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Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

About Us

1. We have a track record with Pods can load and/or unload your Rental Truck (FREE TAPE, STRETCH WRAP, AND TIE DOWN ROPE). 2. Have trained employee's and won't overbook or share our employees with movers you didnt choose (imagine canceling your old movers to find them come back with another company its big in DFW area) not with us, no worries. Furniture pads are your #1 friend, most important, and yes they can cost more then us (the movers) get as many as you can. Remember you booked a time slot we can't get back. We do multiple Apartment Moves and Private Estate moves as well. For more detail's just read below. STRETCH WRAP IS USED ON COUCHES AND LOVE SEATS AND RECLINERS IF CLOTH. NOT ON OTHER FURNITURE. IF OTHER FURNITURE IT WILL NEED TO BE PADDED FIRST. Our pads are double ply 60x72 just a big as the cloth pad great for one way use cost is (Only $2.99 per pad if you want them). We bring bundles of 25 and only charge what you use. And if you have Marble tops or Glass please keep extra boxes to use to protect these items. We try to carry some used boxes from previous customers but that's limited and not guaranteed we use the pay it forward method. Choose wisely. WE ARE NOT A DAY LABOR COMPANY. 2-Crew members can handle 1-3 pods or up too one 26ft Abf truck per day. Over 15 years experience. Remember if your just browsing put in your move date. Don't forget to pick some hour's (always book a good amount of time you think it will take or the max time you want us). And remember your not movers we don't talk about time on the job. Be prepared don't make any dinner dates. Also as a reminder Piano and Safes are extra. We bring a special mini ramp for pods and pack rats. Allows us to load faster up and down the end of pod with dolly. Better for your bigger moves such a loading a pod or pack rat container, or a load, and unload in same area with your rental truck. We just like to use it. Very efficient. Box tv's to flat screens. Treadmills to elliptical's. Safety and safely is key. We moved it. With pods you get a crew leader that ties off every 4ft. Same with pack rat container. If you don't have furniture pads please request from us. Typical 16ft pod uses 30-60 pads. $2.99 per one-way double ply paper pad(our pads and includes our tape) vs $7 dollars cloth pad. It's adds up but saves the furniture. We just want to get it loaded right. We're more into loading. We are ready to go. If your not sure where to start. We do not do specialty services such as putting together items that are brand new in box, like desk, tv stands, shelves. So no NIB items. We only see NIB items maybe 3 times a year out of 1000 of moves. We bring the pad's because of the many situations where we run into a customer who has no pads. We can't be pro's if your not ready for us. Our paper pads our much cheaper and last for a one way trip. 15 cloth furniture pads can cost over $100. You could get over 33 paper furniture pads for $100 with us. And they are the same size. We always have them on site if needed. Don't get us because of our low prices. Get us because you want it done right. Remember you may need extra hours. We don't throw and go. Our normal rates for a 2hr mini for 2-crew members is $299.00 We have cut our rates for 2019 our lowest ever. Thanks, remember our crews would not work for just an hour, they get paid a 2hr minimum as well. We get silly request about hr job's, those are fine but you pay the minimum. Also we have customers that have no clue how to run a moving business. If you book say 3 or 4 crew members, you get a crew leader, an assistant to crew leader a small item carrier and box and padder (padder depending on load or unload) Some people think you get 3-4 crew leaders that does not work. Thanks so much. I hope we covered it.

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Furniture dolly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
Couches, loveseats, ottomans and couch chairs. (This is not a furniture protector, however helps with dust.) [always included, no fee]
Per 50ft roll. [always included, no fee]


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Real Mckinney area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only ).

274 reviews
916 completed jobs

Ty S

(4) 2/13/2019 Farmers Branch

Good movers, I was mis informed by hire a helper that they would be able to put a tv stand together if there was time remaining. They advised they do not assemble anything in a box.

Mover's response:
Thanks, good news was their was no time available left you actually got an extra hour to get it done. So it wasn't an issue. Your new updated booking forgot to advise us that you were up on 3rd floor not 1st. So that's a big time difference we stayed and conquered tho. I was never contacted about a tv stand though, just a bed. We did the bed. Next time call the boss of the moving company with added stuff as well so it can be planned or talked about. The crew on job will always refer customer to call the boss and talk about it. That way they can keep moving. That's who your in contract with. Thanks again for choosing us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Margaret W

(5) 2/4/2019 Mckinney

The men who unloaded my POD were on time, efficient and very friendly. Definitely recommend using this company.

Lauri G

(4) 1/30/2019 Corinth

Very helpful

Julio P

(5) 1/30/2019 Lewisville

David made a wonderful job and take care of my belongings very well. They fit everything in the container and they didn’t waste time. I’ll use them again in a future and I will highly recommend them to my friends.

Joseph H

(5) 1/24/2019 Fort Worth

Great movers!

Mover's response:
Thanks for taking the time to discuss your move with us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Shirley V

(4) 1/24/2019 North Richland Hills

I'll put the negative first. They failed to pack items that were parts of each other in the POD. Having said that they worked very hard packing pod well. The lead guy was a working fool. They came prepared and finished the job. I believe items were wrapped well. The fellow that booked the job talks way to much which doesn't instill confidence that they know what they're doing. But in the end they did a good job.

Mover's response:
Yeah the rep that booked after your no show first company gave us minimal info because you did not understand we are different movers and needed that info to get your job done correct. The Best Move DFW movers could not do your job of marble tops and glass. And we do not know what pieces they put on the first pod. So yes you have stuff separated on 2 pods. We did 2nd pod when your other movers didnt show up. We understand they got thier no show removed. And we actually requested that if Best Move DFW had issues with this customer cussing and using profanity we understand why they didnt show up after they loaded your 1st pod with boxes and left your high value heavy duty marble tops and China Hutches, and glass for us to do. We came prepared and hit a homerun. We are not day labor. Just pro movers. We live for moves like this. But the profanity about Texas and other things was a bit much. Im sorry the other Company didnt make and/or want to do your job, but we took this job on as a same day request last minute and had you grinning cheek to cheek at the end. I hope you enjoy the state your moving too.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Lorraine M

(5) 1/12/2019 United States

Absolutely great!

Jack B

(5) 12/11/2018 Celina

fast, hard working, polite, efficient

Mover's response:
Alway's rememember furniture pads for loading are more important then us. And keep a few extra boxes around for marble tops and glass. Let's work together and do it right.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dorthy J

(5) 12/6/2018 Celina

The men were on time and worked very hard. I would definitely use this service again. They were professional and treated my things with respect.

Aaron V

(5) 12/3/2018 Arlington

Punctual and professional

Mover's response:
We are ready for the Christmas break rush of moves. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Daphne D

(5) 11/27/2018 Dallas

They were very professional and courteous. I would recommend them and I would use them again.

Mover's response:
It's our winter peak season. Thanks so much.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Stacey T

(5) 11/20/2018 Fort Worth

They were on time. Got everything done very quickly. Nothing that was brought into the house was scratched and none of the walls were scratched and they had to maneuver some tight spaces. They were great.

Mover's response:
Tis the season to book book book. HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sally O

(5) 11/10/2018 McKinney

Very careful with my belongings, handled my heavy items with care and did an excellent job loading all my items with room to spare. Very professional and worked within the time I scheduled. Excellent service!

Mover's response:
Thanks were starting to see a new trend where customers dont want it done right. No pads and think we just put it on its gonna be fast and safe. Compared to 10 yrs ago most moves are faster do to no pads. Its not safe and does not make it proffesional. When i see people complain about time. I think dont they care about thier belongings. If you want throw and go guys you wont find that with us. We are not day labor. Just proffesional movers who care. Be glad your not in Tears from bad movers who go through your house and furniture like a hurricane. If you cant enjoy us dont book us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Vivekanandh S

(3) 11/9/2018 Little Elm

On time. i have reserved 3 people for 3 hours to load up a 5 bed home in to 2 pods. it took them 6.5 hours . I feel this is mostly due to only one person capable of dismantling furniture. They did get the job done. I am little disappointed with their service so rating at 3. Will not use them again

Mover's response:
Yeah only one guy takes apart stuff like tables we help tip over. Gotta keep everyone busy and keep loading. We noticed you kept slowing us down trying to have every stop and do one thing. But you also had 100 pads we used to do job right. I can see us doing it in 5hr no pads and damages and still getting a 3 star when its not our fault. You allowed us to do it the right way. Im very happy it makes for a safer move. I give you 5 stars for that. Damages cost more then time, pads, and tears. Thanks
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Vicki J

(5) 11/7/2018 Eustace

Excellent job

Bonnie C

(3) 10/31/2018 Justin

Worked hard but scraped my hardwood floors.

Mover's response:
If you noticed your review is out of order left nov 9th. We were the load side. Im guessing this review was for your unload out of state. We are the company in Texas. Where 150 dollar tip was given. It was all tile and carpet. You mention your new house would have wood floors. That just wasnt us on that side in Pennsylvania. I wish we could have unloaded it for you.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ahsan R

(4) 10/31/2018 Mckinney

they were prompt and did a great job, putting our stuff away. They even assembly our beds, love it

Rita H

(5) 10/28/2018 Dallas

I was extremely impressed but david and Cody. They were both very nice, quick, and took great care of our belongings. I will try to use them for my future moves!

Vicki M

(5) 10/10/2018 Lewisville

Did a great job for me. Would use them again.

Gwen/Christopher B

(5) 10/1/2018 Mansfield

Timely, efficient, careful and professional. This team is excellent and I will recommend them.

Lisa W

(5) 9/14/2018 Fort Worth

These guys jumped in the minute they got here and worked so hard while they were here. I have already let them know that when I’m ready for my POD to be unloaded I want them again. They were professional and very careful. They really know how to load a POD too!

Dan K

(5) 9/6/2018 Crystal Lake

They did a fantastic job. No issues with the crew. The start time was a bit delayed but the communication was very good.

William S

(2) 9/6/2018 Sachse

could not prove it but a diamond ring, womans watch and a box of candy was missing and all were put away. i would not leave them alone in mu house EVER. cannot be trusted alone. we are out almost 6000. a very expensive lesson on trust

Jane B

(5) 9/5/2018 Carrollton

The men that assisted me in my move were professional and worked tirelessly until the job was complete. They were very respectful of both me and my personal property. I would highly recommended them.

Sandy E

(5) 9/1/2018 Dallas

My crew was amazing, they arrived on time and worked non-stop to get the job done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them! They came with blankets and several type of moving dollys. Sandy E.

Dorothy M

(5) 8/31/2018 Denton

The men were on time, ready to work and were respectful of our belongings. We would use them again.

Daniel H

(5) 8/30/2018 Dallas

On time and courteous, worked methodically and expertly to pack our POD from floor to ceiling.

Marykay N

(5) 8/26/2018 Frisco

They fit us in a day early, which we needed & so appreciated. The four were incredibly hard working and fast! So fast they took half the time we had booked them for (3 hours). They were respectful and helpful. I would definitely hire them again and ask for the same crew!

Sue W

(4) 8/23/2018 Little Elm

They arrived late due to a traffic accident--stuff happens when you drive in Dallas. No big deal. Other than that, they did a fantastic job. Very nice guys who worked hard, and did their best to safely fit as much on the POD as possible. I would definitely call them again and probably will when I get everything out of storage in a few months.

Joe D

(2) 8/7/2018 Denton

The two movers were very nice. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for the job and did not finish it. One mover stopped moving things after 1 hr, leaving the second mover to do everything. It was clear, after an hour and a half, that they were struggling. It would have been helpful if they would have stated they were struggling as soon as they were, then rather than waiting another hour and a half, with only one of the movers bringing the items inside the apartment.

Alex H

(5) 7/31/2018 Fort Worth

The movers were friendly, professional, and respectful. They were very hard-working, and they repeatedly offered to go above and beyond what I needed to help me out. I'm using them again next week once my second POD arrives, and I'm looking forward to it. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Mohideen K

(5) 7/23/2018 Irving

Yes on time, gently handled my property & goods. Yes i will use them again. They are tough & hard worker.

