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Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

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Mckinney, TX / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 1,586 times through HireAHelper

377 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

15 years in business

Mckinney, TX / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 1,586 times through HireAHelper

377 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

15 years in business

About Us

1. Track record with Pods, Pack Rats and Budget and can load and/or unload your other Rental Trucks or ABF styled semis (FREE TAPE, PLASTIC WRAP, AND ROPE). 2. *We bring special Pads for Pods and on all jobs now it's for loads (It doesn't have to be a load and unload to get our pads) we want every customer to have the opportunity to get the job done right. 3. GUARANTEED TO STAY UP TO 2 HOURS EXTRA IF NEEDED. Have trained employee's and won't overbook or share our employees with movers you didn't choose (imagine canceling your old movers to find them come back with another company its big in DFW area) not with us, no worries. Furniture pads are your #1 friend, most important. Remember you booked a time slot we can't get back. We do multiple Apartment Moves and Private Estate moves as well. For more detail's just read below. STRETCH WRAP IS USED ON COUCHES AND LOVE SEATS AND RECLINERS IF CLOTH. NOT ON OTHER FURNITURE. IF OTHER FURNITURE IT WILL NEED TO BE PADDED FIRST. *Our pads are double ply 60x72 just a big as the cloth pad great for one way use cost is (Only $2.99 per pad if you want them). We bring bundles of 25 and only charge what you use. And if you have Marble tops or Glass please keep extra boxes to use to protect these items. We try to carry some used boxes from previous customers but that's limited and not guaranteed we use the pay it forward method. Choose wisely. WE ARE NOT A DAY LABOR COMPANY. 2-Crew members can handle 1-3 pods or up too one 26ft Abf truck per day. Over 15 years experience. Remember if your just browsing put in your move date. Don't forget to pick some hour's (always book a good amount of time you think it will take or the max time you want us). And remember your not movers we don't talk about time on the job. Be prepared don't make any dinner dates. Also as a reminder Piano and Safes are extra. We bring a special mini ramp for pods and pack rats. Allows us to load faster up and down the end of pod with dolly. Better for your bigger moves such a loading a pod or pack rat container, or a load, and unload in same area with your rental truck. We just like to use it. Very efficient. Box tv's to flat screens. Treadmills to elliptical's. Safety and safely is key. We moved it. With pods you get a crew leader that ties off every 4ft. Same with pack rat container. If you don't have furniture pads please request from us. Typical 16ft pod uses 30-60 pads. $2.99 per one-way double ply paper pad(our pads and includes our tape) vs $7 dollars cloth pad. It's adds up but saves the furniture. We just want to get it loaded right. We're more into loading. We are ready to go. If your not sure where to start. We do not do specialty services such as putting together items that are brand new in box, like desk, tv stands, shelves. So no NIB items. We only see NIB items maybe 3 times a year out of 1000 of moves. *We bring the pad's because of the many situations where we run into a customer who has no pads. We can't be pro's if your not ready for us. Our paper pads our much cheaper and last for a one way trip. 15 cloth furniture pads can cost over $100. You could get over 33 paper furniture pads for $100 with us. And they are the same size. We always have them on site if needed. Don't get us because of our low prices. Get us because you want it done right. Remember you may need extra hours. We don't throw and go. Our normal rates for a 2hr mini for 2-crew members is $299.00 We have cut our rates for 2019 our lowest ever. Thanks, remember our crews would not work for just an hour, they get paid a 2hr minimum as well. We get silly request about hr job's, those are fine but you pay the minimum. Also we have customers that have no clue how to run a moving business. If you book say 3 or 4 crew members, you get a crew leader, an assistant to crew leader a small item carrier and box and padder (padder depending on load or unload) Some people think you get 3-4 crew leaders that does not work. Thanks so much. I hope we covered it.


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Real Mckinney area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only ).

377 reviews

Randy M

(5) 1/12/2020 Granbury

Just had 20 minutes of work to move a few items, but the guys arrived on time, handled loading the items on the truck, and were careful with the furniture. No complaints.

Lori K

(5) 1/17/2020 Fort Worth

Both of my movers were efficient and worked super well as a team. They were careful about the items that needed more time to wrap/load into the POD and were incredibly polite and kind. Not to mention on my moving day it was like a downpour of rain and the POD was placed across the parking lot in my apartment complex, they did it all within the expected time window of 2 hours! They even were prepared with dollies, tons of moving blankets and packing paper. Highly recommend their services!

Larry F

(3) 1/13/2020 Roanoke

Far too expensive. 500 bucks to pack a 16foot container is ridiculous. I could understand if there was some actual cost other than labor involved such as a “truck”. The third star is because the guys who showed up were nice guys and did a good job but at 500 for 3.5 hours is overpriced. I will not do it again. There are better options when it comes to moving.

