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Experienced movers with 4-8 years professional moving. We have the man power to lift your heavy furniture with no problem hold pride in a safe and professional move. Currently Licensed moving company professional Movers And Laborers are honest, respectful, hardest workers, as I myself Royce Fry will be assisting making sure everything gets done correctly, as we are all always on the same page, we all have been doing this for so long we know how to correctly pack and load your truck while moving your furniture correctly without any damage being able to do this in a lot quicker time than most other moving companies although we do go the extra mile to do what it takes to make our customers happy, putting together furniture or moving things how you like we will go the extra mile.

Moving Equipment

Furniture dolly:
[upon request, no fee]
Hand tools for assembly:
Small tools wrenches Allan wrenches screw drivers basic tools to take apart house furniture upon request [upon request, no fee]
Hand truck:
[upon request, no fee]
Plastic wrap:
Price may vary on how much you need for your move [flat price, $20.00]
Charge for rope only on loads, load/ unload gets free rope if asked [flat price, $5.00]


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Real Spokane area customers. Unedited, unfiltered reviews of Professional movers and labors.

116 reviews
279 completed jobs

Brenda V

(5) 2/1/2019 Spokane Valley

They were very nice and did a great job! They showed up on time and were prepared for the job. They worked very hard and I would use them again in a heartbeat!

Einar T

(5) 1/15/2019 Spokane

Cameron and Shawn were a great team. They were professional, polite, friendly and courteous. They had hoped for an 8:30 start time but called ahead to say they would be delayed a half hour and arrive right at 9:00. We had a 25’ x 10’ storage unit packed full and a 26’ moving truck. My husband wasn’t sure evrything would fit on one truck, so upon arrivng, he asked Cameron what he thought, “We will fit it in”, and they did! They handled our belongings with great care on a very cold, frosty January morning. Thanks Cameron and Shawn for a job well done. We highly recommend them.

Ramona B

(5) 1/7/2019 Otis Orchards

Royce and Cameron were early and were super resourceful!! They know how furniture goes together And if it’s complicated they come up with ideas and a resolution. They had all tools needed plus more.... they were super respectful of my property and had lots of knowledge so that nothing was damaged or broken when getting unloaded and assembled. I will definitely be using their services again in the near future! Thanks so much! Ramona

Judy P

(5) 1/4/2019 Spokane

Even helped me assemble my bed!

Brittney R

(3) 12/27/2018 Spokane

I has two guys come help me move. One guy was very friendly, worked hard, brought tools (not needed, but thoughtful in case me bed frame needed to be disassembled). He was tall with a red beard, though I dont k ow his name. My other helper seemed more concerned about trying to chat with me, dropped some boxes of stuff, and then was taking a personal call... he stopped working early and wasn't a very hard worker. I had asked that my daughters bedframe and dresser were covered with sheets (I had 3 bags) they failed to do so and are not jsit scratched, but gouged. They were $500 total and now look like i found them in a dumpster. My entire load shifted while driving, though nothing seems to actually be broken yet, but it was poorly packed. My parents previously used this service and had similar results. Their arrival time was 8-9, so they showed up at 9am.

Larry S

(5) 12/7/2018 Spokane


Attonia C

(4) 11/29/2018 Medical Lake

They were here on time and managed to finish without any problems

Attonia C

(5) 11/28/2018 Medical Lake

They were courteous and very helpful placing items where they needed to be.

Mitch L

(5) 11/16/2018 Post Falls

The movers were really great to work with. They were hard workers who showed up on time. But more importantly, they had experience moving large objects without damaging them and then stacking them safely in our storage unit. I would highly recommend them.

Richard and T

(5) 11/14/2018 Athol

We had a 26 foot Penske truck, packed to the gills. The workers stayed on task, taking minimal breaks. We had to move items between three locations on the property and they did an excellent job at keeping our belongings organized. I would highly recommend them.

Al R

(5) 11/8/2018 Spokane Valley

Royce and Shawn did excellent work. They were organized and worked well together. Kept at it and were even willing to assemble the furniture. They were very pleasant and personable to work with. Highly recommend these two.

Sally D

(5) 10/23/2018 Spokane

The helpers were on time, prepared, worked hard, were careful with everything, were polite and I would definitely use them again. Thank you!