Joy S

(5) 7/21/2018 Irving

The guys arrived right on time, finished the job in the exact time I had planned for, were very professional and did not damage any furniture. I would definitely use them again!

Mark M

(5) 7/17/2018 Dallas

The 2 gentlemen arrived and went right to work and finished ahead of schedule. I would recommend and use them again if the need ever arises.

Mover's response:
Same 2 guys that went on Patsy move. THANKS
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Patsy W

(2) 7/15/2018 Dallas

I originally hired this company to move me in on Sunday morning. They kept insisting to move me on Saturday evening. The job (unloading a POD) should have only taken 2 hours (since loading and packing the POD only took 2.5 hours). These guys took 4.5 hours to unload the POD! Which meant I was working with them until late in the night. One of the 2 workers was on personal calls and smoking breaks for some of the time and didn't work in tandem with the other worker. I told them I needed them to bring tools and dollies to move and assemble my furniture. What they brought for tools was a joke. Do not use this company!

Mover's response:
We dont bring power tools. Its the same set we been using for 5 years. Power tools,strip out furniture. In which your case some of them were from your previous movers. Thanks. When u move out of there remember you have near a football field walk it will take longer to load it. Try 4 guys next time. Its just a case of the unknown. The place u moved out of was like only 20ft away from pod. Its just math. Unload through courtyard. With basement elevator and 2nd floor. Both 200ft walk
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Brian C

(5) 7/11/2018 Krugerville

The guys did a great job. They were hardworking and got the job done fast. I would highly recommend using them to help with your move. Thanks, Brian

Win H

(3) 7/3/2018 Dallas

Were they on time? YES Were they prepared for the job? YES Did they work hard? YES Were they respectful of your property and goods? Had an incident on property arguing with another contractor regarding parking. Would you use them again? NO

Mover's response:
After talking with Win today I agree with situation being completeley avoidable. It actually was after job when crew leader was getting paperwork signed and couldnt move his car at that time. Crew leader should have respectfully calmed down the situation not enflamed it. Very simple fix. Loading dock at warehouse has limited spaces for our workers.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kellie K

(1) 6/25/2018 Little Elm

Did not show up an hour before they were supposed to. Left us scrambling and we had to wait 1.5 hours for Hire a helper to open so we could find someone else and had to pay an extra day for the U-haul due to this dumb company. Would NOT use them!

Mover's response:
Of course you have to wait. It was 630am when we called. We mentioned all that. Thats why we couldn't get there either because the brake shop didn't open till 8am. If it wasnt for dumbness you speak of we could have made it with no brakes/master cylinder not brake pads. The steps we took were all right but now wrong we found out but uber wouldn't carry tools either. And nothing has changed on policy. So we dont know either. I still don't have the answer from 3 days ago. Hireahelper was faster option to get help faster. We could have tow to your house if tow truck was faster. It wasnt and glad we told you take take the fastest option first. 1.5 hour wait is not long in this incident. It was fastest option we help set up. The point was we followed are protocol and help got there sooner so you didn't have to wait for us to see at 8am. New help beat us there that we set in motion at 630am. Not waiting for the answer from the brake shop. Otherwise it could have been 4-5 hours later. Scrambling sounds like the new help telling you it was bad. It was actually saved by us to get you going. Image if we didn't call. That's a no show. Then you would of waited till 8am or longer to find out you need new help. Look at the bigger picture. You got new help coming the soonest possible for anyone at opening of hireahelper not later. Nearly first caller of the day nationwide. We had all the paperwork and found out the no show is only because you have the power to say if it was or not on understanding our death defying situation. It was accepted years ago. But now know it's up too the customer. We still have to prove we couldn't make it because of the breakdown. We did that. We just thought. We didn't have to go and still tried and didn't. Now we know we have to walk there if needed or ride are dollies and hope for the best.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Linda T

(5) 6/13/2018 Venus

Will definitely recommend Hire A Helper. Both gentlemen worked nonstop until our pod was totally packed with all of our boxes and remaining items. Pod was professionally packed and all items handled with care. If we get another Pod will ask for same two men. Thank you Hire A Helper!!

Mover's response:
Perfect review. Did we arrive, did we do our job. You can cut us off whenever. It's your job. We supply free rope for tie downs and tape to secure pads. And remember the movers got to live somewhere we don't do one 2 hour job a day. We try and work 6-8hrs one big job or three small jobs but can be as long as 12 hours. Everyone's job is just as important as yours. It's getting harder to live around here to perform theses service at such cheap cost. Just be simply amazed.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Aaron G

(2) 6/12/2018 Fort Worth

Yes, the movers were on time. Yes, they were prepared for the job. I had previously schedule the movers for 2 hours, but had called the week before to change my window from 2 to 4 hours because I realized the process would need more time. However, the representative told me that we should stick with two hours and then add 2 more if we needed more time. With that being said, the two workers showed up and worked really hard for the first hour and a half. They were respectful to my property and took care of our very large furniture. However, after that, one of them began to wrap our furniture, while the other one carried everything down the stairs. I realized that we were never going to get done in time, so I worked alongside them for the next 2.5 hours along with my wife and my father. For the remainder of the time, they seemed to work at about 1/2 to 3/4 the pace they originally were working and the first gentleman who did the wrapping for us in the uHaul never came back up stairs again until the end. I think what I am angry about is two things. 1) I made clear instructions 7 times that my bookshelves were not to be damaged, and that the uHaul blankets were to be used first to wrap them up. However, upon unloading the uHaul, they were damaged. The gentleman did use the blankets, but did not paper wrap the last book shelf that the last blanket could not cover entirely. For all of the time that he spent wrapping while I myself did alot of the heavy labor that I paid him to do, and the fact that my bookshelf was still damaged... I'm sure you can understand why I'm not happy. 2) The first gentleman who did the packing in the uHaul told us that if we would have done a better job packing, he could have gotten the whole job done in 2.5 hours. I cannot emphasize not only how incorrect that statement is, but also how unprofessional it is. The truth is that if I would not have helped, they would have been there for 7 hours. I carried over 13 heavy boxes full of books by myself including a host of other boxes for 2.5 hours. The gentleman said that we needed to pack our material in larger boxes which is understandable, however the overwhelming (90-95%) majority of our possessions were in mid to large size card board boxes. Very unprofessional statement. All this being said, I will not recommend this moving service again, primarily because of the fact that it took way to long, we were criticized for our packing methods, and my furniture was STILL damaged after the gentleman took so long to wrap and pack the Uhaul.

Mover's response:
This was 3rd floor and we had already mention it would take 3 times longer. He cut his time down to 2 and said he was going to do the small stuff. So I booked crew another job after. However day of job I called at 2 hour mark to cut us off and he ask us to stay and do it all because he was not prepared. So yes it took more time and I had to call my next job to explain this customers issues. We ask if he wanted us to leave anytime after the 2 hours. He had a 7 hour job all day. it was a 26ft truck in and apartment 2 bedroom with 4 bedroom house of stuff crammed in it. Very odd to think we could do it all in 2 hours. I mentioned a 15ft truck 3rd floor barely can be done in 2 hours unless its just 1 bedroom and not a full truck.. It's one of those we told ya then he leaves a review based on nonsense. The customer was not packed had many loose items that got carried down as well that could have been consolidated in boxes. And the boxes that were packed were very poorly packed. It actually got done in fast amount of time with customer not being prepared. And we stayed for it. It's our loss for staying and helping. They could of even had more blankets and wrapped prior to us being there like they said. Just unprepared customers. This is exactly why 3rd floor jobs are bad. No one understands it. It's a predictable review. We just couldn't cancel job before we started otherwise we would have. We stay as pro's and completed. I could see is with 4 star on this with their boxes very unsafe to move. Yes it did not look good. But that's not are fault. I wish they hired some pro packers to box up things. No win-win here. Next time definately get packers sit back and just pay for the relaxation of it. Your not a mover or packer that's are job. And this was only 2-man crew.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

An H

(5) 6/11/2018 Irving

Amazing job

Mover's response:
I just had to say we just had a 3rd floor job we havn't taken one in a few months due to the predictability of most 3rd floors. They take longer and customer's seem to never understand even after we tell them 3 times before we even arrive. A 26ft truck 2 guys in a house 1st floor can take 3-6 hours, imagine 3rd floor. Are you kidding me. Do the math.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jennifer H

(4) 6/10/2018 Keller

JJ on the team was fantastic, so sweet and super hard worker. Nice group. On time.

Mover's response:
Thanks. I mentioned this about a week ago in Summer no guys, will appear fresh. Its hot and summer we work alot. If you dont take that into consideration. Then idk. Also time is different on bigger jobs. Heat takes its toll fast. Your not the first or last job of the day/week. We work nearly everyday.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Timothy K

(4) 6/1/2018 Fort Worth

Courteous and careful, they did a nice job! I recommend them if you need help!!

Mover's response:
Just a small tip on moving day. Please check your walkway up to your house for doggy doo doo. Getting under a 5 star for your duties is never good. We dont carry doggy bags. Summer 18 is heating up fast. Book now. We usually book out a few weeks ahead we have many open spots after June 17th, and few before.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ceil T

(5) 5/29/2018 Pottsboro

On time and polite. Were very careful loading and unloading

Dennis D

(5) 5/27/2018 Dallas

The crew did a great job. However I don’t think it is fair that you charged me for 3hours when job was finished in 1 hour 15 minutes

Mover's response:
Did you read the policy. You booked a time slot. Next time just book minimum hours. We our not allowed to change your order on the job. You can before our scheduled appointment. Also you had 3 guys booked. Maybe just get 2 guys. Thanks for understanding how you booked it
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ross C

(5) 5/22/2018 Irving


Mover's response:
I'm not sure why but some customers do think when the guys are on the job that's the only guys involved with your move. When you book we have a system a owner and moving labor teams, also hireahelper is involved to and can assist you with many questions. When you have a move that goes under time. Be simply amazed. So by the time we get there we have more time ourselves invested in your move other then your booked hours. And that's all we charge is your booked time and extra time if needed. Not all the calls and prep work just to get to your job. I've had up to 2 hours talk time with customer before a job, multiple times. So overall all we would ask for more time on over 50 percent of our job's if we could charge that time. But we don't
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Lisa M

(5) 5/22/2018 Rowlett

They were excellent!!!

Mover's response:
Just imagine if you had a new company where the owner is on all jobs and answering phones all day. The crew leader needs to answer sometimes about thier daily jobs that day and about job they are on. But the owners job is to answer all customers call outside the job for new bookings and scheduling. We have a system that works. Dont get spoofed.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mary L

(3) 5/20/2018 Fort Worth

Was kept informed when there was a delay due to weather. The 2 men were prepared with equipment but they did not plastic wrap anything. My nightstands were turned upside down. Now I have to take the bottom off to see what is all there. They tipped my 8 drawer dresser on its side and because the drawers were full, it bent the frame and 1/2 the drawers are shifted - doesn't sit/close properly. There is a large mark across the front of my refrigerator. I had to show one of them how to put my bed frame back together. Then they insisted on putting legs back on tables and other things they disassembled (didn't need to be) and charged me for an extra 1 1/2 hours - $90.00 even when I told them I would do it myself. They said they had to put back together what they took apart. Movers were nice, polite and worked somewhat quickly. If you have furniture that you don't mind if it shows wear, it would work, however, I am separated woman who finally got "real" stuff she wanted when her kids were older. I have antiques as well. When I used another company from this site (that company wasn't available the weekend I moved) I had padded and wrapped furniture. In fact, they moved me 18 miles and all my furniture in less time than this company moved me less than 2 miles and fewer items.

