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Top movers in Marquette, MI

The top moving services in Marquette, MI are not yet listed on HireAHelper, to double check availability and coverage enter your zip code and move date above. (Or, if you're a mover that can offer move help covering Marquette, MI, apply to list your services on for free and grab the top spot as our first Sioux move helper!)


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Moving from or around Marquette? If you're loading or unloading in a nearby neighborhood, don't worry. Our movers also cover the areas below.

Moving to Marquette, Michigan? Things to Know

People tell us that moving to Marquette can be complicated, so we went ahead and fixed that for you. First, we've outlined your perfect moving strategy for moving to and out of MI on our Moving Checklist.

And since we also know you'll probably need to rent a moving truck or container, we've researched the best moving trucks and moving containers and listed them by their prices, alongside hundreds of honest reviews from people who have already moved in Marquette.

While you're waiting for moving day, you should really get a head start on packing. Attack your pack with our "how-to" instructional videos, crafted so you can learn in just 60 seconds how to pack your stuff.

Lastly, don't rent a Uhaul, PODS container, or use 1-800-PACK-RAT without seeing what other people in Marquette have done, or without checking out all of your mover options.

What's a Hybrid Move

Hybrid Moving is the cheapest and most reliable way to move. It’s the ingenious combination of both a DIY move, where you rent yourself a truck or container, and a fancy Full-Service move, where professionals come and move your stuff for you. Renting a truck and getting movers separately saves you a ton of money, which is why we’ve created a mover marketplace to search for quality and affordable moving labor. It’s just math.

Introducing Moving 101™

Who has the best moving trucks? Are moving containers worth it? How much is your move gonna cost? We can help! Moving101 is your free resource for everything moving info related, including local movers, detailed prices, honest reviews, and much more. Read what people really think about industry leaders like Budget Truck Rental and PODS moving containers. Compare average pricing for local and long distance rentals. Plus, discover how to have an affordable, efficient and safe move by making a Hybrid Move with HireAHelper. Saving time and money rocks.

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