Greg L

(5) 10/23/2018 Spokane

Our 2 helpers arrived right on time and were very helpful and courteous. They quickly followed directions. We would use this company again.

Jeffrey G

(5) 10/20/2018 Spokane Valley

Yes, on time. Prepared for the job. Worked hard and well. Very respectful of the items handled. Absolutely! :)

Georgia H

(5) 10/11/2018 Spokane

Were on time and very organized -- quickly figured out a game plan for packing the POD and got everything in there with some room to spare. Both had a good attitude, worked hard and listened carefully to my request for certain items to be closest to the door. Took care to wrap and protect the dressers. In all, a very good experience, and they finished ahead of their time limits.

Jacque Proffit J

(5) 10/11/2018 Newport

Great guys! On time and took care handling things. Polite, friendly and oh so helpful!

Jackie K

(5) 10/8/2018 Spokane

They were great

Leslie S

(5) 9/30/2018 Spokane

These guys were awesome! Highly recommend!

Jason W

(5) 9/28/2018 Spokane Valley

They did a great job and very personable.

Scott T

(5) 9/27/2018 Spokane

Having never had to hire help to move things I was somewhat hesitant to do so. However, the two guys who came over were on time, very nice and very much knew what they were doing. After a brief discussion about what I needed help with they got right to it. I don't know what I expected but in the end was overly satisfied with their work ethic and the job they did. I would totally recommend these guys.

Victoria M

(5) 9/21/2018 Post Falls

The team did a great job. They took care with all of the furniture and put it right where I wanted it. They unwrapped all items and cleaned up all of the debris. They called with an ETA which means a great deal to me. I would hire them again as they were easy to work with and quite pleasant.

Jerry K

(4) 9/19/2018 Veradale

Helpers arrived early, which really helped. They were ready to work...very courteous and professional. They were extremely hard workers, which made the unloading a smooth task. I would use these workers again and highly recommend them.

Natalie M

(5) 9/15/2018 Airway Heights

I scheduled last minute and they arrived on time. Worked hard for 4 hours. Would recommend!

Peter C

(5) 9/10/2018 Spokane

great job

Jennifer S

(5) 9/6/2018 Cheney

They got my moving truck unloaded and into my apartment in a lot less time than I thought it would take. They were also willing to move things as needed when larger furniture items, unfortunately, did not fit in their planned spaces. I found them considerate, hardworking, and would definitely use them again if I needed the service.

Cindy C

(5) 9/4/2018 Spokane

I would highly recommend them. They did a fantastic job. I would hire them again. Thank you both so much.

Ben H

(5) 9/1/2018 Spokane

Our movers were great! They were friendly and mindful of our fragile items. They worked efficiently and stayed until the job was complete. I badly underestimated the amount of items we had to move and it took nearly twice as many trips with our U-haul truck. They were more than willing to stay and help even though it was Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend! I highly recommend our movers!

Catheryn H

(5) 8/31/2018 Moscow

The Professional Movers and Laborers company was the best we have ever worked with. We called them for a same day move. We had two 20 'x 10' storage units that had to be cleared out and moved to our new location out in the country. We called in the morning for an afternoon move. Although the movers were 2 hrs away from our location, they arrived at 4 pm and worked into the evening to load our 26' van, drive 40 minutes in the dark to our new location and unload everything by flashlight (no electricity)! Boy, we were probably one of their toughest moves but they were cheerful, courteous, and highly competent (even by flashlight.) They moved all of our items without a scratch. They even kindly let us put a few last items into their pickup bed that didn't fit into the moving van. These guys were beyond a doubt - super movers! We highly recommend them for any moving labor needs people have. Very professional and trustworthy!

Aileen H

(5) 8/30/2018 Spokane

Great move team! We book their move service 3rd Party to help out our storage customers. They are always quick & efficient, yet careful. They arrive on time & are dependable. We would use them again & confidently recommend them if you are looking for a Stress free & Damage free moving experience. - Zippy Shell Moving & Storage

Ricky M

(5) 8/28/2018 Goodyear

Great company and guys that came out to unload my trailer. Very careful and through! I would highly recommend them.

Carly R

(5) 8/25/2018 Spokane

Yes, I will use them again. They showed up on time, very respectful of our home, things and they both worked very hard. Told my husband we should hire this company to pack and load for us the next time we move.