Mover's response:
Thanks. Nightstand do get tipped and dresser tipped to move them. You just weren't prepared. We load nightstand feet to the wall or on floor on feet to ground if first piece. You must of watch a bad youtube video. We always ask customer take your stuff out because either we will tip dresser and if its,getting unloaded by another company later or home through a door it has to go upright they may tip it.. wheter we are on that side or not. Thats how you move it. And plastic wrap is for couches not dressers. Pads are for dresser.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )


(5) 5/20/2018 Flower Mound

Great movers! They were on time and completed the the job in a timely fashion. They were able to pack our moving POD so efficiently and were able to fit so much stuff in it. Would definitely hire them again!

Yolanda W

(5) 5/20/2018 Garland

They were on time, great job unloading truck to storage unit; worked hard and finished in the allotted time without any damage - highly recommend them and will use them again.

Dorothy M

(5) 5/15/2018 Denton

Tony and David were on time, careful with furniture and worked well together. I will definitely use them again.

Cynthia M

(5) 5/9/2018 Weatherford

Really nice guys - pleasant and enjoyable!

Amy T

(5) 5/3/2018 Frisco

The gentlemen that helped us unpack furniture from our pod container were very organized and worked quickly. It began to pour rain while they were unloading. They took a short break and then were back to work as soon as the rain let up a bit. I would highly recommend their service. Best money I spent during our move!

Cheryl P

(5) 4/25/2018 Allen

Hard workers and very polite and efficient! Finished the job in the amount of time that they were hired for.

Mover's response:
Although we book up fast if you see us on here and were available it wont last long. BOOK NOW. The Summer rush is about to begin.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Carlos M

(5) 4/22/2018 Frisco

The two young men who did the unloading did a terrific job. They were very courteous and dedicated. I would highly recommend them

Mover's response:
We actually work year round you'll notice alot of movers don't do many moves. NOT US. We are well seasoned. Crew leaders are over 25 and out of school.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )


(5) 4/19/2018 Kennedale

No complaints about anything. Good job

Mover's response:
Thanks, and remember if you have a long walk or many stairs, that's one thing we can't shorten. It's out of our hands.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Michael C

(5) 4/18/2018 Grand Prairie

They were very friendly, courteous and efficient. The packing job was great. They brought the equipment needed (dolly, ramp).

Diane S

(5) 4/14/2018 Richardson

These guys were top notch. I had a lot more then I thought as far as filling the Pod. But they got it packed tight. Impressive job. I thought I was ready for them but I could barely stay ahead of them. They were very understanding and helpful letting me know how things would work. Never impatient even though I really wasn’t as ready as I thought. I hope I will never have to move again. But if I do this is they to go. If family and /or friends had done this packing, it would have taken days instead of hours. There would have been people mad at each other before it was all over!

Mover's response:
Thanks, with us we use our dollies and tools we bring to save time and stress. We are not the new guys in town. We put boxes on a dolly and you won't catch us carrying one box at a time to the house from truck/pod/container and vice/versa. Unless you request it on job site. Sometimes up and down stairs yes but not to and from truck/pod. Makes no sense. Our job is to be pumped about getting it done as quickly and safe as possible. We don't do things to slow your move down.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Frank K

(5) 4/14/2018 Flower Mound

On time,courteous and completed the job with no issues.

Mike S

(5) 4/12/2018 Euless

On time, worked hard, very professional!! I would definitely hire again!!

Lynn M

(5) 4/4/2018 Grapevine

Great & efficient service! These guys were on time, courteous and very careful with our furniture! I highly recommend using them again.

Mover's response:
Remember you can always stop time. That's under your control. Imagine if you have cheaper less experienced guys. It could take twice as long. Plus they might stop and take a lunch break. Be prepared. We are here to "Get It Done" Same way for over a decade. Water and Gatorade.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ameche H

(5) 3/31/2018 Richardson

They were on time. Very polite and respectful of my house. I would Not just recommend them I would adopt them. Very nice young men.

Mover's response:
Great Scott, we did it again. In the past, present, and future we strive to be the best we can.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Randy N

(5) 3/25/2018 Keller

Very courteous an professional. Worked very hard.

Mover's response:
Remember with us you get a team. We all work together. Its are backs. We are the machines. We are now into our Spring season. Sit back and relax.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Reggie B

(5) 3/18/2018 Duncanville

Arrived on time and introduced themselves. They imeadiated started loading. Very careful of our property and demeatroted professional while loading, They brought all the supplies needed to accomplish the job, They finished the job in the alloted time, I would definitely recommend them and will be using them again!

Mover's response:
#1 For load job's. Customer's always be aware and get enough pads. Without pads that's what causes damages not the movers. It's a cost you have to be prepared to pay. We even bring some if requested, however they are extra cost. But if you do the math a pad cost less then damages. It's your damages not ours if it's not padded. So you lose out not us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jerry or Carolyn A

(5) 3/15/2018 Winnsboro

The guys worked hard for us and fast. We got our money's worth. I'd call them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks, this is our slow season. We love the workout anytime of the year. It's our job.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kati C

(5) 3/9/2018 Dallas

They were both very nice and very respectful of my belongings. I would use them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks, at the end of the job everyone was just singing to that song of yours. I didn't know my helpers were so cheerful and musical. They can sing and dance. Who would of thought.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Teresa T

(1) 3/9/2018 Grapevine

Chris Fagan was very rude and unprofessional. He told me he was canceling the job, called me retarded and hung up the phone on me because I offered a suggestion. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Mover's response:
You rescheduled then on rescheduling didn't hold up your bargain you thought you could have us go out and do whatever you want. We had ask that you be on site to assist us with the correct directions. We saved ourselves. Damages cost more that anything. I'd recommend us if you want to be safe. I'm so happy we didn't have to go on this job. I'm so glad you cancelled. I actually paid my crew for the 2 hours minimum you cancelled on. So they were happy as well. I waived your cancellation fee. We talked so long I mentioned i'm going to help you cancel and recharge my phone. It went dead right after. I guess you heard different. I could barely understand you as well. Then I was able to log computer and help get you uninsured help not us the pro's. I don't know what route you chose. I'm totally satisfied. Sorry we couldn't meet and agreement. We just have to follow are insurance guidelines.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sally K

(5) 3/7/2018 Fort Worth

They did a great job. Would highly recommend them

Mover's response:
We try and be safe as possible. We have our own pads. You can buy from us on the job no hassle. No need to mess around with ordering them or picking them up.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Steve D

(5) 3/6/2018 Argyle

Rob and Adam were a pleasure to watch. Very careful and maximized the POD space. Impressive, professional crew. Hard workers. Steve D. Argyle, TX

Mover's response:
When you book. Remember. You booked a time slot. If we get done amazingly fast. We can help within our moving limits. We can't open unlabeled boxes for unpacking on an unload. We can't replace that unused time and get another customer. BOOK wisely. Please read are services. We don't refund and only leave when you say so. We can't talk about time on a job.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Rod W

(5) 3/1/2018 Dallas

The gentlemen arrived early and were prepared to begin at the scheduled time. They were courteous, respectful, and efficient. They had already read my service request and they had all the equipment / tools required for the job. They exceeded my expectations and I will definitely use this service in the future.

Mover's response:
Chris is one of the best we have in the nation. However we ask him to get the crews in line and get all material for jobs as needed. Every now and then he might go on a job. He over sees all operations.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Beverly H

(5) 2/27/2018 Fort Worth

HireAHelper saved me during my move. I called when I knew I was in trouble with getting everything done on time and they came to my rescue with flying colors. They arrived exactly on time. They were scouting my neiborhood to prepare about 15 minutes before the start time. They worked non-stop, very mindful of the time. They were extra careful with all of my goods in the packing, loading and unloading process. I will use them again and recommend them with total confidence they would do a great job.

Mike D

(5) 2/21/2018 Colleyville

They did a great job, and we were very pleased with their work they did for us. I highly recommend Hire A Helper.

Mover's response:
Thanks. 3 most important things, on job socially are we do not talk about money an time on job, ask for reviews, and we do not work for tips, however they are greatly appreciated. Those guys get left in the dust. We are not there to stretch your hours. We just get it done. And always call Chris with any questions it's his duty.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Gerald B

(5) 2/21/2018 Weatherford

They did thèir work,they wère òn time, They were very frieñdly and wère a plèasùre work with.

Mover's response:
Thanks for choosing us. By far and I mean in the last 10 years of watching the moving business. Hireahelper has the best understanding of jobs and how to set them up. I would not pass up the chance to book now and here with Hireahelper. Their are others out there that just don't compare. Moving can be frustrating. But with Hireahelper you get the most knowledgeable service I have seen.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sharon T

(4) 2/20/2018 Frisco

They were great, but they scratched my new refrigerator in several places trying to get it thru the front door. Disappointed in that. Otherwise, they worked very hard.

Mover's response:
Great Scott, thanks for the understanding, we actually got rid of that crew, they just weren't at are standards, we work hard and late, in the rain, sleet an snow. I know they tried but they were just worn out. We wish them the best. They are looking for smaller jobs that end earlier. We like to work till it's done. We can take on 3 job's a day with each crew if possible. Accident's do happen tho, be prepared.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Aaron P

(5) 2/18/2018 Dallas

They were on time, courteous, quick and professional. Thank you and will use again!

Joshua S

(5) 2/17/2018 Dallas

Super fast and easy. The guys were efficient and super nice. Thanks

Rebecca M

(4) 2/16/2018 Richland Hills

The helpers arrived a few minutes early. They were upbeat and energetic. They worked hard and were organized. I woukd use them again.

Dellary O

(4) 2/14/2018 Fort Worth

The mover's showed up on time and started on time. They were fully prepared for the move. The work was done at a pace that allowed the job to be done in the allotted time. The guys did not muddle around to try to stretch the job out. They were very concerned with my property and took the time to place padding under certain items to make sure that they did not get damaged. I would definitely recommend and or use these guys again.

Gerald B

(3) 2/13/2018 Weatherford

Workers were ok. The price was ridiculous.

Mover's response:
We shouldn't be getting a review about price. That is not in our hands it in yours, you chose us. Odd. And you chose us again above and paid for even more hours. I don't get it. Maybe you realized later not to book other movers. I don't know.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sid L

(5) 2/7/2018 Denton

The team was awesome! Very professional, polite, respectful and courteous! My original movers canceled @ 10pm the night before the delivery truck was scheduled to arrive so I was in a real jam. I found Hire A Helper on line @ 1am. Chris Fagan, the owner/manager called me @ 4:45am @ had the team of 3 on location by 9:15am the same day. Very impressive! I will highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services in the DFW area. Thank you Chris & team!!!!

Ruth K

(5) 2/1/2018 Fort Worth

These guys were efficient and knew their business!! Wow.

Jose D

(5) 1/31/2018 Addison

They were FANTASTIC! On time, worked extremely hard - they made sure our items were loaded correctly. Polite, courteous and they worked extremely fast. I recommend them highly - worth every penny!

Nicole W

(5) 1/20/2018 Dallas

David and Cody did a fantastic job! They actually finished an hour earlier than expected even with 3 flights of stairs to navigate...shame they can't follow me out of state and unload my truck too...I will spread the word that this is the team you want to do your lifting and carrying...they even strategically placed everything and made sure it was secure to avoid shifting during my long drive! High five guys!

Richard N

(5) 1/18/2018 Garland

Workers did an excellent job of packing the pod. They were on time. Definitely would use them again.

Cheri N

(5) 1/16/2018 Euless

Great service! Would use again!

Kirk C

(5) 1/15/2018 The Colony

Rob and crew did a great job. They took care of my furniture like it was their own and they were meticulous in wrapping items and handling them with care. I will use then again on the next move.

