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Flash Moving & Storage LLC

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Silver Spring, MD / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 41 times through HireAHelper

15 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

3 years in business

Silver Spring, MD / Moving services within 100 miles

Booked 41 times through HireAHelper

15 Verified Customer Reviews

Open Today - 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

3 years in business

About Us

Flash Moving LLC is a Friendly, Professional, VERY Affordable Local Door to Door & Relocation Moving service provider. We offer Full moving services including FULL loading & Unloading with/without truck from start to finish. Catering for the clients every need. We Move you fast saving you Time & Money!! We are fully Licensed/insured. We offer our professional services with: Friendly and helpful staff to take initial inquiry on making your moving experience great & pleasant. Experienced, friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable professional movers fully equipped to protect all household furniture to ensure there is no damage during Loading/Unloading & transport. *Full packing/unpacking service and removal of unwanted items. *Includes: FREE usage of Moving Equipment: Hand trucks, Furniture dollies, etc. FREE use of Moving Blankets/Pads all inclusive during Move *Load & Unload ONLY* FREE usage of tools for any Disassembly & Reassembly of moving essentials during Move. **DEALS LIKE THIS DONT LAST FOREVER**

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Real Silver Spring area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Flash Moving & Storage LLC.

15 reviews

Debra W

(1) 7/1/2019 Washington

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME. I had booked an arrival window between 6-7p, for 2 hours of work, and an elevator reservation in my building from 6-9p. When they hadn't arrived by 6:49, I called and was told that they would try to be there "within 30min to an hour." I hadn't eaten, but didn't leave my building so as to not miss them when they arrived. At 7:51 when they still hadn't arrived over an hour later, I called and again they said they "should be there within 30min." I didn't leave my building so as to not miss them when they arrived. At 8:30, when I still hadn't heard anything and now only had 30 minutes left of my elevator reservation, they stopped taking my calls. I called at 8:33 and 8:35 and 8:39, with no answer. I finally got a call back from someone else at the company at 8:47pm who apologized on their behalf and said they should be there by 9. They showed up at 9:13. I was extremely fortunate that the person working at my building that day was not strict about the elevator reservation policy, and let us continue to use it as long as we were finished by the end of her shift (10:30). Because of their timing, all they had time to do was shove everything into the apartment in a disorganized jumble and it's been taking weeks to untangle. Will not use again. EDIT: AS EVIDENCED BELOW, THEY WILL MAKE ANY EXCUSE AND LIE TO BLAME ALL NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON THE CUSTOMER! I cannot stress enough how much I do not recommend the "deal" of hiring this company.

Mover's response:
We are completely sorry for your un-pleasant experience with one of our moving teams, we have had a lot of trouble getting to locations within the time frame provided. We were able to get there finally and did Professionally Unload your items from your terrible/horrible packed and shipped pod in the safest way possible to save any fragile items from breakage. I will mention that pod was placed in wrong spot, concierge person was not there to assist your movers other than apply pressure to leave because of residence parking, that eventually NO residence ever showed up, the movers were greeted by a very angry demanding customer clearly visible and audible that ALL ITEMS WERE TO BE PLACED WERE YOU MEEDED THEM! We never just barge into our customers residence placing anything just anywhere before confirming with customer. I hope you find peace & love in your moving experience and we humbly appreciate the opportunity allowing us to be your Moving service provider. -Flash Team
- Flash Moving & Storage LLC

Derek L

(2) 7/22/2019 Arlington

Late. Took longer than expected. Would not use again.

Willy T

(4) 7/5/2019 Silver Spring


Mover's response:
Thank you Willy, your extremely patient attitude encouraged us (movers) to hump up and down those stairs. Much appreciated and Thank you for giving us (Flash moving) the opportunity to be your chosen moving service provider. Good luck and blessings!! -Flash Team ??????
- Flash Moving & Storage LLC

Brian T

(1) 7/1/2019 Bethesda

What a horrible moving experience. This is the most unprofessional company of any kind that I have ever dealt with. The movers arrived 4.5 hours late. Based on past experience, the total load/transit/unload period should not have exceeded 4-5 hours. Instead it took them 8 hours just to load the truck and the total job took 12 hours--yes, 12--and was not completed until 2 AM! Only 1 of the 2 movers made any real effort, the other was useless. At the beginning of the unload the 2 movers engaged in a profane and heated argument that resulted in one of them walking away from the job. Eventually 2 more movers arrived, at midnight. The owner assured me that I wouldn't be billed for the extra hours, yet I was. Several items were damaged. After the move the company did not return my phone calls to discuss this matter. Horrible.

Natalie C

(5) 6/29/2019 Westminster

My movers were professional and speedy. Really, they were very fast and clearly not trying to milk extra hours or anything. They even discounted a bit of time because they got slightly lost from my old home to the new. The minor downsides were that we rescheduled for an earlier arrival time and they showed up between the original arrival time (8am) and the rescheduled one (6am), and they moved so quickly there was a little minor wear and tear on a couple pieces of furniture. So I'd recommend some tape on the corners of anything valuable. I can't say enough good things about how quickly they moved, and how courteous and friendly they were. In addition, management was very communicative before my move and on the day of, which was reassuring. The price was also fair. I absolutely will use Flash Moving for my next move.