Kathryn K

(5) 8/25/2018 Spokane

Matt & Will arrived on time, worked hard the whole 2 hours, were polite and carefull with things they were moving and with walls, doorways, etc.

James M B

(5) 8/22/2018 Spokane

These guys did a terrific job! Friendly, kind, hard workers who graciously put up with my 5-year old daughter on their heels all day long. I would (and will!) definitely hire them again.

Rhoni R

(5) 8/15/2018 Sandpoint

Royce & Shawn we’re great to work with! Nice guys, good attitudes and very efficient!

Lee K

(5) 8/15/2018 Spokane

They worked their butts off!

Jennifer P

(5) 8/13/2018 Spokane

I was very surprised that they had 2 people available last minute. They showed up within an hour and finished in less than 2 hours. I will definitely hire again for the next move!

Carrie G

(5) 8/4/2018 Spokane Valley

What a great team! We couldn’t have asked for more. They were on time, brought supplies needed for ease of loading and packing with care, and they worked hard to make sure that all of our items were packed carefully for the transportation. At the delivery they again made sure to put everything in the correct room, always asking questions if they didn’t know. They built the furniture we asked them to, and they offered to do more (we weren’t 100% sure about all the end locations yet). They were all polite, hard working, reliable and made sure the job was done was never about how long the job took or how long they had to extend because I highly underestimated the time needed. Great job and I’d hire them again in a heartbeat! Thank you for a job well done! A+++

Kathy W

(4) 8/2/2018 Spokane

They arrived on time. Was a little disappointed that they weren't hustling like I thought they would. Overall they did a good job.

Mover's response:
Very upset with this customers review stuff was coming out of fully packed storage to the ceiling and not everything was going or ready had to sort out what goes and what didn't and loaded everything in certain order we did not take 1 brake items were correctly packed and unloading no damage, truck had to be parked far from apartment at unload site was only place to park, we were moving very fast hole time on very hot day hardly ever stopped for a drink of water most customers ask if u need a drink of water on a hot day not this one is why we never stopped for a brake because she was hoping to get done in 2 hours which would of gotten done much quicker if didn't have to go through hole storage and every piece to decide if went or not we were moving quickly the hole time myself Royce the owner was on this job and we were not at all moving slow we showed up 20 minutes early and customer showed up 15 minutes late and still did not charge her until she got there this was a load and unload job took us 3.5 hours with no brakes customer was upset it took longer than 2 hours which not our fault we put together her bed also and moved around everything were she wanted and moved in a 12 ft armoire in small hallway and apartment next to a huge mirror in hallway coming into her house with very little room and also moved another armoire out of her room that was there when she moved in that had a damaged leg with 1 screw holding it together so had to be extra careful with and had to take door off to get it out her room into living room because piece was left there from previous renters. Slap in the face to say we were not hustling when did everything was asked and was hustling the hole time beginning to end we had to figure out what was going before packing everything to have everything packed correctly and not end up not having everything not fit then would of had to move everything around to fit and take up more time because not everything was going we first packed all the addict with smaller boxes then had to lay down 12ft armoire on its side it was to tall to stand up in truck taking 5 minutes to get in truck and blanketed safely at first was her most valuable piece handled with care which she thought that took to long at first customer was asking why we were not taking stuff to truck was because certain things had to go first and we stacked boxes in piles to dolly them before taking to truck and not just carry 1 box at a time and having a mess in truck I always work hard and quick because I know what I'm doing and my workers and our other reviews show we do not waste people's time or money and we hustle on every job we were actually almost running at times trying to get done ASAP for customer up 2 fleets of stairs from street takes you into her apartment without braking anything
- Professional movers and labors

Chen C

(5) 7/30/2018 Moscow

Very professional and helpful

James J

(4) 7/12/2018 Coeur d'Alene

They were on time and did a great job. It was a hot day but they worked hard and kept a good pace and were careful. I probably should have gotten a third person as there was a lot of heavy stuff and one guy got pretty tired towards the end. But altogether an awesome job.

Devon R

(5) 7/7/2018 Spokane Valley

They were right on time. They were friendly and dealt well with all the people I had hanging around the apartment. They worked very hard and packed the truck with efficiency. I would definitely recommend them to anybody in Spokane who needs help with moving.

Tamerine F

(5) 6/28/2018 Plummer

The men were very good about taking time to carefully pack many family antiques and worked tirelessly for 5 hours.