Stephen M

(5) 1/14/2018 Princeton

Were they on time? Yes Were they prepared for the job? Yes Did they work hard? Yes Were they respectful of your property and goods? Yes Would you use them again? Yes

Jonathan S

(5) 1/13/2018 Midlothian

We used three unloaders to unload our two pods and they did a wonderful job. They we're very friendly and didn't damage a single thing. They stayed within our 4 hour time line and were able to get everything done. I highly recommend their services and would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks moving has so many variables. Each job is different. Were moving up so fast. We strive to please every customer. Remember reviews are for me to know how my crew did. Not personable issues.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Nona C

(5) 1/12/2018 Mesquite

I have nothing else to say they were hard workers did a good job when I got back home to New Jersey the guys here but very very good thank you for your help it was well appreciated

Mover's response:
Go Go Go.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Greg I

(2) 1/11/2018 Keller

The packers did a good job packing my pod and were friendly. The issue is they told me they rounded up the time only after they finished and I still had over 30 minutes to the end of the hour. This meant I could have used them longer but it was also wrong. When I called to make payment they said they billed in half hour increments but because I agreed to the 5 hours they paid them that amount and would not adjust my time. It wasn’t worth the argument so I paid it but I was disappointed. It’s Too bad because the guys did pretty good work but either don’t understand the policy or do this on purpose to get paid more time.

Mover's response:
He was ask if it was 4.5 to 5 hrs. We ask him and Hireahelper to see what time was with that time. Not us. He just mention to us it was 5 but then tried to readjust before he paid not after he paid. And then after he still chose 5 hours and paid after,a few days of thinking. We are efficient and safe. So I don't know what problems was. I even personally offered to go back there. But job was done with nothing else to do. No bathroom break or breaks, no lunch break, with free walkthrough
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sharon T

(5) 12/30/2017 Frisco

They took the time to wrap everything carefully. Excellent workers and friendly. They loaded and I will probably hire the same crew in 4 weeks to unload in the new house. I would recommend them to everyone!

Mover's response:
Every now and then we get a soggy day. But not this day. Make sure you don't try and run my crews your job will take longer and longer. We have a way. Go go go.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Verna G

(5) 12/29/2017 Azle

Our two helpers were excellent. On time (came early). Worked very hard, and we would definitely use them again.

Benjamin W

(5) 12/27/2017 Carrollton


Sumit M

(5) 12/21/2017 The Colony

Very professional. We actually had some stuff not completely packed and they helped with that too. Also they had extra duct tape and furniture pads. Very quick with the service and extremely easy to work with.

Ronald F

(5) 12/20/2017 Fairview

They worked hard, friendly, and very respectful . I would hire them in the future and would highly reccomend to anyone needing help

Jane E

(5) 12/18/2017 Fort Worth

We had 2 guys Bob and Adam. They arrived promptly at 8:00 as scheduled. They worked efficiently, took care to protect all furniture, covering with pads or cutting extra boxes for additional padding. Packed pod like a puzzle maximizing space. I couldn’t ask for any better service. Highly recommend these guys!!

Bill P

(5) 12/17/2017 Lantana

Such a great help!!! Hard workers and they know what they are doing!!! Would definitely use them again and recommend to anyone needing help!!!

Alina F

(5) 12/16/2017 Haslet

My third time using Hire A Helper and I thoroughly recommend the guys from Rental Truck Help LLC. they arrived on time, asked to come through the house where everything would be placed and immediately went to work. Courteous and respectful of your things, always checking as to where I would like items placed. They even set up my beds and removed moving blankets and shrink wrap without me asking which was awesome. Work done fast and efficient. I highly recommend their labor service.

Becky G

(5) 12/15/2017 Little Elm

They went above and beyond to get me moved. Both guys worked really hard and I had some large items they had to deal with such as an oversized fridge and an upright piano! They were awesome!

Rex L

(5) 12/14/2017 Denison

Very prompt and courteous

Pamela W

(5) 12/12/2017 Cedar Hill

They were on time, pleasant, prepared no complaints and yes respectful of my property and goods. Yes I would use them again!

Christine D

(5) 12/3/2017 Coppell

Responded right away. Set up an appointment the same day and they were at my house to help within a few hours. Great communication. Extremely helpful, nice, friendly and respectful. The movers were a blessing and the reason we got our house packed and our pod loaded with the maximum space. We highly recommend using their service. Very efficient and knowledgeable.

David A

(5) 12/2/2017 Fairview

Arrived on time and got right to work. They really worked their butts off getting my uncooperative King Matteress and oversized washer dryer into my 3rd floor apartment. There was no elevator. Will definitely use these guys again in the future.

Kris B

(5) 12/1/2017 Arlington

Rob and Adam did a very good job. I had absolutely no problems with them. They both had great attitudes, were polite, and took care of my stuff effectively and extremely efficient. I would highly recommend them to someone else needing help moving. Thanks for the help. It was worth the money spent!

Mover's response:
Thanks, remember our guys would not work for just an hour, they get paid a minimum as well. We get silly request about hr job's, those are fine but you pay the minimum. Also we have customers that have no clue how to run a moving business. If you book say 3 or 4 crew members, you get a crew leader, an assistant to crew leader a small item carrier and box and padder (padder depending on load or unload) Some people think you get 3-4 crew leaders that does not work.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jan R

(5) 11/29/2017 Arlington

We're doing remodeling and we got a pod for the driveway these Two Fellas came in took apart everything put it all in the pod and did it in 2 hours they were wonderful we will use them again I'll tell everybody about them. Arlington Texas

Paul M

(5) 11/24/2017 Burleson

Great, work and workers. Very quick, efficient and professional. I am glad I hired them and wish they were here on my end to help me unload.

David V

(5) 11/20/2017 Plano

They were great. I would definitely use them again. They arrived on time and worked professionally and efficiently to complete the move.

Carol P

(5) 11/20/2017 Plano

They were fantastic in everyway!!!

Sally O

(5) 11/19/2017 McKinney

This company provided excellent service, I used them to help me unload a truck I drove from out of state. They were on time, asked me where I wanted the items moved to in my apartment and explained how they were going to move them up 3 flights of stairs. They took no more time than what as needed and were very courteous and polite. Pricing was affordable with awesome service

Jane T

(5) 11/18/2017 Little Elm

Arrived on time. They were very friendly and very high energy. I would recommend them to anyone. They treated my furniture with great care.

Garry T

(5) 11/18/2017 Irving

Great guys....very personable.....meticulous in their efforts.....finished ahead of time....Highly recommended!!!

Lauren B

(5) 11/16/2017 Lewisville

They were on time and prepared.

Mover's response:
#1 For load job's. Customer's always be aware and get enough pads. Without pads that's what causes damages not the movers. It's a cost you have to be prepared to pay. We even bring some if requested, however they are extra cost. But if you do the math a pad cost less then damages. It's your damages not ours if it's not padded. So you lose out not us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Gayle P

(5) 11/11/2017 Rockwall

The team was on time and totally prepared for my job. They were super professional but personable (and funny) as well. They were really efficient and careful with everything, and even volunteered to do part of the moving job I had planned to do myself - and they still finished early! I couldn't be more pleased with their work.

Mover's response:
#1 For load job's. Customer's always be aware and get enough pads. Without pads that's what causes damages not the movers. It's a cost you have to be prepared to pay. We even bring some if requested, however they are extra cost. But if you do the math a pad cost less then damages. It's your damages not ours if it's not padded. So you lose out not us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Phillip or Sharon P

(5) 11/11/2017 Dallas

On time! Great work, filled the pod top to bottom

Mover's response:
#1 For load job's. Customer's always be aware and get enough pads. Without pads that's what causes damages not the movers. It's a cost you have to be prepared to pay. We even bring some if requested, however they are extra cost. But if you do the math a pad cost less then damages. It's your damages not ours if it's not padded. So you lose out not us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Brenda S

(5) 11/8/2017 Anna

The two helpers were wonderful. Perfectly on time. Congenial and hard workers. Highly recommend.

Mover's response:
#1 For load job's. Customer's always be aware and get enough pads. Without pads that's what causes damages not the movers. It's a cost you have to be prepared to pay. We even bring some if requested, however they are extra cost. But if you do the math a pad cost less then damages. It's your damages not ours if it's not padded. So you lose out not us.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Sharon S

(5) 11/7/2017 Denton

They called early that morning and later when on the way and were so nice! They came on time had all supplies and did a very efficient job! I would recommend them to all my friends.

John R

(5) 11/4/2017 Farmersville

We rented 2 people for 3 hours from Rental Truck Help LLC. They were by far the most economical choice of the three estimates we received. They arrived early, to see if we were ready and could start early to save daylight. They brought there own tools, dolly, and moving blankets, and unloaded one 16 ft and one 7 fr POD within the 3 hours contracted, so we did not have to pay for any additional time. They also assembled a large 5 piece corner computer desk, and set up a 300 lb printing press within the 3 hours. They worked fast and hard, and you could tell they were experienced, because they were careful not to bump walls and doorways. In one respect it was easier than some moves, in that we had no stairs for them to maneuver. I would definitely hire this company again.

Mover's response:
Thanks. 3 most important things, on job socially are we do not talk about money an time on job, ask for reviews, and we do not work for tips, however they are greatly appreciated. Those guys get left in the dust. We are not there to strech your hours. We just get it done. And always call Chris with any questions it's his duty.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Farideh M

(5) 11/3/2017 McKinney

they were good timing efficent

Marianne N

(4) 10/31/2017 Fort Worth

Was very pleased with the crew. Hard working and focused on task. Did awesome job filling my pod.

Mover's response:
Remember with us you get a team. We all work together. Its are backs. We are the machines. We are now into our fall season. Enjoy the holidays.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mark H

(4) 10/30/2017 Plano

They were a little late and had some issues getting one appliance and one couch moved, but all in all they did a good job. They had the tools they needed, and did not damage anything.

Mover's response:
This was the 2nd day. you had an 8-9am start on both first day was closer to 8am. 2nd day this one was 8:37am. Maybe check your watch batteries. we started well within our range. We sat behind construction truck in your neighborhood waiting and then got through. We were moving in house by 845am. LATE would be arriving after 9am. No damage is key.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Rob M

(5) 10/25/2017 Dallas

Very happy with my experience, the staff arrived on time, were courteous and worked hard for the duration. I'd highly recommend them.

Mover's response:
Thanks finally some customers are catching on. If your furniture is not padded its not protected by you us or anyone. Always include furniture pads in your moving cost. They add up fast. Im not sure why people are using reviews to blames us for their mistake of not including pads. Maybe wait till you can afford to move or plan ahead better. We stress without pads. We can't do our job
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dovie L

(5) 10/23/2017 Fort Worth

Adam and Rob were wonderful and helpful. Both arrived on time, and prepared to work. They not only respected my family member, they also respected our personnel belongings. Thank you for everything

Terranicia H

(5) 10/21/2017 Addison

They did an incredible job and were professional the entire time. I was traveling from another state and got caught in traffic, but they were flexible with the start time, which was still within the original 1-hour window. Because my job was small, it didn't take much time, but they were in and out in 45 minutes. Definitely worth the expense if you are on the fence.

Mover's response:
Thanks, remember our guys would not work for just an hour, they get paid a minimum as well. We get silly request about hr job's, those are fine but you pay the minimum. Also we have customers that have no clue how to run a moving business. If you book say 3 or 4 crew members, you get a crew leader, an assistant to crew leader a small item carrier and box and padder (padder depending on load or unload) Some people think you get 3-4 crew leaders that does not work.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ronald W

(2) 10/19/2017 Argyle

Left the job incomplete on direction of their manager. Do not use!

