were good workers and did not waste time talking, resting, etc. They were very accommodating and wanted to do exactly what I wanted them to do to my satisfaction. They had a great attitude in spite of snow and freezing temps. Kudos to those boys!!

Shawna H

(5) 12/12/2019 Herriman

They showed up on time, got straight to work. They were quick and respectful of me and my property. So glad I hired them, they made moving super easy.

Grace W

(5) 11/26/2019 Layton

We hired 4 movers. They were amazing and worked their tails off in the windy, snowy weather. very impressive. 5+ stars. Thanks

Carson W

(3) 5/21/2018 Midvale

These guys were alright, but they sent two smaller guys who were not up to the task. At one point they couldn't move an object I had literally moved myself a few weeks prior. Granted I am a big man, but two movers should have been able. One of them dropped a dresser (minor damage, but not to anything I cared about) and nearly fell off the stairs. He probably would have if I hadn't run up to stabilize. Anyway, they were a lot better than the other company we used, but should probably have some minimum requirements for strength and endurance.

Johnna R

(5) 11/18/2019 Park City

Great work!

Sabrina J

(5) 11/19/2019 Ogden

It went excellent.

Tammy B

(5) 11/15/2019 Lehi

John and Zach were GREAT! Helpful, polite and fast

Anikka H

(1) 11/12/2019 Sandy

Having given an hour’s window of arrival time, the packers called at exactly the earliest arrival time indicating they were ready to begin. I had expected a small window of prior notice, but that would not have helped. They showed up unprepared (without appropriate tools—asking if I had tools before recognizing they had some tools and despite that still using tools I had available—and without a dolly, which was an item listed in my confirmation email as provided free of charge). They asked me if I had a dolly and fortunately I had a friend who could bring one. They included this time that it took to have the dolly delivered in their “2 hours” and chose to move lower priority, lighter furniture during that time despite my initial, explicit request and concern about getting the heavier items into the moving bin first. They even moved light items I had not indicated needed to be removed. They did not inform me of their difficulties loading a treadmill (that was an indicated item in my request) until I went to check up on them after an extended period of time (which was immediately after I had a dolly delivered for them). Upon my concern about the progress and lack of respect for prioritization, they began to move the other heavier items I had prioritized at the beginning of the experience, which was agreeable. Upon their continued struggle with the treadmill, they called their manager. I had already contacted the phone number I was provided, and so I then sent an email to the address I was provided. The employees eventually put me on their cell phone with their supervisor who struggled to answer my questions, was rude, was condescending, and who via subsequent text messages with his employees (who relayed the messages to me) pressured me into releasing payment. I would never recommend this company.

Mover's response:
In response to the complaint for Order # 810411 I would start by saying that the complaint details have been updated multiple times by the customer, each time changing some of the details, thus making it hard for an accurate response. However, the following is a response to the alleged issues that were made. 1) First complaint is that the movers arrived on-time but failed to call you to tell you they were on-time. In our confirmation calls with all customers we inform them of the arrival window and always call the customers if there is any change to that. Since there was no change, we arrived as previously discussed. 2) Second complaint is that the movers arrived unprepared in two ways (as alleged by you via complaint and phone call with manager) 1. Missing a dolly & 2. Missing tools. As for the dolly, that is correct, the dolly the movers were supposed to bring was not brought. I had informed you over the phone we would work with you on a discount due to that oversight and are still willing to do so. As for the Missing tools (specifically to disassemble your treadmill), we provide the basic tools that are sufficient for the majority of tasks within a mover’s responsibilities. However, there are a wide variety of items; furniture, exercise equipment…etc., that require specific tools and we do not guarantee to have the tools for every make and model of treadmill. Simply stating you have a treadmill does not warrant the expectation that we will have and bring the exact tools necessary. Rather, if the treadmill was previously brought into the home and assembled, it is assumed the owner has the correct tools available to disassemble said item. 3) Third complaint was that the movers included the time it took for you to get a dolly. They were working the entire time even if it was moving lower priority items. The purpose of the move is to move all the items, even the lower priority items and they did that. Furthermore, this complaint also hinted that they didn’t put all the heavier items in the container first. The movers are trained to help the customers load their container with a plan in mind to protect all the items, maximize the space, and do so in the most time-efficient way. Most sound strategies to accomplish these things would not have all the heavy items loaded immediately. 4) Fourth complaint that the movers moved items you did not indicate needed moving. The movers where informed that you intended to move all items and, as you state they were waiting for a dolly, they wanted to continue to assist and continue to work and helped you move items, even if not the explicit items you pointed to. Most customers appreciate our movers going above and beyond in working the whole time they are on a job-site. 5) Fifth complaint was that the movers allegedly did not notify you of the difficulties in moving the treadmill. Per the movers it was approximately 10-15 minutes in which time they were making reasonable attempts to disassemble and/or move the treadmill and, in that time realized they were going to have difficulty due to the make/model of the treadmill needing different tools. 6) Sixth complaint was that you called the office and left a message and within 20 minutes were put on the phone with a manager. Furthermore, you state the manager “struggled to answer my questions, was rude, was condescending, and who via subsequent text messages with his employees (who relayed the messages to me) pressured me into releasing payment.” During the phone call with the manager you continuously interrupted the manager and then demanded that he show you where the explanation about the tools is in the contract in a very combative way. As he attempted to answer your questions you threatened to file a complaint unless the movers stayed additional time for free. When the manager attempted to explain further about the tools you interrupted him again and said you would just be done with the move and complain to hire a helper. There was no real opportunity for the supervisor to make things right and work with you due to your approach on the phone. 7) Seventh complaint states (of which has dramatically changed since your modifications of your complaint) that the manager through text messages pushed you to release payment. That is a complete falsehood. The text messages between the manager and crew on-site actually state that when the manager was notified that you were refusing to release payment through Hire a Helper, his exact response was “That’s fine.” You had already stated over the phone you would fight the payment with Hire a Helper and so the manager verbally notified the crew that if you refused to release payment then we would also work with Hire a Helper to resolve payment. At no time did the manager personally or through text messages force you to release payment. We're still willing to provide a discount due to the lack of a dolly but disagree with the rest. KEMP
- Big Boy Movers

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We handle moves within 75 miles of Lehi, UT 84043.


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