William B

(5) 6/28/2018 Sagle

They were on time, went to work, overcame difficult problems that came up, and completed the job in their usual timely manner.

Tim T

(5) 6/27/2018 Spokane

Courtney and Slim were great!! They arrived on time, patiently out everything in the proper room and place. They even took the time to put together our bed!! I would highly recommend them for any living work that you need done.

Jerene P

(5) 6/25/2018 Spokane

Friendly, professional , awesome workers. My move went very smoothly. Would use your service again and tell others.

Scott C

(1) 6/25/2018 Spokane

Absolute FAIL. Didn't show up and didn't even bother to call and let us know. DON'T USE THEM.

Robert B

(5) 6/16/2018 Veradale

Hard workers. Thanks

Carole F

(5) 6/6/2018 Medical Lake

Royce and Chris rock!!! Hard-working, flexible and so nice!!!

Rhonda A

(5) 6/3/2018 Spokane

The two men were polite and did a great job. They packed everything well and got it all into less space than anticipated.

Jim J

(5) 5/31/2018 Spokane Valley

Royce and Chris arrived at 0820 for a 0700 scheduled move. Not a big deal as they called the night before and said they would be a little late and they called again in the morning to give us an updated arrival time. The guys were outstanding. I had purchased regular moving pads and they padded and shrink wrapped the furniture as they were taking things out of the house. They were both professional movers so there were no day laborers. Everything was carefully packed in the POD and then padded again. They took no breaks during the four hours it took to load things. Both individuals were super nice and pleasant to work with. I will be using them again in two weeks to load another POD.

Dorothy N

(5) 5/30/2018 Spokane

Very satisfied with work done. I did not have to give directions they just got started and made everything work very well. They were on time with a good attitude and willing to work.

Jacob W

(5) 5/22/2018 Spokane

They were amazing. I would never go anywhere else.

Ron L

(5) 5/18/2018 Sandpoint

Royce and his helper were great kept us informed of arrival which was on time and completed in the allotted time. We were moving from Sandpoint Idaho to California they definitely worked hard.

Dwight L

(5) 5/14/2018 Colbert

I was very happy with the work completed. They were on time and did a great job.

Jennifer H

(5) 5/5/2018 Valley

This is the second time my Dad and I have used Royce and Chris from Professional Movers and Labors to help with our move and I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are kind, honest, hard-working guys who go above and beyond to help out. I will call on them again for sure!

Karen F

(5) 4/11/2018 Spokane

They were on time, great to work with and very courteous. I will call them again.

Elizabeth H

(5) 4/6/2018 Post Falls

They were professional and did a super job!

Jennifer H

(5) 4/3/2018 Valley

Very professional and courteous team. They made everything easier for me and my 80 year old father. I would definitely recommend them.

Rick U

(5) 3/31/2018 Loon Lake

Outstanding job on the part of Royce and Gordon. They worked tirelessly and got the job done as requested. I would definitely use their services again.

Julie M

(5) 3/14/2018 Coeur D Alene

The Professional Movers were on time, had a friendly attitude, worked efficiently and timely, and handled everything with care. Great job! I would definitely use them again and would recommend them highly.

Paul C

(5) 2/28/2018 Deer Park

The two gentlemen who unloaded the moving truck did a great job unloading. They worked together as a great team. The furniture was treated with respect and they were working with us to place the items where they needed to go. We will have another truck to loaded in 3 to 4 weeks and look forward to getting them again. They were on time, brought their own needed equipment and they worked very hard. Hope to get Chris and his helper. Highly recommend them.

Kathryn H

(5) 2/27/2018 Smelterville

Very efficient, hard working, kind and considerate. They went above my expectations. Just absolutely fine people, dedicated to customer service. I definitely would have anyone use them with great confidence.

Kristen W

(5) 2/26/2018 Spokane Valley

Last minute booking and they were very accommodating. Quick, friendly and professional. Will use them again!!

Rick P

(5) 2/16/2018 Coeur D Alene

Did a great job

Christine S

(4) 2/1/2018 Coeur d'Alene


Andrew L

(5) 1/10/2018 Spokane

Showed up at the time we agreed on. Got the job done without any problems or damage. Finished early and asked multiple times if they could help with anything else.