Mover's response:
They just didnt book enogh time or want any extra hours. 2 pods unload plus a load and unload of 2 storage units in rental truck for same day and only wanted 3 hours. We ask to stay. it was,easily a 5 -7 hour job. I was very upset we started this job at 6am. and left at 9am. just silly. im still confused we dont work for free. they tried telling my guys to stay no pay. Boss says no way. Gotta pay to stay. why did we start at 6am. i have no idea.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Rebecca W

(2) 10/18/2017 Sachse

I am sorry to say they did not pack my truck to protect my belongings. They packed way to high in the truck when there was no need to do so, conciqently things fell all over the truck. They wrapped a metal walker but did not protect a antique 1930's mirror that ended up broken to pieces. So I ended up very unhappy. All the planning in the office was great. But the movers had no shrink wrapping that would of helped.

Mover's response:
Here again you did not get or want anymore pads. This is not our fault. We can leave it behind if you want. Also strech wrap is not a pad it's a dirt dust protector. I always,say Wow they dont want this padded really. Makes no sense. We have to pack truck so you can get it all in. Or you can get smaller truck and leave some behind. And buy mirror boxes. Simple fix.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jennifer D

(5) 10/16/2017 Hurst

Chris was great to work with in scheduling and extra time. The crew was super fast, professional and packed my truck perfectly for the 2,800 mike trip across the country. Not a single thing was broken and the ‘walls’ they built to minimize shifting worked perfectly. I really wish I’d had this crew on the other end of the trip to help with the unload.

Iyonia N

(2) 10/14/2017 bedford

Where do I begin: POD wasn't packed properly, the POD people inform me it can fit 3 to 4 bedroom and I only had 2 bedroom apartment which 1/3 of my items didn't make it into the POD because of this I have to order a 2nd POD. Which means I have to hire more movers to put the additional items that were left into the 2nd POD. I suggested two dollies but instead they sent two women that were unable to carry the heavy items in which it took longer. In closing I now have to pay for another POD more movers and an a extra hour of work for an uncompleted job. This was not a great experience on today however great customer service though. Next time send all men not 2 women and 2 men. I will not use this company anymore.

Mover's response:
We filled pod you had all the way that you were not prepared for anymore.. Job completed on our side. I do hope you get your job completed though. I wish you would have listened to us not your boyfriend. He was just too inexperienced you lost control of your move. We can only help. You'll see with your next set of movers. I bet you thank us later. And this was 3 crew for 3hrs which we had to add time. You have awhole house on that 3rd floor. 1 pod full house can take 3-5 hours easy on ground
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Greg H

(5) 10/11/2017 Terrell

Hard worker's with a pleasant attitude

Jesse N

(5) 10/8/2017 Aubrey

They arrived on time and made quick work of the job. They made sure to wrap and protect the appliances. Very satisfied.

Mover's response:
We are not the pods delivery service. We are just the labor. Also if your pod is full we have nothing to do with your extra stuff. However you can get another pod. Once again our review become someone else fault. I guess were that shoulder to lean on. However your allowing other movers that are not that good to move up in rankings over your mistakes and poor reviews. Wait till you actually book bad movers that mess up. Dont set up next customer for failure.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mark T

(5) 10/7/2017 Lake Kiowa

These guys were awesome! They worked their tales off and never complained! This the first time we have had movers who not only did their job exceptionally well, but never had anything negative to say and so professional. They arrived on time and ready to work and took such care of our property. Would hire them again in a second!

Lee S

(5) 10/4/2017 McKinney

They were on time and did a great job. I would definitely hire them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks. we are no longer loading anything not padded. Customers that go cheap get damages and think were gonna pay. So if its not padded its not getting loaded by us. Simple fix.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Christina C

(5) 10/2/2017 The Colony

They were early and worked very hard. Completed job in under two hours. Very polite and helpful. Thank you for all of your hard work today!

Evan B

(5) 9/30/2017 Dallas

Rental Truck Help LLC was amazing! Completely loaded our 3 bedroom house in 2 hours in our PODS. We would recommend then to anyone and would definitely use them again if we weren't moving away from Dallas!

Casey B

(3) 9/28/2017 Fort Worth

Guys were friendly. Got close to 3 HR point and I could tell they started to rush. Had to ask them to cover a few items of furniture before loading. Some unnessisary scratched on a few items due to the sudden rush. Probably would not use again.

Mover's response:
We don't have a stopping point, you the customer does if you want. You ask not to wrap anymore furniture to get it done. Like i said it cost you not us, but yet customers do feel better and sometimes blame us, sometimes reviews just make customer's feel better about their mistakes, we prefer to stay and do it right. Damages cost more then time. It's really your 3 star us 5. Think about it for a few minutes. What's not protected isn't protected.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Eldon H

(4) 9/28/2017 Fort Worth

They were here on time very nice guys. New what they were there for and went right to work and finished on time. No problems.

Brenda O

(5) 9/26/2017 Fort Worth

Very pleasant men. Went above and beyond what was expected. Handled everything would care. Treated respectfully

Donyale C

(5) 9/22/2017 Arlington

Communication in advance and leading up to scheduled time was appreciated. The gentlemen were personable, timely, and took additional steps of caring to protect doors and walls. Ray, the owner was a great guy (he conducted my move) he is about that action! #get'erdone with professional care.

Philomena M

(5) 9/21/2017 Murphy

These guys awesome. On time. Such hard workers. Such lovely respectful young men...

Mover's response:
Thanks, and to make is clear simple and plain. you the customer if you rent a truck, get as many pads if you can. It's not our fault if you run out. We can't work magic, pads our part of the job and more important then us, not vice versa. We even have pad's too. but they cost one way pad's. However damages cost more then pads. So get pad's. You can't blame us, if your not prepared.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Katherine M

(5) 9/20/2017 Mabank

Will use these guys again!

Liza T

(2) 9/20/2017 McKinney

They were on time and stayed way longer than booked, to ensure as much of our belongs were loaded, for that they were great. However much of our furniture was dinged, scratched and dented. I asked that furniture be wrapped to protect it against damage and was told they did not wrap any furniture, but ensured it would not get dirty. Our stainless steel refrigerator traveled laying down in a our 12ft rental truck instead of the 26 footer and other stuff was stacked on it which caused dings and dents. While I provided 2 dozen moving blankets, they used and charged me for additional paper moving pads they said would protect the items which they did not. My review is mixed because they completed a job quick took 8 hours, but I was very upset when unloading to see my furniture dinged, scratched, and dented.

Mover's response:
You were short on pads by 30 atleast. We wrap all furniture, We only use ours if needed because they cost extra. The fault is you didnt have enough pads. please dont blame us. The problem was no pads and you didnt want it to take longer to pad so you chose not to get any more. You were informed from the beginning. Pads are more important then us. it could have saved you. Your overflow truck was a small 10ft we couldnt stand in niether could fridge from garage which you request load last.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Larry L

(5) 9/18/2017 Paris

Arrived on time, and completed job on time. Everything went according to plan. Would use again if needed.

Ruth J

(5) 9/16/2017 McKinney

Chris and his crew were fantastic. Arrived on time and worked quickly and carefully unpacking our pod.

Mover's response:
Customers we beg you to get pads. Going cheap and to save a buck will cost you more in damages. I dont understand this. Your adults dont blame others take charge stand up and get pads when you rent a truck otherwise why get us either. Might as well just throw it on. Doesnt make sense.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Truman M

(5) 9/15/2017 Forney

Chris and his team were in constant contact with me to adjust their arrival time based upon the preceding job. They arrived when they said they would and immediately started unloading my 2 PODS. They got done faster than I estimated - which was a good thing! I would definitely use them again.

Mover's response:
Chris is one of the best we have in the nation. However we ask him to get the crews in line and get all material for jobs as needed. Every now and then he might go on a job. He over sees all operations.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )


(5) 9/14/2017 Rockwall

Great communication and stellar service!! Highly recommend!!!!

Mover's response:
Lately truck jobs have been not so good customer. With the hurricanes. Truck shortage. no pads. makes for grumpy customers. We can all get through this. And if you can get more pads please do so. We cant be pro's if you don't let us use whats needed. More pads is better then no pads. Spend a little more can save way more in damages. Do the math.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Edith E

(5) 9/11/2017 Grapevine

These two guys did a great job. They took care of my belongings as if it was their own. They were very easy to work with and was very fast. I would definitely recommend them.

Ron E

(5) 9/10/2017 Carrollton

They did a great job. Communication was excellent before and during the move. They showed up as they promised, worked very hard and packed efficiently and professionally. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

Amy C

(5) 9/7/2017 Covington

They did a fabulous job. I would hire them again in the future.

Karen S

(5) 9/1/2017 Plano

this company was fabulous. Advance notification complete information and an impeccable job packing the things that I had to move. They helped me approximately one year ago and I am just now Taking the time to give them the wonderful review they deserve!

Tim M

(5) 9/1/2017 McKinney

Efficient, professional.

Daniel B

(4) 8/31/2017 Dallas

Good guys, did a very efficient job. Took about 45 minutes to load my entire 1 bedroom apartment on a 5th floor to the elevator down to my relocube. Both guys were very personable and were in uniform which was nice.

Kat K

(1) 8/27/2017 Royse City

I would NEVER wish the treatment and service I received on anyone. Not only were they slow but they were RUDE and lazy. The used profanity directed towards myself and sister. I had them scheduled for 3 hours, 8-11, because they were carrying in things like a 1lb rake one by one I SUGGESTED they use their dolly to speed up the process. That wasn't relayed to the other movers from their "foreman" well. After they put stuff all over my house(didn't put it in the rooms they were labled as) they said they were going to leave(40 minutes early). I told them all 3 of them needed to stay and finish moving the boxes to the correct room, he(the foreman) PUNCHES thru the one unlabeled box, saw it was cleaning supplies then THREW it across my living room. That bust open several of the containers inside there. I called the boss man and he just kept saying they were frustrated and I WAS NOT going to get my money back for the 40 minutes because they have a 3 hour minimum. Like I said, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Mover's response:
We were actually told by HAH to flag this review. The truck was unloaded in 2 hrs an 20 min. You were even late on your end to start. We stayed after you said we were not going to put anything together that we were there just to unload truck. You said no assembly. And then did a backflip on us and went sour from there. We stayed and once couch was assembled time was called by you at 2 hrs 55min. No refund for time as our services state when booked. I believe you just wanted 2hrs but booked 3.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Robert H

(5) 8/24/2017 Argyle

They showed up on time ready to work. Both men were very friendly, and they took great care handling our items, nothing was damaged. They finished in the first 2 hours, this was due to their hard work, and no waisted time. We we would use them again, and would recommend them highly to others.

Mover's response:
When booking somehow customer are missing the part that we don't refund time. Please if your on a budget. Book wisely. Don't cause frustration. We do not talk about time on a job.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kelly B

(5) 8/19/2017 Aubrey

Good guys to work with.

Mover's response:
When you book. Remember. You booked a time slot. If we get done amazingly fast. We can help within our moving limits. We can't open unlabeled boxes for unpacking on an unload. We can't replace that unused time and get another customer. BOOK wisely. Please read are services. We don't refund and only leave when you say so. We can't talk about time on a job.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dave V

(4) 8/15/2017 Plano

The movers were good, right on time. Since they were waiting at the apartment gate they slashed 30mims off. Also we took a few mins for lunch and they slashed another 30 mins. They are good but I wish they were super fast so I would have given excellent. Anyways the job is done.

Mover's response:
If you want it done faster then don't offer lunch. That's odd. It was not a big load and unload. It's your time. We could have beat rush hr home. So we give you 4 stars as well. We didn't start time till you let us in gate. We waited 30 minutes. Also book ahead dont wait til last day. We can't plan ahead if your not prepared
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dona G

(5) 8/7/2017 Plano

Nice guys and hard workers. I wasn't sure they would be able to get everything loaded into a 16 ft pod but they made it work.

Debbie K

(5) 8/5/2017 Plano

I really appreciate all of the assistance this team provided. They were so careful with all of my belongings and were professional and friendly at the same time. Highly recommend!

