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On average, Westcliffe movers on HireAHelper earn 4.6 stars out of 5.0 after 74 customer reviews

Richard S
Wrote a review on 12/13/2014

These guys were great! Showed up right on time. Worked hard and were very careful not to scratch the floors or furniture. I would definitely use them again!

Kim Z
Wrote a review on 6/27/2018

We used them two times. First time they arrived 15 minutes early, worked very hard and quickly. Second time they were 1 1/2 hours late, but once they were there they worked hard and got the job done. I would have easily given them a 5 star if they hadn't been late. The tardiness was extremely stressful since we had to be out of the house that day. We had no other options. Had to call the owner many times to get the to show up. So, first time was a 5, second time was a 2-3 star.

Rhea S
Wrote a review on 6/22/2009

Even with having to find our very remote location, these guys came through. I would be happy to hire them again... very knowledgeable and careful about our belonging and about their time -making sure that we got what we paid for. They were flexible to meet our needs and communicative in everything concerning the job.

Briana A
Wrote a review on 7/6/2018

Great group to work with. They arrived early and unpacked my Uboxes quickly and carefully. They always asked where I wanted each piece and were happy to place it wherever I wished within the rooms. I would use them again!

Glen F
Wrote a review on 3/8/2014

They arrived on time, were very polite and respectful, were very careful with the items loaded and packed and all arrived in good condition at the destination, many miles from the start. And I would use them again!

Kris S
Wrote a review on 4/1/2018

I have a brain injury. I’m easily confused and sometimes feel taken advantage of/milked by companies. Having had a VERY bad moving company experience moving from TN to CO, I was exceptionally hesitant to hire “professionals” again, but timing necessitated it. I am grateful I found 2 Friendly Movers. In all honesty, I cannot claim to know the state of all the things they moved (it was all moved into a storage unit while I wait for my leased apartment to be prepared for me to occupy), but it seemed they were careful and I don’t expect to find a bunch of broken items (or to not be able to find items at all, like the ladders that were missing after the TN movers). They were thoughtful, courteous, seemed to be careful (I was busy and not watching closely like I had originally planned to do, but that really is because I got good vibes from them when they arrived and felt comfortable leaving them to do their thing while I focused on other things.). I would definitely recommend them, and in fact, plan to use them again myself when I’m ready to move into the new address this month.

Ken H
Wrote a review on 9/6/2012

Charlie and Noah were very hard workers, very competent and efficient. They know how to pack each box to its maximum. There was no damage to our property. We would use them again and would request them for any job.

Brad S
Wrote a review on 5/25/2014

Justin Hall and his helper were unbelievable. They moved our entire 26 foot truck into our home in less than 2 hours. Didn't drop or damage anything. They worked non stop. Polite and courteous. If I am in need of another move I will ask for them specifically.

Joyce O
Wrote a review on 8/27/2015

Both Beau and Bronco were very nice and did the best that they could. BUT, they loaded the truck in a manner that about 25 different items got scratched or dented. They need some instructions on how to load better

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