Sonya B

(5) 12/24/2017 Coeur d'Alene

Royce & his partner we're very friendly & were able to come a couple of hours earlier on short notice which was awesome especially since it was Christmas Eve. They got our truck unpacked quickly & were careful with all of our furniture. Would definitely recommend them!

Heather R

(5) 12/21/2017 Spokane

Royce and Chris were an amazing help to us! They arrived as scheduled, were polite, and got straight to work. I’ve never used a service like this before so didn’t quite know what to expect. Royce and Chris were respectful to us and our belongings. Their attention to detail and speed far surpassed my expectations. We would definitely use them again. I highly recommend them!

James D

(5) 12/14/2017 Spokane

The Guys were great! Easy to work with and cared about our furniture! Will be using them the next time I need help. Highly recommended

Harry and Robyn S

(5) 12/13/2017 Coeur d'Alene

Royce and Shawn are two incredible guys! They kept us posted about their arrival time; they treated all of our furniture, floors and walls with the greatest of care which is supremely important to us. They were friendly, very respectful, personable and exceptionally easy to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending them unconditionally! We absolutely will use them again when the need arises.

Dan S

(5) 12/12/2017 Spokane

FAST & Efficient

Julie E

(5) 12/7/2017 Spokane

Royce and Shawn were awesome! They were on time and ready to work! We moved into an apartment on the 5th floor with an elevator and they were amazing. I was so impressed with how caring they were with our stuff, especially my antique hutch, and how sweet they were with my son. I would absolutely use them again! Thanks Hire A Helper for such a great experience.

Andrew Davis M

(5) 11/20/2017 Spokane

Two fine gentleman helped me. They did a wonderful job .

Dawn C

(5) 10/19/2017 Pullman

These guys killed it! I could not believe how they utilized every square inch of the truck! They were quick and worked hard. Highly recommend!

Jason L

(5) 10/16/2017 Spokane

These guys are excellent, very helpful and efficient, and they clearly take great care in their work. I highly recommend them.


(5) 10/15/2017 Deer Park

I could not be more pleased. Two young men that were punctual, courteous and eager to do what was asked. The move was efficient and timely.

Gary C

(5) 10/14/2017 Spokane

Royce and Ardell were awesome.

Lani R

(5) 10/2/2017 Endicott

Our movers did a wonderful job! What started as a 4 hour job ended up lasting 8 hours but they completed it with a smile.

Scott S

(5) 9/16/2017 Spokane

Prompt and helpful. We were rushed and made the appt last minute the night before. Everyone worked and communicated well to help us get two hours of moving. It was a as a life saver when we were under the gun and out of time. Thank you all who helped us and fit us in your schedule last minute.

Richard C

(5) 9/16/2017 Post Falls

Although they were a little late getting there, they were prepared to get started, worked very hard, and took good care of our stuff. We are missing a part to our treadmill, but other than that, every thing got moved in a timely, professional, manner. They were both very courteous and we would definitely use them again.

Francie F

(5) 9/12/2017 Spokane

These guys were AweSome!! I will hire them to move my stuff again when i get my new place done. They were right there on time- polite and respectful of our stuff and where we wanted to put it. AND they did it in under the time we scheduled! Well worth the$-as it is so hard to get what you pay for these days. It made a stressful project much easier!

Alan B

(5) 9/12/2017 Newport

On time, polite, worked hard, finished early.

Steven S

(5) 8/30/2017 Sagle

very respectful and hard workers. You are lucky to have them. I would hire them 10 times over

Steven Z

(5) 8/29/2017 Spokane valley

Excellent service. They let you know at the top of the order that they received the request. Verify the times you have set and inform you of any delays or if they can get to you sooner. They show up ready to work. And they hit it hard. They are not there to sneak in extra time. At the same time, they are extremely careful of your belongings and do the best they can to keep everything in tact. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Jackie P

(5) 8/28/2017 Newport

well done, equipped, on time, communicative and professional.

Mark Y

(5) 8/25/2017 Sandpoint

Hard working r liable, and very cooperative / respectful. Great job Royce & Team

Yvonne D

(5) 8/13/2017 Pullman

Donavan and Chris were great. They did a wonderful job. They were careful with our items and very polite. They were prepared and on time. Would use them again.

Anthony N

(5) 8/12/2017 Post Falls

A great experience with this crew. Showed up on time, professional and worked hard. Both guys were friendly and I couldn't have been happier with their work. I would highly recommend them for any job in the future. We are new to the area and have found our "go to" company for labor/moving.