Fred W

(5) 8/3/2017 Springtown

I had two man crew who delayed their arrival due to rain and with my blessing. They were prepared for the job, were very knowledgeable, worked very well together as well as with us, when we were able to assist. Their respect for our property resulted in no found marks, scratches, etc. In addition to be willing to use them again, I wish that I had been able to use them as our loading crew. Fred W, Springtown, Texas

Carole M

(5) 8/1/2017 Frisco

These two guys showed up on time (8am), dressed appropriately, were very careful with my items, and filled every spec of space in my pod! It took them 2 hours to fill a 16 ft pod as everything was already in boxes and out in the garage. They came prepared with paper, rope, and tools. They were polite and knew what they were doing. One guy had been a mover for 17 yrs and the other 20yrs. I would HIGHLY recommend them!

Mover's response:
Thanks. Just so other customers know everything was in the garage. It was a fast load. 16ft pod typically is, 3 to 5 hours depending on house. Distance. And stairs
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Debbie K

(5) 8/1/2017 Plano

Great job! They were polite, professional, and very hard working.

Kyle K

(5) 7/25/2017 McKinney

Very professional and hard working.

Tim & Laura M

(5) 7/24/2017 Bridgeport

We loved Rob and Riley! They were on time, worked hard through the heat, and were great at getting everything in the POD. Thanks so much.

Eloyce B

(5) 7/17/2017 Sherman

The team showed up on time and were prepared for the job. They were very polite, respectful and friendly. Bob and Adam(I believe that was their names) got right to work. They worked as a very effective team. I will definitely recommend your services and I would use them again.

Mover's response:
Thanks, and remember if you have a dinner date or somewhere else to be, damages cost more then time. so be prepared pick another day if you have more important things going on other then your move. Were here to help you. Speed kills. Were efficient and safe.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kevin F

(5) 7/17/2017 Wylie

Chris and his crew were prompt. The were very professional and polite! The brought everything they needed and even anticipated my needs. They even finished ahead of time with quality work. Absolutely, I would use them again!!

Sacha M

(5) 7/14/2017 Euless

Both sets of movers were extremely courteous from Rental Truck Help LLC. I was very grateful to have them helping. The second set of helpers actually were very understanding when I came down with food poisoning during the move. They even took the time to help me to the door when they were complete with getting my belongings inside. I would hire the guys from Rental Truck Help LLC again and I will surely recommend them to anyone who needs the help! Thanks again Chris and your team from Rental Truck Help LLC!!! Many blessings to you all!

Shawn S

(5) 7/13/2017 Southlake

They arrived early and worked hard to unload my PODS. Very professional and polite.

Linda S

(5) 7/11/2017 Dallas

The team were fast, efficient, professional and really flexible (we ran into timing issues with our delivery with another company and they accommodated me no questions asked).

Mover's response:
Thanks, always remember if you want extra time we can stay. However don't have us stay if your a complainer. I am the boss and can say forget about it. We can leave. Sorta silly to say stay then whine about it. We offer suggestion to speed up process. Stage boxes somewhere else. If you are in a hurry for dentist appointment maybe book us a different day. SIMPLE.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Nathan C

(3) 7/8/2017 Little Elm

The father/son team that arrived to help us unload our 26' truck were respectful, careful, and in some ways, went the extra mile. Our main issue with the service was the fact that they were NOT very fast at all. We had allotted for a 2-man team to unload our truck within 4 hours based off of the experience that we had with our first team that loaded the truck. This team (for the most part) had absolutely no sense of urgency. After observing the speed at which they were moving, I decided to have them just place the boxes in one or two rooms in order to speed up the process. With this said, they ended up needing an additional 1.5 hours to finish unloading the truck. My past experience with moving is that unloading always takes less time than loading the truck. This was our main frustration. Other than that, they did quality work. It just took too long.

Mover's response:
The truck was actually loaded poorly. When it's done right and say same house unload would be faster. When it's loaded fast and done wrong it can take just as long to unload. And you had us put together stuff that was not taken apart by the other movers on the clock. And before staging which was our idea to speed It up the first half you had us bring up to 2nd floor. And you moved out of a single level with most of your boxes loaded from garage. It all adds up. And we do it the right way.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Christine R

(3) 7/6/2017 Dallas

The Movers were on time and completed the job within 2 hours. All they had to do was dismantle the washer and dryer and queen size bed and place them and my boxed items into the container. The Movers saved the bed for last to dismantle and load. They said they taken out all the screws from the frame of the bed, wrapped them in paper and taped them to the wooden blocks belonging to the bed. However, upon putting together the bed and looking over the screws, nuts and bolts that they package there were a few missing screws, nuts and bolts. I have gone through all the packaging from the bed frame in hopes to finding those missing parts. I have gone to the hardware store with what I have to replace the ones that were missing. None of the stores that I went to have those sizes. I just purchased this frame 10 months ago, which wasn't cheap. I'm left up a creek without a paddle. I'm thinking I'll have to buy a new bed frame.

Mover's response:
Thanks, remember to check drawers. Also do a walk through of empty truck or pod. We find bolts,all the time from other moves inside trucks or pods. And most bed,are already missing parts. The unloaders may have misplaced them or missed them all together. If we get to an unload we do our best to put it back together if your missing parts. Some unloaders just refuse to help everyone out or they were tired. Being an Ikea bed. I'm pretty sure they just didn't want to mess with it. Id like to see th
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Matt W

(5) 7/5/2017 Lake Dallas

Love these Guys!

Mover's response:
Always be prepared for issues not yet thought about. Distance, size of house, door sizes, how many floors. 3rd floor apartments take 3 times longer then 1st. If you were a mover you wouldn't hire us. You hire us because we are movers.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kay B

(5) 7/2/2017 Fort Worth

They never stopped working!! They were extremely professional. Took great care with everything!! I would recommend them to everyone I know. Being a single woman...I was a little worried. First - Chris answered all my questions and reduced my anxiety level. Second - the team packers were great. They took great care with all of my belongings. I never felt uncomfortable- You know what I am talking about if you are a single woman. They were the best. Thanks so much for making my move EASY!!

Mover's response:
We try and be safe as possible. We have our own pads. You can buy from us on the job no hassle. No need to mess around with ordering them or picking them up.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Michelle M

(5) 7/1/2017 Fort Worth

Hi, the team that was at my house move was a great team, respectful and hardworking team, was raining and that does not stop them. Great service!!!

Mover's response:
We may end up changing our availability to stay on jobs based on customers who didn't book enough hours. For now we stay if needed. But sometimes it's just not worth it. Please have time yourself to move. Clear your schedule it's moving day. We are there to help you. Don't abuse the system.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Julie W

(5) 6/30/2017 Mckinney

I would recommend them. They were friendly and courteous.

Mover's response:
This is Texas it is summer. If you moved from somewhere else the heat can slow things down. Be prepared.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Ken W

(5) 6/30/2017 Flower Mound

The team arrived on time and after a short walk through, they got to work wrapping furniture and quickly and efficiently loaded the container. They were mindful of the weight distribution front to back and side to side. They clearly have loaded containers before. It was loaded in such a manner that there was space remaining at the end of the container for us to load any additional small items. Overall, my wife and I were very pleased with the service provided and we feel it was money well spent.

Mover's response:
Summer is here remember we don't need extra time. But if you do we are here for now. To help you out. Just ask. We can stay if needed.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Matt W

(5) 6/29/2017 Flower Mound

Hope they can help move me in next week as well

Ali E

(5) 6/18/2017 Keller

Very professional folks - Chris and Tony. Was a pleasure doing business with you.

Melissa C

(5) 6/16/2017 Denton

They did an excellent job: arrived early, worked tirelessly in the heat, expertly packed our belongings into the truck, and were so kind and respectable! We would definitely use them again!

Cyndi D

(5) 6/15/2017 Gun Barrel City

Great attitude. Hard working. Very professional!

Paula B

(5) 6/12/2017 Mabank

on time, no breaks, did all they were asked, personable, would use again.

Gabrielle S

(5) 6/10/2017 Frisco

Rob and Riley saved the day. They had to come in after a horrible other company loaded our pod where everything would have broken. These guys were super sweet, respectful, and hard working. I am still amazed at how much they got into our pod safely. They probably saved us $1600 from having to get another long distance pod. You get what you pay for, and in this case it rang very true!!!

Mover's response:
Thanks. We train for pods. So many don't know how to tie off or load correctly. We separate ourselves from other companies that have moved into the moving labor where they book and send out a whole crew who and if your lucky one guy has 6 months experience. With us. One guy on job has 15 years. Ask your crew if they got picked up at a day labor place. They might take you for a ride with your belongings. Damage cost more then good help. We are not day labor. Just Pro's. You can sit back and relax
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )


(5) 6/9/2017 MCKINNEY

On time fast and very courteous. It was raining hard at the time the move was scheduled and they delayed start time for an hour to accommodate so our things wouldn't get soaked. Very pleased with their service. Would definitely recommend them.

Mover's response:
Thanks, a reminder to customers we can pack too. Usually with your boxes. Sometimes same day or day before load job. If you want us to pack make sure to plan ahead of schedule. One pod is ok to pack same day and then load it. But any more can take awhile. We can do it with our boxes too. But it will be discussed after booking. Sometimes it's a mixture of both. Most customers pack their own boxes before hand. This is just for customer wondering if we can pack too. The answer is yes.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Rob R

(4) 6/6/2017 Mesquite

On time and worked constantly the entire time.

Maureen B

(4) 6/3/2017 Sachse

Friendly, on time, careful, considerate. My only concern was even though we did have a lot of stuff, and it was a big job, it took a really long time. I think it could've gone a little faster. But I like the crew and yes I would use them again.

Mover's response:
Remember you can always stop time. That's under your control. Imagine if you would have had cheaper less experienced guys. It would have taken twice as long. Be prepared. And considered adding more guys next time. "BIG JOB"
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Tena B

(5) 6/3/2017 Garland

Couldn't have found better movers for this very stressful move. They were kind helpful efficient and very careful with my things. Loved them!!!!!

Rob L

(5) 5/28/2017 Roanoke

Outstanding service, I will be using them again when I move in six months. On time and fully prepared to handle the job.

Jesse B

(5) 5/26/2017 Lewisville

Rob and Riley did a great job and took care of our fragile items. Highly recommend them and I will be using them to move into our new home.

Blake S

(5) 5/22/2017 Addison

Incredibly friendly and efficient. Assumes edge case needs and was cautious about surroundings to not damage anything. Finished early.

Jerry J

(5) 5/19/2017 Bowie

The guys did an excellent job with very little direction. They were on time and worked the entire time.

Belinda W

(5) 5/16/2017 Irving

The movers were professional. They took great care in moving my items while managing not to damage or scratch my walls. I would highly recommend these movers. The one gentleman had 16 years of moving experience and it showed. They methodically packed my POD. I couldn't have done it alone. They did a tremendous job. Thank You!!!!!

Mover's response:
Thanks, yeah i just reached my 16th year as a pro mover. Greatly appreciated.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kathryn E

(5) 5/9/2017 Euless

They completed the job in a timely matter and were efficient.

Natalya M

(5) 5/6/2017 Roanoke

Professional, courteous, fast.

Michael H

(5) 4/22/2017 Plano

Great Work!

Venita A

(5) 4/11/2017 Canton

Packed every inch they could into my Pod. Wasted no time.

James D

(5) 4/1/2017 Prosper

This is the most efficient way to secure help. It was easy. Plus one of the most important attributes I like is that they were on time and stayed on task. Job was finished well within the time limit.

Linda S

(5) 3/29/2017 Plano

They were the best movers I have ever had. They worked fast and took care of everything. I would highly recommend them.

Ana G

(5) 3/16/2017 Southlake

Outstanding job. Chris and his team help us organize and move our items out to a POD. He was very professional and great to work with. Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Frederick N

(5) 3/14/2017 McKinney

Excellent people to work with.

Kim E

(5) 3/10/2017 Burleson

The guys actually showed up early and got right to work and did a great job packing my POD. They were knowledgeable and cared about my belongings. I would recommend them anytime.