Daniel E

(2) 6/27/2019 Sterling

I used Flash Movers for my move on 6/25-6/26, from my townhouse to a nearby apartment (and by near I mean 2 mins by car, maybe 5 min on foot). Were they on time? They were not. My original move was scheduled on 6/25 between 2pm-3pm, and I had taken time off of work to make sure I was available. Due to the move before mine being misrepresented in terms of scope, they called and informed me (after I contacted them a couple times) that they wouldn't be able to arrive til 8-9pm at the earliest and that the movers were already extremely tired. Due to this I pushed back the move til the next day with a start time between 5-6pm. On the 26th I left work early to be sure that I would arrive on time before the movers (due to traffic in my area). Ended up waiting until 7 when I was informed that the movers would arrive until 8-9pm yet again and another offer to push the move to the next day (since I had to work the next morning). I agreed with this, but was then told that the movers were still on their way with with the truck and that I would be given some kind of discount and an additional mover added for all the hassle. Were they prepared for the job? They were and were not. They were because they came with all the materials and whatnot needed for the move, but they were not because the 3rd mover I was promised didn't show up til 2 hours into the move when we already have the stuff packed in the moving truck. I could have used the 3rd person from the begining since the load up was by far the hardest part and it would likely have kept me from needing an additional hour to do the move entirely. Did they work hard? Yes they did, but when I assumed they were transporting the goods to the new residence (a 2 min drive), they instead took a 30min break and drove to the nearby 7/11 without even informing me of anything so I was just sitting around waiting in an empty house. They then tried to make me pay for the 30 min transport time when they should have come right to the new house, but luckily realized that them choosing to add time on by doing their own thing wasn't something I was going to pay for. Were they respectful of your property and goods? Yes, but they did drop stuff a few times. Luckily the stuff dropped was fairly sturdy and nothing was damaged. Would you use them again? No. While they worked hard while there, the fact that they couldn't adhere to a schedule (which I took off of work to make happen) would be a deal breaker. Also the fact that I was promised a discount on the move as well as a 3rd mover that didn't show til 2 hours into the move (when he told me he would only be 30min later arriving) made it to where I needed an additional hour to get everything done instead of finishing in the 2 hours I originally hoped. I would have saved money with a different service and actually been on time, instead of missing work two days in a row and not getting the promised discount or move assistance til a point where he honestly wasn't really needed.

Jeffrey M

(5) 6/1/2019 Bladensburg

The brief synopsis of this review? Flash Moving and Storage are consummate professionals, both on the truck and in the office. Timely, communicative, considerate, personable, and efficient (as well as highly competitive in terms of cost), the staff at Flash exceeded my best expectations and i recommend them highly. I had a somewhat unusual moving job: moving twenty-one kitchen cabinets from an architectural salvage store in Bladensburg, MD to Baltimore. Since i would be at the delivery site, but not the pickup site, the movers would have to work directly with the staff at the salvage store to retrieve and load the cabinets. Oh, and the move needed to occur the next day, a Saturday. Having used in the past after having had little luck with traditional movers, i turned to the site again and was unpleasantly surprised with the first couple of cost estimates-- even though this was a next-day move, it wasn't exactly large or terribly complex. Perusing the listings further, Flash stood out as an anomaly: a reasonable (lower than I anticipated) estimate and stellar feedback. I won't belabour this review by going over the details of my move any further, because Flash Moving and Storage earned my trust by their friendly, customer-centric approach to business. They're the kind of company where you don't have to worry about them being on time, padding prices, damaging your possessions, or the like. I highly recommend you use them, and have no doubt that your experience will be as positive as mine.

Mover's response:
We really appreciate your honest review, this has made your moving crew very delighted. Thank you for the opportunity on letting us be and hopefully continue to be a Bug part on any of your moving projects. -Flash Moving Team ??????
- Flash Moving & Storage LLC

Soumya R

(5) 5/29/2019 Rockville

I had requested the service of Flash Moving and Storage recently for a move within the town and I am very satisfied with them and their professional approach to the work. They tried their best to finish the move within the time agreed upon, no unnecessary wastage of time. They are very careful in the handling of heavy, delicate and fragile items and not a single of mine got damaged. I would request them again if I need to and would highly recommend them.

Trena W

(5) 4/17/2019 Rockville

They are PERFECT!!! Unbelievably so!!!! Would recommend them in a heartbeat!!!

Patricia R

(5) 2/6/2019 Rockville

Great service and both guys were super friendly and polite -- would definitely use them again and recommend for fast service. Booked job around 10 am and they were here by 2 pm same day -- perfect for what I needed done.

Mover's response:
Thank you for allowing us to provide our services !!! -Flash moving !!!!!
- Flash Moving & Storage LLC

Service Area

We handle moves within 100 miles of Silver Spring, MD 20906.


Same Day Moves

We charge an extra 20% for same day requests.

Next Day Moves

We accept next day requests at our normal rates.

Refunding Unused Time

We do not refund for any unused time.

Extra Hours

We can always stay at least 1 hour over the prebooked time.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
always included, no fee
Hand tools for assembly:
always included, no fee
Hand truck:
always included, no fee
Plastic wrap:
Plastic Wrapping for funiture protection @ $20 each relocation, upon acceptance of usage on each item (each item wrapped shrinkWrap $ applies) [$30.00/ea.]


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