Susan N

(5) 8/12/2017 Spokane

Royce and Jeremy showed up as scheduled, were prepared for the unloading job, planned what they needed to do, laid packing blankets on each of the stairway turns at each floor level of the outside stairwells and unloaded everything and placed them where we asked. When my wife got there she moved some of the furniture and they were more than willing to move wherever we wanted the stuff to go. They communicated with each other well, were extremely careful of the walls and furniture, helped put stuff together, and kept asking how else they could help us position the furniture, etc. They were quick, clean, and fast. They took special care of the stuff they brought in, cleaned up the UHaul afterwards, folded the packing blankets, and even brought in the rope we had tied everything with. I would definitely use them again, and we will spread the word about you and their good work.

Kristin K

(5) 8/5/2017 Pullman

Great job - the crew went far above and beyond my expectations! They were very conscientious and careful to protect both the furniture being moved and our hardwood floors. I would absolutely use them again.

Norm C

(2) 7/13/2017 Newport

They came unprepared! Had no Dollie or lifting straps! Could not lift much of the furniture struggled. Was told that they would provide material for moving! Slow and took many breaks could not maintain moving. Took forty five minutes lunch time and wanted to count it as making time!

Mark T

(5) 6/30/2017 Coeur d'Alene

Chase and John did a fabulous job for us and unloaded our 16' rental truck in record time. They had to deal with stairs (inside and out) and extremely hot temperatures and still were friendly, helpful and professional. They carefully followed our instructions as to where things needed to go and were very careful with our belongings. Their training was evident as they lifted with bent knees rather than their backs which eased my mind that they weren't hurting themselves. They were lifesavers, and while we don't plan on moving again, we would certainly contact them if we do!

Steve W

(2) 6/24/2017 Cheney and Professional Movers and Labors (PML) were not communicating well. Hireahelper tells me first thing to contact PML. As I'm calling PML I receive an email from PML saying they are out of their office and will call me when they return. A couple of days go by and no return phone call. I proceed to call PML 5 times over the next few days. All calls went to voice mail and of course their mail box was full. Twice I sent my phone number to have them call me back. Still no return call. Two days prior to my scheduled move I got some at PML to answer the phone. They said they were out of the office, but were not aware of any move scheduled for me. He tried to sell me his direct person to person plan for my move. I told him I would call him back when I got home to my computer and had the hireahelper info in front of me. When I called him back I gave him the hireahelper order number. He agreed to meet me at our house on the move day at 10:00 AM. The next day I get a call from hireahelper trying to set up a time for PML to come out to my house for the move. I had to explain to the three times the date and time had already been set. The two workers showed up at my house on time and did a good job loading my truck. As they finished loading the truck (took 2 hrs), I asked them if they had the address of where we were moving my stuff. They said "No, we did not know we were helping you unload. We thought we are just helping you load". They agreed to come with us and do the unload. After the unload I tipped both of them well for a job well done. I notified hireahelper the move was complete. I asked PML to reduce their rate because I did not need them for six hours and they were with me just under four hours. PML said they would not, because they had promised their workers six hours of pay. I told them I would not use them again and I would be writing a bad review just from the stand point they were lying to me, because the two people helping me thought they were only going to be at my house for a few hours to help me load and then they were out of there. I'm sure neither one of the helpers will see any of the extra money PML pocketed. I wish I knew how to get a hold of the two helpers to let them know to ask for their share of the extra money I paid out. If you hire PML book them for just one hour and pay the extra $50 an hour for each additional hour and let the worker know how many hours you paid for, so they get their fare share.

Emily C

(5) 6/19/2017 Spokane

Great movers! They saved the day when my original movers didn't show up and were great!

Gregory J

(5) 6/4/2017 Coeur d'Alene

These guys were great. They worked very hard and efficiently. They were polite to us and were careful with our belongings.

Bonda H

(5) 6/3/2017 Spokane

On time, listened to me, were respectful of my property. Yes would use these guys again.

Jackie H

(3) 6/3/2017 Sandpoint

They were 1 1/2 hours late because of car trouble. I only hired them for 2 hours to do most of the stuff. I had a the largest truck, which allowed plenty of room. They did a great job of stacking and condensing in the first part of the truck but got lazy toward the end seeing space left so I had to move a lot of the things after they left in order to fit everything in the truck. They were careful with my things but I would probably not use them again.