Robert D

(4) 3/8/2017 Corsicana

Showed up and finished on schedule. I would recommend this company for any move.

Thomas S

(5) 3/5/2017 Aubrey

Best service experience ever! We really appreciated the time and hard work provided to us. Guys we're prepared and didn't stop until the job was done. Would totally recommend!

Mover's response:
Thanks, keep it simple. Well respected.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jackie G

(5) 3/4/2017 Paris

Fixed a situation. the other mover had done by not securing it These helpers unloaded everything smoothly and carefully. I was impressed on the job done.

Mover's response:
Remember we work for you, at your expense. If you can move the furniture yourself please do so and do not book us. Reviews are for people who respect us. Remember did your stuff get damaged by us, was it done right, throw and go cheap crews that run through your furniture can go fast, but damage cost more. Don't complain about getting it done right. LOL
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mary D

(3) 3/4/2017 Kingston

A man and woman showed up on time, but the woman, who worked very hard, was obviously not as experienced or as strong as the man. Therefore, it took them six hours to do a four hour job, at our expense. This was not satisfactory. On the other hand, everything was unloaded in good condition.

Mover's response:
Lol. remember your not a mover if you only wanted 4 hours we can leave. It was also same crew that went to jackie g job next. And both jobs tipped 40 person. Imagine if you would have gotten a 30hr crew it would taken 10hrs. Also you cancelled and rebooked and wanted a 5 day availability do to closing You could have always upgraded to elite which cost more. And whats sad is you got one of our most experienced guys on a standard job. You should of had two less experienced. NO DAMAGE.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Christopher C

(5) 3/1/2017 Fort Worth

Chris and his team did a fantastic job. They worked with me and were extremely flexible when the job turned out to be much bigger than anticipated. They were meticulous when wrapping and moving all my furniture. I am very happy with their performance and highly recommend them to anyone interested in hiring them.

Kendra M

(5) 2/20/2017 Colbert

Chris and his partner were very organized and professional. Arrived before time and worked continuously until job was completed. Both young men were pleasant and did everything they could make the move happen without any stress for us. As a senior citizen that meant a lot to me. Hire these guys, you'll be glad you did.

Karen G

(5) 2/19/2017 Lantana

Chris and Rob were very dedicated hard working young men. They took great care with our furniture and possessions. Chris is very talented at packing a container. My container could weigh 6000 pounds and it weighed that it exactly. I have no doubt my possessions will arrive in Durham in excellent condition because of the way it was packed.

Kate C

(5) 2/15/2017 Fort Worth

Chris was very flexible with scheduling during a chaotic period! He and Rob were on time, thorough, neat and quick. Today is the second I used them; they loaded my POD in the first place. Would definitely recommend them and if I move again, I will use them again.

Joe F

(5) 2/9/2017 Lewisville

Done with an earlier job and made themselves available. Flexible arrival to match my furniture's arrival. They had what was needed and they got right to work. No procrastinating - straight to work. They were careful not to damage anything. Chris and Rob were true professionals not only would I use them again, I would recommend them without reservation to anyone in need of professional help at a very fair price.

Karen G

(5) 1/27/2017 Lantana

Chris was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, knew how to load pack the container to get the maximum items in the container. Tony helped him and was very helpful he moved all the boxes out so Chris could see what he needed to load next. They called to let me know they were at lunch and would be at the house at 1:00, They arrived on time and were ready to work, They brought a dolly and pad to cover my floor, they handled the boxes an furniture with care. I only had a few bookcase and a chest to put on the load and they wrapped them carefully. They used my blankets, even though they brought a few paper pads, because didn't know if there would be room for any furniture. Yes, I would use them again.

John M

(5) 1/26/2017 Richardson

Tony and Curtis arrived promptly when scheduled. They were equipped for all the tasks we asked of them. They worked very hard and treated our property with the utmost care. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone!

Lisa G

(5) 1/18/2017 Prosper

They were wonderful and very efficient. Great communication skills and personable. We appreciate how careful they were with our antique funiture.

Mover's response:
Thanks, we have been going strong now for 6 months. Everything is digital now. You did a last minute same day move. Try to book ahead. We understand your other movers may have not showed. And we appreciate you choosing us. So glad we could help. We have a policy now if one of our guy's doesn't show he's fired. Now everyone is early to office. It's working great. 2017 is going to be our best year yet.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Richad S

(5) 1/6/2017 Mckinney

Great job from the team, they went overtime and packed my 2 pods

Mover's response:
Thank you so much. We stay till it's done. We do not leave customers stranded with furniture. However if were at a point, and you want to finish. That's fine. But we will not leave just because of time. All moves start with a 2hr minimum. We are always prepared to stay all day if needed.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dawn S

(5) 1/3/2017 Mckinney

The team showed up on time and did a great job.

Mover's response:
Thanks, we are planning on hitting our goal this year. We have moved up so fast. This is going to be a great year.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Janet R

(5) 12/16/2016 The Colony

Rob and Tony were early for my appointment and did an excellent job! They were both professional and I would recommend them for your moving needs.

Rachel M

(5) 12/11/2016 Sherman

Prompt, friendly and professional. Did a great job packing items securely and making the best use of space. Thanks!

Andrew G

(5) 11/16/2016 Denton

Fast, professional, stayed within time frame. Disassembled my IKEA bed in less than 30 minutes. Everything was wrapped and padded correctly by them. Took 2 hours for a 652 sq. ft. apartment. Would definitely recommend.

Mover's response:
Thanks, so much. The padded part is most important. We bring our own pads, they are only 1.75 a piece. It's what protects the furniture the most. Other then us being careful when moving it to and from the container. It's great for Pod's, Pack rat's and Abf or Old dominion trucks.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

David P

(5) 11/3/2016 Allen

The 2 men where great! They had our PODS loaded in 2 hours and did a great job fitting everything we had into 2 16' containers. Would highly recommend them.

Robert F

(5) 9/18/2016 Midlothian

Chris and Chris were simply awesome. They started as soon as they arrived, bringing their own straps and dollies. Both gentlemen were willing to move furniture and place it as desired. I respectfully and fully recommend Chris and crew without hesitation.

Mover's response:
Thanks so much, Same guy on phone same guy on Job. Chris is everywhere. Thanks for choosing the pad's. It's part of the move.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

William B

(5) 9/14/2016 Richardson

Chris Fagan and Chris did a very professional job would recommend them to anyone. On time, totally prepared, worked to finish job as quickly as possible, Had antique table just refinished, they were very protective of it.

Mover's response:
Thanks for the review. This job took 65 pads. Remember they add up quick. It's your furniture. Your choice. We always bring pads. No need to go out of your way to get them before hand. We are prepared. We go through a lot of tape but it's free no charge to you.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Kimble B

(5) 8/11/2016 Richardson

Their morning job was longer and more complicated than they expected, but Chris kept us informed of their progress that morning. As it turned out, they were only a few minutes late. They came with all of the equipment and supplies that they needed. They were efficient, but were also careful and protective of my property. I plan to use them when it is time to unload.

Mover's response:
Well that's one great summer of 2016. Now let's get September going. Get those Fall reviews started early.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Danielle R

(4) 8/11/2016 Bedford

They were fast but careful with our belongings. They really maximized the room in the pods by packing in all available spaces. We saved money not having to have 2 large pods but just having 1 big pod and 1 little pod. Great job!

Mover's response:
Thanks for your awesome review. We wish you the best. Thanks for the tip.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Robert S

(5) 6/13/2016 Keller

The two workers were skilled, friendly and efficient. They were able to get everything I wanted into the POD, which I thought was going to be impossible. I was quite pleased with their work. It took the two of them 2 1/2 hours to fully load my 16' POD. They were careful to wrap all of my furniture. They showed up right on time and worked at a good steady pace for the entire time they were here. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing packing or moving labor help.

Mover's response:
Thanks so much. This summer heat. We love loading pods. It's one of our favorites. We do have the paper pads to bring which you got from us. I was so happy to do it right. Pad everything and get it done in a timely manner. Paper pad's are extra but it's your furniture. It's better to be protected. Either way rent pads if you can, or we can bring our paper pads. You will be amazed.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Jacqueline S

(1) 5/1/2016 Denton

Spoke to the mover the night before, and he expressed i was the only appointment for the next day, 11:30a. Hire-a-helper calls me at 11:25a, said that rental truck helper llc called and claimed their morning move took longer than they expected, and were cancelling my move. Not running late, but CANCELLING. 5 minutes before my scheduled start time. So either something better came along, or they were too hung over to make good on their commitment to me. And didn't even have the decency to call me directly. Very unprofessional, very disappointing. Nothing compares to the feeling of standing in a room full of boxes and broken down furniture, looking out the window at the storage pod that you only have less than 12 hours to load, and hearing that the people you booked two weeks prior have decided that you and your belongings dont matter. Think about how you would feel in that situation before you put your faith in this company.

Mover's response:
Sorry, we actually called Hireahelper not you to get them to send the replacements so you would have no frustration.We had a 11am to 2pm start time. We contacted them on early end and you had help before 2pm before we could have made it. We ended up getting a no show. I would have thought you would have been happy to get someone earlier and done before we got there. Are morning job ended up being a customer error and they had a 26ft load and unload. Not 14ft of stuff. We don't leave jobs. Smile
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

John S

(5) 4/18/2016 Forney

Excellent job of fitting everything into the 16' truck I rented. My possessions arrived safely after a 1,000 mile trip over sometimes rough roads.


(5) 1/29/2016 Lewisville

I would definitely recommend Rental Truck Help. They were efficient & got right to work when they arrived. No time was wasted. The movers were extremely polite, professional & careful with our belongings. Everything was packed the right way. No short cuts were taken. I would hire them again without hesitation.

Rick W

(5) 11/25/2015 Allen

We could not have been more grateful and satisfied!

Mover's response:
Thank you. We have recently got a 2nd no show. I would just like to say it was not because we didn't show up day of job. It was because we were on vacation while customer wanted to make changes. We were prepared to go. We were all back day before job as planned. Never had that happen before. They got new help before planned day of job with their new updated changes. However it effects are rankings. Please be kind.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Monica W

(5) 11/23/2015 Hurst

Chris and Andrew were great. They arrived early and came prepared. I would recommend and use them again. Chris went above and beyond my expectations by explaining the process and some precautions to take with appliances. I am very happy with their service and performance.

James B

(5) 11/2/2015 Terrell

Chris and his helper worked with me to meet my somewhat variable schedule. The worked hard and filled the container with as much as they could possibly get in it. I highly recommend them.

Matthew J

(5) 10/7/2015 Flower Mound

These guys did a great job. The reason I picked them over others is, they stated they bring everything needed and also they tie down everything on the POD. I can say they did in fact tie everything down and they did a great job dismantling large items and packing them correctly in the POD. They also had great communications on when they would arrive

Kieara L

(5) 10/1/2015 Richardson

Third story moving under two hours. Great job!

Darla H

(5) 9/15/2015 Rockwall

Chris and Andrew were great. They showed up on time and worked hard from start to finish. They brought pads to wrap the furniture and used great caution when moving. I would definitely use them again!

Mover's response:
Thanks, we need to clarify you had 2 pods there were done in just over 6hrs. Which is the normal fast average. They can take longer. Were were happy. Now with stairs for new customers that can add on 1-3 hrs. Also this is with 2 guys. Be prepared. We had a customer who just didn't understand. We are now bringing a few pads for free for the loads we do. 20 free pads.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Mark B

(2) 9/5/2015 Plano

A 5 hour job was clearly stretched to 9, which I had to pay for. Slowest movers/loaders I've ever seen.