Mover's response:
Thanks I see your 3 stars were for us the minus 2 were for pod vs truck. That would have to go elsewhere to a comparison site or something not us. I dont know how you wanted to book truck or pod. But you chose pod on this particular move. Your cost was 383.50 through hireahelper and that does not all go to the "us" the labor thats to hireahelper then whats left goes to us to cover our labor and thier cost for their booking services. All your other cost would be non labor issues. Not sure how much pod cost to drop off or pickup vs renting a truck and driving plus you may be storing long term. Again that would be a pod vs truck review. That has nothing to do with us. I know its an honest mistake it confused us because we dont supply pods or truck. Also when you talked to me you had mention you wanted the crew for 4-6 hours because you wanted extra help loading your pull behind trailer and they actually were done with that too job completed. So we saved you on our side from any expected extra time. We will take it as a 5 star because we are not allowed to reach out to you after and most likely you wont see your mistake to adjust it accordinly. I think your confusing us the labor with hireahelper plus truck vs pod. We cant take responsiblilty on all that. But we still appreciate that you enjoyed us. And I can say 100% that nearly every customer would be happy with 3.5 hours it usually on average takes 3-5 to load depending on your particular move. Stairs, distance, padding those are all factors. If you got a truck you would have had to unload it at storage and reload at a later date and rent a truck again and also unload it. Which is all more labor time and gas and truck rental and your personal time. In this case Pod vs Truck i think you chose right route. But we cant control your decisions or money. Your just our customer after you booked us whether you have a truck or pod to load.
- Rental Truck Help LLC ( Moving Labor Only )

Evan S

(5) 1/2/2020 Royse City

Tony and David were amazing. They arrived on time and hustled the whole 4 hour shift. They took very good care of our belongings moving from a truck to our temporary rental home. When it came to the non-necessities going to a storage unit, they were great. They stacked things neatly and carefully to truly maximize the space of the storage unit. I was worried that it wouldn't all fit, but in the end, we got every last little bit in. When we move to our new home in 6 months, we will definitely be calling them back to assist.

Steve D

(5) 1/3/2020 The Colony

Our helpers were great! They were here on time, prepared for work. They were friendly, polite, and considerate of our furniture and house. I definitely would hire them again.

Glenn M

(5) 12/23/2019 Carrollton

Worked quickly and professionally to load my furnishings into a 16 foot POD.

Michael M

(5) 12/15/2019 Denton

New to the Denton, TX, area, and didn't have a sense of who to contact for help unloading the contents of our 16' POD, which my son had helped me load; too many large items I couldn't unload with my wife. Used HireAHelper to identify some options, and Rental Truck Help stood out. Selected a two-man crew for two hours for 8am on a Sunday. And, the price was even a bit lower than I'd expected, and a very good deal in my opinion. I was VERY happy they were available on the weekend like that. At PRECISELY 8am, the team rang my doorbell. They took a survey of the house, talked through with me where everything was supposed to go. They were polite and professional. They worked quickly and carefully. And, naturally, after how we originally had them place the couches, my wife wanted to swap the positions, which they did willingly! Good team, good service. I'd use Rental Truck Help again; it was exactly what we needed.

Megan P

(5) 12/21/2019 Plano

Arrived on time, took care of my items, fit in everything I needed.

Cathy K

(5) 12/19/2019 Roanoke

David and Tony did an excellent job packing my Pod. They arrived on time. Really, they were early but drove around the block a few times so that they would be exactly on time. They were very polite and worked tirelessly. I was so pleased with the work they did in just 2 hours. Did not try to sell me anything extra. Would definitely recommend them. Chris, their manager, called me minutes after I made the reservation online to confirm the date and time. On the day, they were scheduled to arrive, Chris kept me informed via text. Overall, a very pleasant experience and well worth the money for peace of mind that my household contents were packed efficiently.

Nicholas S

(5) 12/16/2019 Greenville

Best service I could have asked for. Absolutely perfect!

Service Area

We handle moves within 100 miles of Irving, TX 75062.

Get To Know Us

What can a customer expect after booking with you?

We know some customers that book ahead more then just a few days ahead like to talk a few times. That's fine that's what were here for.

What can a customer expect on moving day if they hire you?

We bring Pads on all jobs we know if Pods it's nearly a must have, also with Uhual or other Rental trucks they sometimes limit how many pads they give you. Or you just don't have enough. Either way we bring pads it's only item we bring to the job that is extra if needed. The pads are 3.49 and we only charge you for how many you use and at end of job.

How should a customer prepare for moving day?

Anything a customer can do beforehand is great. Take anything apart, put mattress in bags. Please take baby cribs apart. Also any water lines like on fridge or washer is awesome if it's already done. And put a box of baking soda in the fridge it helps keep the odor out during storage or transfer

What types of moves have you handled?

Have done it all, However just on office moves cubicles must have someone on hand to show how they come apart or go together. They are not items you want to move around and expect to be perfect again after moving. Same goes for any particle board items.

What's your favorite part about being a mover?

Get to travel all over DFW, it never gets boring. Always can find a good place to eat around jobs.

What training do you provide your crew members?

We call are training the 5yr method. Some guys can learn it all in 6 months some 5 yrs. At that point they seen it or understand it all. It's when the trainer goes silent and just can't train them anymore. They know it. Just by looking at one another. It makes for such a simple move.


Same Day Moves

We charge an extra 20% for same day requests.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 2 hours over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Hand truck:
Professional equipment on every job, every time [always included, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
Couches, loveseats, ottomans and couch chairs. (This is not a furniture protector, however helps with dust.) [always included, no fee]
Per 50ft roll. [always included, no fee]


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