Wendi D

(5) 5/19/2017 Spokane

Movers were on time and professional. Definitely will recommend them


(4) 5/13/2017 Spokane

They were 3 hours late. He left his cell phone in another car and got late doing another job. I had to text the "help" number and finally got someone to talk to. They were able to contact him and said he would be at our job at 5pm. He came and did the job in 2 hours. We had contracted for 4 hrs. So we paid to much. We could have contracted for 2 hours and paid $50 for each additional hour.. But they were apologetic for over booking and not calling. They did a good job. But very late. Dean

Linda D

(5) 5/13/2017 Coeur d'Alene

Very friendly and fast workers

Cindy S

(5) 4/29/2017 Spokane

They were awesome! My movers bailed on me the day of the move. I contacted these guys and they responded quickly and came over and got the job done. They were pleasant and efficient. I would highly recommend them!

Joseph O

(5) 4/24/2017 Spokane

Royce and Ernest did a great job. They were very careful and stayed on task the entire two hours. They arrived on time and got to work almost immediately. The truck was packed well and they double checked their work to make sure nothing would shift in transit. They were pleasant and respectful of our belongings. I would use them again without hesitation and would recommend them to others.

Samantha K

(5) 4/15/2017 Medical Lake

They arrived a little late but once here they got right to work. The guys were friendly, courteous and had no problem moving even what I consider to be a very heavy bookshelf.

Lorrie M

(4) 4/12/2017 Smelterville

The only problem I had was they didn't wrap and protect an old tall lamp and it broke. It's worth hundreds of dollars!!! Very upset about it!!!


(5) 2/2/2017 Colville

They moved my mom out of her house to assisted living. They were fast and responsible for moving some "antique" furniture. No scratches, nothing broken! They were great!

Timothy Y

(5) 1/30/2017 Hayden

I can't find good enough words to say about the helpers. They were very professional. It is so hard to find good help...these two guys were GREAT help.

Edward G

(5) 1/26/2017 Spokane

Excellent team!

Guy V

(4) 12/26/2016 Hayden

The guys showed up right on time and got the job done in the time allotted. Their hard work was appreciated.

Doug W

(5) 12/2/2016 Coeur D Alene

The Guys did a great job!! Highly recommended.. they even helped me at the tail end of the moving adventure by getting my 20'uhaul truck up a snowy wet incline ..crazy weather!!!thanks Royce!

Ryan D

(5) 11/25/2016 Spokane

They were great guys who even spent a few minutes over helping me finish up. They helped me in short notice and were very prompt and communicative. Life savers!

Elizabeth R

(5) 10/19/2016 Spokane

These movers did a great job. They worked with my arrival time, worked efficiency and used time wisely. They actually completed the task in less time than I had scheduled! They were willing to work the full time and offered to move furniture around to complete the 2 hour hire time. They were genuinely polite and easy to work with and direct. Would hire again.

Steve P

(5) 10/11/2016 Spokane Valley

Professional Movers and Labor were outstanding. Royce and his crew showed up on time. They loaded the truck and then unloaded it at my new home. They worked quickly and without damaging anything. They even helped set up my bed and made sure everything was in place before leaving. I would definitely use them again.

William R

(3) 10/4/2016 Coeur D Alene

I needed help unloading a moving van, and requested an arrival time of between 11:00AM and 12:00PM, and I requested 2 additional hours. I called to confirm with the assigned contact. A friend came by shortly after we arrived at 10:45 and helped until the helpers arrived at 12:25PM. They worked hard for the 30 minutes required to finish the job, and if they arrived at 11:00 AM they would have worked 90% of the two hour minimum. I was STILL charged not only the two hour minimum BUT ALSO the additional two hours. I have to say, based on this, my first experience, that I will think twice about using HireAHelper again....

Renee D

(5) 8/25/2016 Liberty Lake

They were on time and worked very quickly and finished before time was up. Highly recommend them

Renee D

(5) 8/23/2016 Liberty Lake

The workers were on time and worked very fast and efficient, there was no damage and very polite and business like

Deborah S

(4) 5/27/2016 Moscow

We had some communication problems getting together but they worked hard to move my furniture where I wanted it.



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