Mover's response:
Load 2 pods, with a 2nd floor, also 20 steps outside. We seen a 8-10hr job, packed for a few hours. helped with the stripped out washer lock bolts . he insisted that was about 30 minutes wasted there for us. Packing is another job. Loading 2 pods can take 6 hours w no stairs. Add on for packing and extra stuff. 55 free furniture pads just to do it right. We didn't even mention those. Mirrors take awhile to pack w/pics. 11 free rolls of tape. You got a deal add it up. :)
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Phillip B

(5) 8/29/2015 Frisco

Prompt, courtious and professional. Took great care with our furniture and belongings.

Mover's response:
Two jobs in a row with you. Thanks so much. 2nd floor no stairs outside. Right amount of time. Remember we don't charge for stairs, but it can take longer. 6hr 2 pods is a minimum estimate with perfect conditions. It can take 12 with extreme items and packing. Remember this is just loading.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Phillip B

(5) 8/29/2015 Frisco

Took great care of our belongings. I would use again!

Mover's response:
Thanks for being prepared. Remember we do have our own boxes and the right packing supplies if needed. Just let us know. Every now and then we get a customer unprepared. Can cause a disaster
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Cary C

(5) 7/23/2015 The Colony

Excellent job--I could not believe they got everything into the pods! Arrived on time, worked hard the whole 6.5 hours in 98 degree weather, respectful, friendly--I plan to use them again when we unpack our pods.

Mover's response:
Thanks no stairs, we were right on the time. Remember 6 hours is about the minimum for 2 pods. And thats a ranch with no stairs. And everything is ready to move. No packing. Also beds that need taken apart and tables add up. Thanks for being so prepared. You saved yourself. Were happy if your happy.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Hillary B

(5) 7/19/2015 Dallas

I had the team load a POD for us and they were awesome! Also they were very flexible to our changing schedule. They were on time and made sure to confirm the time a couple of days before as well as the day of. They came prepared with supplies and extra moving pads (that they did not charge for). They worked quickly and carefully to complete the job in the allotted amount of time. They were respectful and made sure to ask questions about how I wanted things arranged. I would recommend these guys to anyone and would definitely use them again!

Mover's response:
Yes starting July 2015 first 20 paper pads are for free. We just want customers to know it's getting done right. If you have your own pads that's a plus. We just don't want to show up and see none available. To be a pro we have to load like a pro. Pads are a plus.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Phil M

(5) 12/20/2014 Lansing

Our family could not have asked for more with Smooth Move. Chris and James were friendly, punctual, timely, careful, and flexible. These guys are smoooooooth for sure! Phil

Susann M

(5) 11/29/2014 Champaign

I hired them for loading my moving truck. Chris and James were right on time and they came prepared. They loaded my items quickly while still taking enough time to make sure that nothing would break or get bumped. The way they loaded the truck, nothing broke or shifted during the drive. They were also very friendly. Great job - would definitely hire them again!

Greg H

(5) 7/16/2014 Mahomet

Smooth movers provided an excellent level of service. Tip: Smooth movers will be able to keep more of the money they earn if you hire them by contacting them directly instead of going through the "hireahelper" website.

Mover's response:
Thanks, To be safe it would be better to book here. You may end up with someone else with the same name. Strangest move I had was Bellhops was booked and called us to do it.. They are not really here. They just book all over and send out crews local like us. So with them you really are booking twice, I don't understand it. But it's your money.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Elisa K

(5) 6/26/2014 Tinley Park

They were very flexible when we were delayed and had to change the time. They were very professional and did a great job!

Katie M

(5) 6/17/2014 Springfield

I have used them four times now in the last year. They are worth every penny! Always on time, curtious, and fast. They will be doing all of my Illinois moves from now on!

Praveen C

(5) 6/9/2014 Dunlap

Movers arrived on time, worked quickly but carefully and did a great job with loading the truck.

Carrie T

(5) 5/28/2014 Urbana

These guys were great! They loaded everything carefully and quickly. They were very personable, well prepared, on time and easy to work with. I would definitely use them again!

Michael M

(5) 5/4/2014 Urbana

Great job

Gary H

(5) 3/27/2014 Springfield

prompt ,courteous and efficient great job

Marie T

(3) 3/26/2014 Urbana

The stuff was moved. Most of my walls are ok and not scratched. Nothing is broken. Even though everything was labeled, maybe a quarter of the items didn't end up in the right room. They were friendly, but not very professional. They took time off, which ended up being fine because we scheduled the truck for extra long. One guy left during the job to go to his other job. They were good about staying to see the job done. Their service was adequate.

Mover's response:
Sometimes we put one thing in a room then later ask to move into another room. It happens. Best thing is to wait till end after moved once, then at last walk around do any extra moves. Also was only left with two man stuff, with all the extra moving around at end third guy would have been waste of time. So it all worked out. We don't like to move stuff more then a couple times. It does frustrate everyone. But we stay and get it done.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Tony P

(5) 2/17/2014 Dwight

Got there on time, moved and helped fast and very Courteous.

Brian M

(4) 1/19/2014 Peoria

The crew did a good job unloading and locating the furniture were it needed to be located. No problems with the service.

Ryan B

(5) 1/18/2014 Peoria Heights

Excellent experience! Guys were extremely hardworking and careful. Both movers were professional and knowledgeable about how to move and pack things with efficiency. Would not hesitate to recommend. If you are searching for a crew you just found them.

Vicki P

(5) 1/1/2014 Champaign

Excellent workers. Very nice

Karen B

(5) 9/28/2013 Peoria

We can't say enough about how pleased we were with Smooth Move Crew! They called ahead to confirm a window for their arrival time and then called again when they were on their way. Chris and Josh were courteous, professional and efficient. We will definitely call Smooth Move Crew for any future moving needs!

Kelly M

(5) 9/14/2013 Mahomet

We had a very nice experience with this service. They were on time and very courteous. While being friendly, they went right to work and got the job done. We would definitely use them again. Thank you!

Craig H

(5) 9/5/2013 Mahomet

I was very impressed with the quality of the service provided by the Smooth Move Crew. Each member of the crew was very professional, cordial and hard working. Each member took great care in handling my furniture so as to ensure that no damage would occur to either the furniture or to the walls within the house. The crew was willing to take on some very challenging pieces of furniture, including two pianos, two large screen televisions, a pool table, a large china cabinet, a large sectional leather sofa, and heavy office furniture. Additionally, the fees that they charged were very reasonable. In short, I was very pleased with the move conducted by the Smooth Move Crew, and certainly would use them again if the need arises and would highly recommend them to others.

Katie M

(5) 8/31/2013 Springfield

So thankful I hired them. Moved twice in 9 months, and the first time was so horrible, my family paid for the crew. Totally worth it! Extremely fast, efficient, and super nice! Hired them for 5 hours, and they got it done in half the time.

Ryan H

(5) 8/17/2013 Washington

Great job and Safe job

Andy P

(5) 7/24/2013 Champaign

Great job! They worked quickly and got a whole truck unloaded in record time!

Indra S

(5) 7/20/2013 Decatur

I LOVED my helpers!!!! They did a great job. I wish I had found these guys when I moved the last time. They were on time, professional, did an excellent job packing and securing my stuff. The true test is to see how it all ends up when I unpack it but I am not really worried about it. I would so recommend these guys.

Angela G

(5) 7/6/2013 Mattoon

The guys were awesome. Called to let us know that they might be late. Got the job done fast. Nothing got damaged or broken. I would recommend them to anyone needing help.

Brian F

(5) 7/2/2013 Decatur

These guys were great. They showed up on time and were very careful with the client's belongings

Rashid M

(5) 6/29/2013 Bloomington

Chris and Josh provided an exceptionally professional service with helping us to move. They were punctual while being flexible with our timing needs. They were diligent throughout the time they were with slacking on the job. They were also quite respectful of our property, and of my wife and kids. I'd definitely request their services again, and I'd recommend them to others!!!

Sean B

(5) 4/19/2013 Champaign

Showed up on time, and did a great job ! I would recommend them to anyone !

Zengcai L

(4) 3/8/2013 Savoy

They arrived on time, and did a good job within time frame. They took good care of my goods and worked very hard. I will recommend

Mark O

(5) 11/1/2012 Normal

They were a little late but no big deal for us. They exceeded my expectations on every other level. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

Harold P

(1) 8/31/2012 Normal

We booked this move 30 days in advance. After calling several times the mover didn't show up and did not cancel the job! We were stuck with a rented trailer and no help! I really appreciate hireahelper for getting us out of a real jam with another mover at the very last minute! I would never use this mover!

Mover's response:
We had cancelations because of the Isaac storm, we apologize, your job was not canceled, our system has been updated. You should have been notified, we have been on over 300 moves in last two years, and not one no show. It was a new crew leader fault. I will be handling all calls again.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Dan I

(5) 8/7/2012 Normal

Great job, worked fast and took care of the items. Very pleased!

Carol M

(5) 8/1/2012 Normal

Great job, were careful with furniture, thought through loading arrangement, concerned about securing pieces in truck, efficient and friendly.

Sarah S

(5) 7/28/2012 Champaign

These guys were great! They called shortly before they arrived to let me know they were on their way, did an awesome job packing the truck, and were willing to move things around in the new apartment so I didn't have to move furniture by myself. They also were very helpful in helping me figure out the best arrangement for my furniture in the space. Nothing was damaged, and they were both great to work with. I'd absolutely hire them for my next move. I also want to add that I ran into a snag with my Uhaul in the morning, and very nearly didn't have a truck for them to load. When I called Chris to let him know what was going on, he was very willing to work with me and told me that it would be possible to reschedule for the following day if I couldn't get a vehicle. Luckily, I was able to get a truck, but I really appreciated knowing that I would have movers the next day if necessary.

Todd T

(5) 6/16/2012 Champaign

Smooth move crew did a great job. They fit everrything in our house into a 16' pod for storage and were very careful and professional. I will definitely use them when we are ready to move to our new house!

Shaun D

(5) 6/12/2012 Peoria

We moved to the area from out of state and didn't have any help with our things. Luckily a search found "Smooth Move Crew of Central IL". The whole process from booking them , having them come to our home, and payment was a smooth process. In addition, the movers James and Chris were professional and did a great job unpacking our truck. We have two flights of stairs in our home and they knew the proper techniques to ensure quick and safe moving of heavy items. I would recommend these movers to any family. Not only did they save us time but also gave us peace of mind. Thanks !

Damon G

(5) 5/23/2012 Danville

We were very pleased with the job Chris and his team did unloading our truck and putting our furniture back together. They were very courteous and professional and worked quickly and carefully. I especially appreciated how flexible they were with the time we agreed to meet at the house because we were SUPER late arriving. We will definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone we know who needs moving labor help. Great job Smooth Move Crew!

Jon K

(5) 9/17/2011 Peoria

The guys got there on time, and worked hard the entire time. I was amazed at the amount of stuff they were able to pack into the rental truck. Chris is a master tetris player! Hard workers, I would hire Chris and his team again in a heartbeat.

Andrew P

(5) 8/16/2011 Champaign

Chris and his crew were great. I was running late, but Chris stayed in touch with me on the drive up so that they could arrive after me. They got the whole truck unloaded! I couldn't have had better help with this move.

Albert L

(5) 8/15/2011 Urbana

Our experience was very positive. The movers arrived on time and unloaded the truck without damaging any articles. The unloading did take a long time (5 hrs), but that was not due to any fault of the movers. We had many items that were to be reloaded on the truck for storage purposes, which slowed down the process. We would not hesitate to use this service again.

Paul P

(5) 3/29/2011 Normal

The Labor Lumpers Smooth Move Crew were prompt and courteous. Well done! PEP

Geoff N

(5) 3/19/2011 BLOOMINGTON

Great!! They did a fantastic job.

Hope H

(5) 1/5/2011 Cayuga

Chris and Josh did a great job. They arrived early and also Chris called me prior to the move date to ensure everything was good to go. They took great care in loading my household goods & were very courtess. I would definitely recommend using them.



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Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

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